Manos sucias (2014)

A film by Josef Kubota Wladyka

Cast: Cristian James Abvincula, Jarlin Javier Martinez, Hadder Blandon

This Narco-Thriller was just in a week an a half ago. Here is a grippy Thriller who does not glamorized drug dealers.

Fishing does not make money so some fisherman like Jacobo (Jarlin Javier Martinez) who is a veteran seasonal drug dealer who ants to make money to get out of the city, his stuck with a 19 years old father of one Delio (Cristian James Abvincula) who is trying to impress his boss so he can get more work. Director Josef Wladyka delivers a raw look poverty of Buenaventura in Colombia with his film Manos Sucias. he does nothing to glamorized the life of drug dealers instead he shows you the real deal like it is. Delio thinks he can get a better life for his kid and girlfriend. As he and Jacobo head out with one of the drug dealers, things quickly go wrong.  Jacobo sees it has a way out of this city and have a fresh start somewhere else. As for Delio he is going to see it at its purest form, it is going to make him things that he does not want to do but in order to survive he is going to them anyway as shocking as it may be and he might not returned to the life. There are faced with racism even with their day job as well as drug dealers. The there a line between the rich and poor here are well-marked. The film has the silver feel to it and Cristian James Abvincula shows you the tension that will build up during the film as well as the drama and the cultural approach towards it.


Manos sucias (2014)