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AU POSTE! (2018)

au poste

A film by Quentin Dupieux

Cast: Benoît PoelvoordeGrégoire LudigMarc Fraize

English: A police station

A police station. A tête-à-tête, in custody, between a commissioner and his suspect.

Keep in mind it is an absurd Comedy that Dupieux knows how to do so well. It is  weird and weirder, plus here the director plays with the words so I do not know if this film is going to go overseas. You think that those people are stupid and how do they function like that everyday? The director navigate this big ship of absurdities. It is a crazy night at the police station the actors gives it a fluidity to the story which, can never cause annoyance by its short duration of an hour and 13 minutes . It is like airplane the movie  but done the french way. I guess that is the shortest review.

au poste



JOUEURS (2018)


A film by Marie Monge 

Cast: Tahar Rahim, Stacy Martin, Bruno Wolkowitch 

English: Treat me like fire , (But in reality the correct translation is Players)

When Ella meets Abel, her life changes. In the wake of this elusive lover, the girl will discover the cosmopolitan Paris and underground gaming circles, where adrenaline and money are king. First a bet, and their story is going to be transformed into a devouring passion.


These are two addictions that oppose and feed on each other. and it is a beautiful  raw love story. First Ella (Stacy Martin) who meets Abel (Tahar Rahim) at her father’s restaurant which the story goes from there.These are two addictions that oppose and feed on each other. The desperate love that Ella has for Abel and Abel for the love of gambling as well as for Ella. However here Monge the director as done her research in order in order to write the script. Everything is here the social decline of the phenomena of the addiction, the grips that the bad people has on the gamblers, The bouncers, to the debts collectors, the  alcohol, the parties , And then the falling down until you hit the bottom. The director takes us in the casinos in the dark rooms where it is all taking place in Paris in the hidden rooms called the circles where there is a fine line between legal and illegal gambling as Abel explain to Ella how the casino works. For her first film Monge puts her two feet in the dark world of gambling where are two stars Tahar Rahim and Stacy Martin, incarnated those two damaged characters so well. The rhythm of the music is just perfect for the film. Here is a film that  illuminates perfectly a story of a couple who collapses into dependence.

Joueurs 2


couteau dans le coeur

A film by Yann Gonzalez

Cast: Vanessa ParadisKate MoranNicolas Maury 

English title: Knife+heart

Paris, summer 1979. Anne is a producer of low-cost gay porn. When Lois, her editor and companion, leaves her, she tries to win back by shooting a more ambitious film with his long-time accomplice, the flamboyant Archibald. But one of their actors is found savagely murdered and Anne is dragged into a strange investigation that will turn her life upside down.

The film looks a lot like Dario Argento’s Suspiria and the other films that he did. The thing is here Gonzales rewrite the story where his characters are gay. The film opens with a woman Anne (Vanessa Paradis) who broke up with her lover Loïs, (Kate Moran) editor of her movies. Yes it is the big come back of Vanessa Paradis with a bold choice and for the director as well. Here is  Anne who is trying to repair the relationship with Lois the editor of all of her films is making a film about the murders and trying to solve them. Anne wants it bad enough and is desperate to go back to her lover but Lois won’t have it. The film is a change of scenery and pace with some bright colours to it. Erotic frisson mixed with sexual imagery and some weird score to got with it. Vanessa here delivers a great performance. Also the director here has asked the actor who play the killer to keep the mask at all the time on the set so no one would know who he is so it has a kind of killer ambiance. The violence is colourful and vivid. The film has a certain audacity and beauty to it,  enough to go see it but the ending does not have enough climax. What a switchblade  dildo, ho!!! boy.





la fete des meres

A film by Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar

Cast: Audrey FleurotClotilde CourauOlivia Côte

They are President of the Republic, nanny, baker, actress, teacher, florist, journalist, unemployed, pediatricians. They are possessive, benevolent, clumsy, absent, omnipresent, overwhelmed, guilty, indulgent, loving, fragile, in full possession of their means or losing their heads. Well alive or already a memory … Son or daughter, we remain whatever happens to their child with the desire that they let us go and the fear that they leave us. And then we become mom … and it’s going to be our party!

English: Mother’s day. 

Here Marie-castille took the American film Mother’s day and did her own version of Mothers’s day and what a beautiful raw honest version it is. it is a choral film like Claude Lelouch used to make them. It evokes several topics and problems that women today encounter in our society, whether they are mothers or daughters: the challenge of being both a working mother in today’s world. A woman president who is just a new mother where the press blames her to be a working mother and thinks she can’t jungle both. Some woman are blaming their mother of being selfish not giving too much attention to them. Some adore their mother and gives them to much attention. It is a rollercoaster ride of emotion. Plus the choice of leaving their mother in a nursery home is not a pretty one. The only thing is that the characters are not developed fully. Other wise it is watchable and a beautiful film with a great cast.

la-fete-des-meres (1)




A film by Terry Gilliam

Cast: Adam DriverJonathan PryceStellan Skarsgård

Toby (Adam Driver) who is a commercial director who shoot a vodka commercial that utilises the figure of Don Quixote . One night, he finds someone selling a bootleg DVD of his thesis film from ten years ago, itself a Quixote adaptation he shot with some friends and nonprofessional actors at a local village. To get inspired he tries to reconnect with the past by going to the village where he shot his thesis film and may the adventure begin…..

Orson Welles has tried to make this film but the director has died before he could finish it and it took 30 years by the way. Here Gillian tries to make his own film which took 30 years or so in the making, he had truly had a hard time to get the project done. I kind of love it feeling what the hell was this made a lot sooner. Here Toby embarks in the village hoping to reconnect with his youth. He finds that some of the non professional actors that was in his film some had great luck others not. But soon after that he meets the man who played Don Quixote the aging shoemaker Jonathan Pryce who thinks he is Don Quixote. Toby will embark then is this strange adventure in the wild west of Spain. Here you are going to feel lost in the film but Gillian wants you to be. The energy of Gillian here is infectious. The plot is not linear it is going to be going every which way. Not too worry you are going to have a good time. It is presented like a kaleidoscope fable. What I like about it it is going to go in a loop. You’ll know what I mean when you see the film. Here is one for you the actor Jonathan Pryce after the film was done was suppose to go to Cannes but he suddenly had a stroke. Some say it is a curse. Maybe maybe not.




gueule d'ange

cannes un certain regard 2017

A film by Vanessa Filho

Cast: Marion CotillardAyline Aksoy-EtaixAlban Lenoir 


English: Angel face

Gueule d’Ange begins at a wedding and very quickly is going to smell like bad fish. Marlène (Marion Cotillard), a young mother of little Elli (Ayline Aksoy-Etaix), nicknamed Gueule d’Ange , puts make up on in the bathroom with her best friend. Very quickly you beginning who is really Marlène this alcoholic mother who wants to party her  life away but for the fourth time is trying to get married and make a go of it this time. A few hours later, she is already cheating on her new husband having sex with an other guy half way drunk in the kitchen. Here is a mother that is neglecting her child is trying to do good but partying and drinking is her priority. But when she meet a man at a club she decided to leave her daughter home along for days.


Here is the first film of Vanessa Filho is the idea of a jump off the cliff and the loneliness surrounding little Elle, will try clumsily to fill it by drawing from all possible situations a symbolic vision supposed to illustrate the fate of the neo-orphan. And that is why she choose to be the mermaid in the play at school because she sees herself drowning in the bottom of the ocean. She starts to drink and imitate her mother, putting on her clothe waiting for her mother who does not seems to come back. Then goes into where Elli meets this man and tries to call for help. Now if you like melodrama see this film. This film here a raw beauty behind it. Ayline Aksoy-Etaix has this raw and pure acting that comes out of her. And she has done very well for her first film. However as always Marion does an excellent job here in this emotional role of this mother who is selfish and is drowning into alcohol while partying with her best friend. A mother who is going to neglect her daughter and where the daughter is going to hold on to her mother and her demons creating demons of her own. Not too bad for a first film here from the director but not the great film that it is supposed to be.



EN GUERRE (2018)

en guerre

selection officiel competition

A film by Stéphane Brizé

Cast: Vincent Lindon, Mélanie Rover, Jacques Borderie

English title: At war

In spite of heavy financial sacrifices on the part of the employees and a record profit of their company, the management of the factory Perrin industries nevertheless decides the total closure of the site. Agreement scorned, promises not respected, the 1100 employees, led by their spokesman Laurent Amedeo (Vincent Lindon), refuse this brutal decision and will try everything to save their jobs.

Magnificent fiction that feels like a documentary, La loi du Marché  appears today as the first film of a fierce social diptych where Stéphane Brizé and Vincent Lindon, director and committed actor, set themselves against the world of large companies, destined to grind its production in the ultimate quest for profit. From another angle, the trade union struggle, En Guerre shows the fight, that feels like a documentary, especially in the texture of the image, the choice of the camera on the shoulder, and the impressive game of amateur actors who live the fight. It feels like the fiction is real with the tv channels who report the news. This film will talk to people who has lived it. Here in France there are at least 115 strike a years we have one here now with the train company SNCF. Here the employees are pissed and strike to halt production. They demand to talk to the CEO. Yes it is like that in France I have seen it many times so the film feels like it is real at times due to the fact that there are few professional actors,  the others are amateur actors and everybody here has done a formidable job. Is the film inappropriate? On the contrary, does it fall to the point where the social struggle has never been so tense during the first year as President of Emmanuel Macron? Is it the confession of a lost cause?


En guerre is above all a complex film, behind a simplicity of feigned point of view. You see the fight with the mediators even between employees who are fed up with all this. Sometimes it goes on for months. Not a pretty thing here but a script well written again from the director Stéphane Brizé. A different view of the social struggle here without repeating himself. And yes it is presented at the Cannes film Festival.



everybody knows

film d'ouverture

Opening film

A film by Asghar Farhadi

Cast: Penélope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Jaime Lorente

Carolina (Penélope Cruz) and her Argentinean  husband with their children comes back to her hometown Madrid for a wedding. During the wedding unexpected events takes place that will reveal secrets to the open.

This film is the open film at the Cannes Film Festival, ok then good move but….. Here is the most looked at director who is the most creative of them all, with the Separation his masterpiece, and the client where he shines now he does a film in Madrid and it fall apart. As soon as the film started a quarter of it into it I knew where this was going and who did it and i do hate that from the most creative director. He needs to get back on the horse soon.The disappointment of his latest opus must take into account that Farhadi had never made any mistakes so far, until now.  Let’s first dispel any misunderstanding: the transposition in Spain of an initial material intended to be shot in Iran is not, a priori, a problem in itself. Farhadi had proved that he knew how to find his bearings in a shoot abroad, with actors of a language that is not his own.  Le Passé, made in France, allowed to find his style. However shot in Madrid everything falls apart. I am not saying that the film is not good it is watchable and it has a great cast with some great performances. Because of that Everybody Knows deserves the attention.


Everybody knows 2






A film by Jean-Paul Civeyrac

Cast: Andranic Manet, Diane Rouxel, Jenna Thiam

English title: A  Paris education

Étienne goes to Paris to study cinema at the university. There he meets Mathias and Jean-Noel who share the same passion as him. But the passing year will shake up their illusions …

Jean-Paul Civeyrac is a discreet filmmaker, author of sensitive and rather intimate films. As Civeyrac said in an interview “By imagining a story in the form of sentimental education, I wanted to talk about cinema, friendship, love and politics too, and to make a film a bit like a first film in a sense of urgency. The script is a bit autobiographical no surprise to me here.  Etienne’s (Andranic Manet) lnew Parisian life complicates his sentimental situation, and his conception of cinema is confronted with other visions. The so negative Mathias (Corentin Fila) and the friendly Jean-Noël (Gonzague Van Bervesseles) but also a flock of girls: his love interest from Lyon, from whom he slowly distances himself (Diane Rouxel), his bunch of roommates, such as fine art student Valentina (Jenna Thiam), activist Annabelle (Sophie Verbeeck), and finally the smart one Barbara (Valentine Catzeflis). He will be conflicted of which he will learn more than a few things. Here is a magnificent  black and white film, rich in a number of impressive shots that form together a plot yet simple but complicated as well. The film as an irresistible charm with a very realistic and sophisticated look. The shots are in their natural state. Not an easy thing to do coming to a fairly smaller city and going to the big city like Paris and trying to make it as a film maker. The ending could not be more perfect. A must see. 




dans la brume

A film by Daniel Roby

Cast: Romain Duris, Olga Kurylenko, Fantine Harduin

One day  where a strange deadly mist submerges Paris, survivors find refuge in the upper floors of buildings and on the roofs of the capital. Without information, without electricity, without water or food, a couple tries to survive this disaster and save their daughter … But the hours go by and one thing is clear: relief will not come and if one should survive , one hope to try his luck IN THE MIST …

English title: Just a breath away

The correct translation for title is In the mist by the way . So you have seen the Mist the American version this is the French version but rewritten differently, also from the fog by John Carpenter. As soon as I seen the daughter I knew how it is going to end and it did. The images of Paris of which the mist is setting in Paris where are hero du jour Mathieu (Romain Duris) is trying to escape running to his daughter’s apartment.The originality of Dans la Brume lies primarily in its Parisian decor, but also in its choice to take an interest in home life : separated parents and girl with an incurable disease. The advantage here to film in Paris and using CGI for the fog along with the apartment with the girl and her mom lives. The filmmaker focuses on not doing in the sensational but keeping it real; What would our real people will do in this situation. Where the writer who wrote the screenplay has decided that our hero will make errors along the way. With only 9 millions Euros for the film the director was creative in order to shoot  the  film that is entertaining.




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