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DJAM (2017)



A film by Tony Gatlif

Cast: Daphne Patakia, Simon Abkarian, Maryne Cayon

Djam,  ( Daphne Patakia) a young Greek woman, is sent to Istanbul by her uncle Kakourgos, a retired former sailor of Rebetiko, to find the rare piece that will repair their boat. She meets Avril, a French woman of nineteen, alone and without money, who has come to Turkey to volunteer with the refugees. Djam, generous, insolent, unpredictable and free then takes her under her wing on the way to Mytilene. A journey of encounters, music, sharing and hope.

djam 2

The real surprise in this classic construction is that each musical scene appears, not as an instant of lightness, but rather as a support for the discourse that is politically committed to its author. We have just come to expect that DJam begins to sing and dance rather than continue to walk and to be hysterical at each raid she crosses. At the end the film does not losses its charm but focus on the dancing and singing well the drinking as well. Djam is a beautiful pro-European and intercultural message, but we have seen more subtle. We can only wish to see again the lovely Daphne Patakia on the screens  again soon and hope that the cinema of Tony Gatlif is renewed a little.



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les granges Brulées

A film by Jean Chapot

Cast: Simone Signoret, Alain Delon, Paul Crauchet

English: The burned barns. 

A crime was committed in an isolated corner of Haut- Doubs in the winter. The investigating judge suspects one of the members of a family living in a large farm nearby. The head of the family, Rose, an energetic woman, stands up to him.

A woman is dead by her car in the middle of the winter in this little town. Alain Delon plays the investigating judge, Le juge Pierre Larcher, and starts to question the middle-aged married couple Rose and Pierre (Simone Signoret and Paul Crauchet) at the farm. You will see how the investigation will develop and how the judge in 5 steps head of everybody. He is putting the pressure on, he has one press dude who is breathing down his neck. Meanwhile Larcher is putting pressure on this one woman played by Signoret who keeps it together but finds out some stuff about her son.

Les granges brûlées-2

What I love about this film it was actually filmed in the winter when it was snowing no fake snow here. The two stars did an outstanding job here. The chemistry between Delon and Signoret is burning the screen. I have not seen this film ever and I was not disappointed. Of course there were the 70’s music back them in film it was the coolest thing. I just finish seeing this one. There is an other film were the two stars were in, I am taping it on my hard drive as we speak.

Les granges brûlées 3





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VALERIAN_Int'l Payoff France_120x160 @25%.indd

A film by Luc Besson 

Dane DeHaan, Cara Delevingne, Clive Owen

Ok here it is Luc Besson when he was 10 years old read Valerian a comic book in France and had to wait 6 days to get the other 4 pages because at the time it was printed 4 pages at the time. He said I had to have a lot of patience as a kid. Now He went on to make the 5th element and by a stroke of luck he made his money on it about 238 million dollars A film about 75 million dollars to make. The writers of the comic book one day tell him “why don’t you make Valerian. So Luc went on to start to make this film when suddenly Avatar came in at the movie theatre saw it and decided to wait a little more when the special effect are going to be better. The first challenge that he had  to find the financing of the film and of course he knew that the big studio in Hollywood would bite but gave him only $160 millions which he asked him “if you were me would you make it for this amount of money? “ they responded “no”. When he finally found the $232 millions  he made it at his studio in France in La cité du cinema.


And what a beautiful Sci-fi film it is with a message behind it. It is a feast for you eyes an overwhelming vision and silliness like you never seen before even the special effect was made in France. I came about Pierre Christin and Jean-Claude Mézières’s groundbreaking French comics Valerian at the dentist office and did luck besson stuck to the comic book and make it his own. The aliens are awesome in this film every colours possible,  neon-blue waters, and the druggy coolness of those pearls. Our heroes  are the interstellar federation agents Valerian (Dane DeHaan) and Laureline (Cara Delevingne), first time acting here,  who spend much of the film trying to find the missing commander of a massive, 700-year-old space station. Rihanna shows up as a shape-shifting pole dancer. And Ethan Hawke plays perfectly theJ olly the Pimp. All is well in this beautiful film that you eyes and mind will go wild.





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A film by Pierre Jolivet

Cast: Roschdy Zem, Émilie Dequenne, Michael Abiteboul

English: Fireman 

Philippe, 45, runs a fire station  in the South of France. Summer is hot. Fire starts everywhere, whether criminal or not. Arriving Bénédicte, warrant officer, same rank as Xavier, there is tension between the tow of them, and tensions also within the team … Plunged into the life of these great heroes: courageous in front line  of the fire but also in the front line of their daily lives.

It the dream of little kids to become fireman as it is stated in the film. Pierre Jolivet who has a little encounters with fireman in two occasional trafic accident plus the devastation of the 2012 forest fire in Oregon where 400 hectares was burned to the ground, Pierre here decided to pay tribute to those men. You see the lives of those men who makes mistake, or not where they are in the front line fighting for their lives in a forest fire, and what they do in a traffic accident. Of course here you will see them in their daily lives where they are struggling to keep it together or not. The film however is missing something. it leaves us a little blunt about it but it is still watchable. I came to find out something that in Normandie they are making the fireman truck and that they makes ladders to export them all over the world. Now that is cool.


les hoomes du feu


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grand froid 3

A film by Gérard Pautonnier

Cast: Jean-Pierre Bacri, Arthur Dupont, Féodor Atkine, Olivier Gourmet

English: Extreme cold (But the title is going to be Back in business)

In a small town in the middle of nowhere, Edmond Zweck’s business is almost going to of business.  The company now has only two employees: Georges, Zweck’s right-hand man and Eddy (Jean-Pierre Bacri) and, a young man still novice in the trade. One fine morning, however, a dead man and his family arrives. And they are back in business  . Georges and Eddy are responsible for leading the deceased to his last abode. But in search of the cemetery that can not be found, the funeral convoy goes astray and the journey turns into a fiasco.

grand froid 2

For his first feature film, Gérard Pautonnier makes the daring bet to amuse us with the most frightening subject for us poor mortals that is called death  and he succeeds hands down! Adapting the novel of Joël Egloff Edmond Ganglion & fils, he keeps the tone squeaky and offbeat and drags us into a deadly road-movie that is not fatal. If the rhythm is uneven, an unpredictable scenario and an upscale casting with a comedy who has a welcoming originality. In an unlikely setting in an European small city where there not too many habitants in a vast desert like a western where some colourful characters are going to surface. And that is what makes all the charm of this film. “Death is not contagious, it is hereditary” as one character said in the film, here is a film that will worm your heart sort of speak. This film is going to give you a sunburn on the glittering subject of death.



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AVA (2017)


A film by Léa Mysius

Cast: Noée Abita, Laure Calamy, Juan Cano

Ava is is a really good example of an experimental film that remind to film critics why they fell in love with cinema.

Set against the backdrop of France’s sunny Atlantic Coast, we get to be  introduces us to 13-year-old Ava (Noée Abita) as she lies on a bustling local beach one summer’s afternoon. She is on vacation , an opportunity for her to bask in a newfound freedom, but then, suddenly after going to the eye doctor, Ava learns that she will soon lose her eyesight. Her mother, Maud (Laure Calamy), into her own little world by her ongoing search to find a new boyfriend, insists on acting as if everything is fine, so as to ensure, she says, that they have the “best summer ever”. Ava, however, has other ideas.


It is a warm film with humour but has the rebel side that is going to be flourishing soon after. The film goes through Ava’s fear of loosing her sight meets the local hood, Juan (Juan Cano), who camps out on the beach, awakens a flame in her that cannot be extinguished. They are going to be lovers and later partner in crime.The route Mysius’ narrative takes will likely be unpredictable it goes with the film vast nature decor. Ava sometimes evokes memories of Malik’s Badlands: hazy & hypnotic with a little mix of Davis lynch now and then. A beautiful captivating debut for Léa Mysius which I hope will never cease to amaze us and that she never stop experimenting.


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ce qui nous lie 3

A film by Cédric Klapisch

Cast: Pio Marmaï, Ana Girardot, François Civil, Jean-Marc Roulot

English: What links us. 

Jean left his family and his native bourgogne  ten years ago to go around the world. When he learns of the imminent death of his father, he returns to the land of his childhood. He finds his sister, Juliette, and his brother, Jeremie. Their father died just before the harvest began. In the space of a year, at the rate of the seasons that are linked, these 3 young adults will find or reinvent their fraternity, flourishing and ripening at the same time as the wine they make.

It is much more than a summer film here. and I love film about wine as I am typing this I am drinking a red wine Les Ormes de Cambras Cabernet Sauvignon Pays d’oc 2016 . It is pretty good but if I age the other bottles it is going to be awesome wine. First the director had to find a location to film and did he going it an actor Jean-Marc Roulot who happens to owned a vineyard how lucky can you get and yes he plays in it. Of course the script calls for a biologique wine. The film took one year to film because Cédric Klapisch wanted to show the season in real-time. smart move more realism there plus the actors had to be trained for the job. 

ce qui nous lie 2

Three human beings: two brothers with a sister who is the boss, the title of the film in What linked us, words that are stuck with  five names: those of brothers Jean (Pio Marmai) and Jérémie (François Civil) and sister Juliet (Ana Girardot) Valverde (Alicia) the sister-in-law, wife of Jérémy and Marcel (Jean-Marc Roulot) and without whom the film could not have been what it is! It is a journey of Jean back and forth between present and past , it is the evocation of a father and a grandfather, their conceptions of wine. It is a sort of rebirth to reconnect with his family and his father who is now dead. A few thing that the brother and sister are going to discover along the way and at times it is funny as hell. Also what are they are going to do keep going with the family business or sell it, and if their sister is up to the chanllenge to become the boss.  This film will get you drunk without drinking but consume it without moderation.

ce qui nous lie