In the Crosswind

A film by Martti Helde

Cast: Einar Hillep, Ingrid Isotamm, Laura Peterson

Now this is going to be a short review. It is a terrific film but some of you might not like it. It is a beautiful film but raw because of the subject matter. It is the diary of Erna (Laura Peterson), a young philosophy student separated from her husband during the 1941 raids, and the director capture her story through the art of tableau .old in a voice over with an exact tone with gorgeous black and white tableau. At the beginning of the film it is moving but then soon after you will see the tableau and the camera moving slowly and you discover more of the tableau. Her story details physical and psychological abuse, including rape, starvation and the pain of raising a daughter in such a harsh environment. People got sick and died some of them took their own life.  For 28 days they were in train without washing or a change of clothes. The word has power of their own. Helde capture people struggling to stay alive under those condition capturing every intimate details of a single moment. It gives you the time to contemplate each image and to digest the material. Since the actors are frozen, we’re able to see  their expressions, what they’re wearing and how they’re standing in a way that conventional film won’t allow. It is an other way to make a film and Helde has done a terrific job here because he is a great story-teller. like I said some of you might not like it but give it a try seat though the whole 1h 1/2 you are going to get it when you get out of the theater.

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In the Crosswind-3

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In the Crosswind (2014) Trailer par viraltoday