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A film by Dominique Rocher

Cast: Anders Danielsen Lie, Golshifteh Farahani, Denis Lavant

English title: The night ate the world (not like the one they had The night eats the world)

Waking up this morning in this apartment where the day before the party was still in full swing Sam must face the facts: he is all alone and the living dead have invaded the streets of Paris. Terrorized, he will have to protect himself and organize himself to continue to live. But is Sam really the only survivor?

As we celebrate this year’s 50th anniversary of Night of the Living Dead, the codes raised by George Romero have always been carefully monitored by all the filmmakers who attacked zombie movies. And Yes a first time film maker Rocher has done something out of the ordinary plus we were many fans of the genre hoping to see one day Paris invaded by the living dead. It is finally the young Dominique Rocher who proposes us to see zombies in the streets of the French capital, and especially the reactions of a Parisian survivors facing this nightmarish situation. All the intelligence of the adaptation of the homonymous novel of Pit Agarmen is well in the observation of this man forced to hide to survive. Incarnated by Anders Danielsen Lie, this actor of Norwegian origin seen especially in Oslo, August 31 and Personal Shopper, Sam is a man of whom we do not know much, and to whom it is so much easier to identify and that I like. The work of the script plays on the psychological limits of the isolation of a man who, when he had the choice, preferred to be alone. There are little dialogue and there aren’t too many scenes film outside. Here is a terrific actor who played the part dead on. They say you can be along for 30 days maximum after which you will go nuts. I myself can go along without any problem but I have not gone 30 days yet but I will. I love to be along but the case Sam (Anders Danielsen Lie) the population has been wiped out and he doesn’t know if he is the only survivor. His survival instinct kicks in and he is going to be on a mission. There a touch of humanity here. However the film often takes the opposite of what is expected in this kind of production while maintaining a permanent tension. Sam here is going to have to adapt to the situation quickly or he will not survive, now that Paris is populated by Zombies. So we are almost faced with a melancholic drama, psychological, existentialist, silent questioning our own loneliness … With zombies on are asses!!! It looks like a new waves of young directors reinventing cinema. 






A film by Bertrand Mandico

Cast: Pauline Lorillard, Vimala Pons, Diane Rouxel

English title: the wild boys

At the beginning of the twentieth century, five good-natured teenagers who love freedom commit a savage crime. They are taken over by the Captain, for a repressive cruise on a sailboat. The boys then takes over the ship . They are stranded on a wild supernatural  island where pleasure and lush will become  luxuriant vegetation and bewitching powers. The metamorphosis can begin …

I have heard that Bertrand Mandico has delivered his debut feature film He is known for his notoriously provocative short films. He is very experimental, shocking, provocation and experimental. Mandico creates his own abstract, unconventional and surreal universe. There is once scene at the beginning that fells and looks like the film clockwork orange where the crime takes place. Mandico who wrote the script a neo-feminist tale that gives complete freedom to the director’s wildest fantasies. Mandico manages never to be vulgar and avoid the clichés. The film’s photography oscillates between the stylised black-and-white main narrative like a silent film and when the  colours come in  it will get somehow more bizarre. Mandico has made a sumptuous film, we wonder since when we had not been so dazzled in the cinema. The film opens with a paroxysmal nocturnal sequence, full of confusion.  The first part of the film is like punk style clockwork orange.  As for the wonderful, Mandico infuses the entire second half of the film with its magical and psychedelic scenery – this island of pleasures where all fantasies come to life. Similarly, the fate of the bad boys, revealed at the very end of the film, is not without mentioning the punishment of Pinocchio and rascals he frequents. If you like a strange experimental psychedelic punk style that fluctuates between black and white and vivid colours you are in for a treat. Plus the film has won multiple awards in Europe.









A film by : Luca Guadagnino

Cast: Armie Hammer, Timothée Chalamet, Michael Stuhlbarg 

Italy back in The 80’s , a romance will blossoms between a seventeen year-old student and the older man hired as his father’s research assistant aver the summer.

First love , the warm, sunny skies, gentle breezes and charming, tree-lined roads of northern Italy in the summer. what more do you want; Well two beautiful women massaging my body while I drink wine, I know I am dreaming but trust me it is going to happen soon. Just a feeling I got. Guadagnino takes us to they wonderful place where he is patient in telling you the story and you must be also as well. Not an easy thing to do I was wondering where this was going then he hit me. It’s the summer of 1983, and there’s nothing to do but read, play piano, learn about art and pick apricot and peaches and drink wine. Dam! life was so simple back then.


17-year-old Elio (Timothee Chalamet) visiting his family’s summer home with his parents: his father (Michael Stuhlbarg), a professor of Greco-Roman culture, and his mother (Amira Casar), a translator and hostess. Elio is growing up fast he is 17 years old who  has an intellect of an adult. An American doctoral student named Oliver (Armie Hammer) arrives for the annual internship Elio’s father offers .  It seems that Oliver has everything and that Elio doesn’t ,that’s what the director want you to think. However the two are going to test even push each other though out the summer. They flirt, they try to one up each other on Literature, art and music. Elio how ever tries to romance a french girl on vacation there but thing are no going to go so well at first it is and then Olivier happens. I think Elio knew who he is but denied it to himself that is why he tried to romance this girl. The all film is shot beautifully well on location with some nice setting. There is a sweetness between the two as the story develop especially toward the end. Both actors here are well into their characters that goes double for the Franco-American actor chalamet, there is a fluidity between his languages from French, to Italian and english. A different kind of love story this time between two men. the most beautiful scene here is toward the end when Elio’s father talks to him. Even the ending  felled so perfect.




La fête est finie

A film by Marie Garel-Weiss

Cast: Zita Hanrot, Clémence Boisnard, Michel Muller

English: The party’s over

The party’s over it’s the story of a rebirth, of Celeste and Sihem. Arriving the same day to the drug rehab  they will seal an indestructible friendship. This will be as much a force as an obstacle when, kick out from the drug rehab, they find themselves left to themselves, to the test of the real world with the temptations that are out there. The real fight begins then, the one of abstinence and freedom, the one towards life.

There are only two ways of filming the relation to drugs:  the realistic drama of those who succumb to it or delirium linked to its hallucinatory effects. Trainspotting or Requiem for a dream, however, managed to stand out by finding the balance between the two. Marie Garel-Weiss has chosen to adopt a very realistic approach but without making her film leaning  towards the drama. Clémence Boisnard manages to release both energy and distress that make it immediately magnetic. The scenario  first takes us into the daily life of this young addict in a rehabilitation centre. This is when the character of Sihem, played by  Zita Henrot, appears and the friendship between the two girls that everything seems to oppose quickly becomes the heart of the film. The beauty of the film is that are protagonists are going to break up to the point of being romanced by the temptation of the drugs that is going to fuel their souls. Then film took this unexpected route which the film will hold to the end. The two actresses here delivers the role of a life time not an easy thing to do here. First don’t get into drugs or smoke. Some people stop a, addiction but fuel it by an other addiction. We can say that the emotion of the first part gives way to some form of suspense. I am so glad I didn’t do the drugs nor smoke because most people when I tell them my age their eyes pop out of their head. I look ten years younger as they tell me. When you are young I think you think it is cool and well as you think you are indestructible. Here are protagonist find each other love each other but they are going to need each other to survive, little did they know.

La fête est finie 2

La fête est finie3




REVENGE (2018)

REVENGE (2018)

A film by Coralie Fargeat

Cast: Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz, Kevin Janssens, Vincent Colombe

Three wealthy men  in their forties’ married go to their annual hunting party in a desert area of canyons. A way for them to reconnect with their manhood and decompressed  arms in hand. But this time, one of them came with his young mistress, an ultra sexy lolita that quickly stirs up the lust of the other two … Things go wrong … the young woman left for dead ,comes back to life … And the hunting party turns into a  manhunt …

At the time that Harvey Weinstein, is accused of harassing 30 women or so here is a film that comes out a revenge film of this woman who gets rape and left for dead. A bold move from director Fargeat on her first film. It is hard to do a film like this one because of the subject matter rape and I think because the director here is a woman she gets it; She navigate thought it just right. Very few has done so. She gets into the heads of the characters and even has a few surprises along the way. Yes it is bloody in fact they run out of blood so they recycle some of it in order to finish the film. The terrain is the desert cool location for this film and brutal as well. This grindhouse tradition of the rape-revenge thriller is going where it is supposed to be going and has vivid colours. Here the director  evokes the look and spirit of classic exploitation cinema, and Quentin Tarantino should be proud. This film is not going to be for everybody due to the subject matter. After seeing the desert with the hot scorching sun and the blood flying in my face through the screen I needed a couple of beers to refresh myself from this bloody film.






A film by Xavier Giannoli

Cast: Vincent Lindon, Galatéa Bellugi, Patrick d’Assumçao

Jacques (Vincent Lindon), a reporter for a French newspaper, one day receives a mysterious phone call from the Vatican. In a small town in south-eastern France, an 18-year-old girl claimed to have had an apparition of the Virgin Mary. The rumor spread quickly and the phenomenon took such a magnitude that thousands of pilgrims now come to gather at the place of alleged apparitions. Jacques, who has nothing to do with this world, agrees to be part of a commission of inquiry to shed light on these events.

Xavier Giannoli ventures not so much in a religious field,  but more in the field of raw truth . Not true and false, but the discrepancy between statements and what is “received” (seen, heard, understood, broadcast). Here is the thing could we believe a young psychic of what she has seen. There are going to be the believers and the non-believers ,  At the cinematic level, the film is interesting, but should have been a little shorter. here is Jacques is a septic he needs evidence that is why that the Vatican called upon him with others to investigate. The church however is partial. However we see in the film about others events that happened real one in Loudres in France , Fatima, In Portugal etc… There are a lot of them all over the world. As Jacques investigate a little deeper in the story, he has troubled with his hearing do to the fact of his investigative report over seas. As the story  beginning to be revealing in to deep psychological level you begin to think and form your own opinion. You are on Anna’s (Galatéa Bellugi) or on jacques side. Of course the big finally has a twist. Here Gianolli concentrate on Jacques and Anna which both actors are doing a an outstanding job. Who needed who and who is manipulate who or not. Plus the other story that is beginning to unfold is related or connected to Jacques passed mission in the middle east so Jacques thinks. The believers here are going to flock and pray on the site where Anna has seeing the virgin Mary to the point it is going to be a little bit of a circus. There a re going to be two movement the believers and the commercial side of it where Souvenirs and books etc… plus TV coverage will become in to play. The tension in film will rise and Gianolli never lets it go. Here is a smart film not to be missed. 







A film by Xavier Legrand

Cast: Léa Drucker, Denis Ménochet, Thomas Gioria

English: Custody 

The couple Besson divorce. To protect her son from a father whom she accuses of violence, Miriam demands sole custody. The judge in charge of the case grants shared custody to the father whom she considers to be flouted. Held hostage between his parents, Julien will do everything to prevent the worst from happening.

This first feature is a master piece and a stroke of genius . Xavier Legrand exceeds the conventions of a social issue and offers a clean film with a stifling atmosphere, which really takes guts. Xavier Legrand had been noticed by a short film, Avant de tout perdre (2014), Oscar nominated and winning the caesar. His first film here is beautiful it is like watching a ballet everything fall into place and the story is told perfectly well. It got noticed  all over Europe very quickly. Is a matter a fact LeGrand has won the Silver Lion for Best Director in Venice. The story is fluid and dark it even fells like a film neo-noir.


The first scene takes place in a magistrate’s court, the lawyers of estranged couple Miriam (Léa Drucker) and Antoine (Denis Ménochet) debate their clients’ parental rights. Miriam is pushing for sole custody of their 12-year-old son Julien (Thomas Gioria), accusing Antoine of intimidation as well as violence against their older daughter Josephine (Mathilde Auneveux). There is a lot of dialogue in the first scene which in cinema we are not used too. Is Antoine really this jealous and possessive of his  former spouse who puts pressure on his ex and his children? Does Miriam do too much in the role of the victim, to the point of wanting to prevent a father from showing his love for his son and his daughter? And why was the medical certificate confirming the injury of the young Josephine signed by the only school nurse? Those are the questions that you are going to ask yourself. Everyone has their reasons. The director here does not let up the tension that is going to build thought out the film and who is going to blow out toward the end. You do not know where is it going, you are going to guess and be surprise of the outcome. Thomas Gioria the child actor here shines big time. The other actors are perfectly cast and do they deliver a stunning performance. Denis Ménochet here is glad to work in French because lately he has done more film in England than France. If I was not bilingual he says in an interview I don’t know where my career would be today. Here is a film that you can not afford to miss.





A film by Emmanuel Finkiel

Cast: Mélanie Thierry, Benoît Magimel, Benjamin Biolay

English: Memoir of pain

June 1944, France is still under the German occupation. The writer Robert Antelme, major figure of the Resistance, is arrested and deported. His young wife Marguerite, writer and a figure of the resistance also, is torn by the anguish of not having news of him plus she has her secret affair with her comrade Dyonis. She meets a French agent of the Gestapo, Rabier, and, ready to do anything to find her husband. She seek help from an other man will she be able to find her husband and will he be still alive? 

Some of you will not like this film; It is the biography of Marguerite Duras and is a key figure on the French twentieth-century literary scene. Born in French Indochina in 1914, Duras studied and worked in France and lived in Paris during the Nazi occupation, and was in the Résistance. After all she won an Oscar for best original screenplay for the film 1959 film Hiroshima mon amour. But this film is told with a narration of literature. Her book was published in 1985 Memoir of pain finally comes to life at the movies. La Douleur flows like blood in the veins. Finkiel plays on the literary codes with a narration of Mélanie Thierry with a sad and depressing  voice. Thierry is act mostly with her facial expressions. She sees her relationship growing with Rabier. But also with Dionys (Benjamin Biolay). Finkiel allows us to wander, to merge into the spirit of Marguerite Duras. Duras is a faded flower that fights with her latest weapons as a resistant and writer that she is. She leads a troubled life. The film is a slow burner but a little long although I found it nice to watch a different view a view of a woman in search of her husband.






Sparring 3

A film by Samuel Jouy

Cast: Mathieu Kassovitz, Olivia Merilahti, Souleymane M’Baye

At over 40, Steve Landry is a boxer who has lost more fights than he has won. Before hanging up the gloves, he accepts an offer that many boxers prefer to refuse: To become sparring partner for a great champion.

Steve (Kassovitz) is a veteran boxer is at the end of his career. His record is not great: 49 matches, 13 wins, three draws and 33 losses. he is washed up 45 years of age, he has one last fight to do than he retires. He promised his wife (Olivia Merilahti) to quit at 50 fights. He hears a conversation that will make it some extra cash. He goes for it but his wife does not approve. He will be part of a trio who will be a sparring partners for a great champion who is coming back. It is dangerous plus he needs to feed his family and pay the bills because they are stranded with cash most of the time.

Sparring 2

Mathieu Kassovitz assumes the role of this loser boxer who loves the art form, even to become a human pushing bag. The thing is  it is not the same boxing story Jouy did his own without the cliché. Here is a man who is trying to fit in with his family and struggling at his sport. He has a regular job to get extra money. You feel for the guy. He wants his family to be proud of him. Than is his the second story his daughter who has a gift at playing the piano and he needs to buy her a piano so she can practice at home and realise her dream. Here however it is real boxing Kassovitz boxes and he took some real punches, no make up here it is his real black eye and cut on his face. Kassovitz assumes the role perfectly he boxes as well in real life. Here is a film not like the other boxing film but who explore behind the scene of this champion who is making a comeback but needs to train with his trio sparring partners. Finally a boxing film not like the other.




Gaspard va au Mariage

A film by Antony Cordier

Cast: Félix Moati, Laetitia Dosch, Christa Théret

English: Gaspard goes to the wedding

After 25 years of carefully keeping away for years, 25-year-old Gaspard is due to return to his father second wedding . Accompanied by Laura, a whimsical girl who agrees to play his girlfriend during the wedding, he finally feels ready to set foot in the zoo of his parents and find the animals that he saw growing up .. But between a father who is too much of a ladies man, a brother who is too reasonable, and a sister who is too beautiful, he is not aware that he is about to live the last days of his childhood.

Thus, the most ambivalent meanings of the film are revealed. The limit is tenuous between the crazy and degenerate comedy, the crazy characters barely masking the confusion of the family.  the zoo is the character of the story but you don’t get to see the visitors because Cordier decided to focus on the family the centre of the story. It is represented by obsolete photos and flashback.  We understand then that if Gaspard wanted to come with a girlfriend, so he does not get sucked in into his family who are linked together, he wants to get his own life away from all of that. And his sister there is something there are they both in love or not just sister love. But one of the bother is hiding something and is trying to protect his sister who seems to know already. Here is a nice little comedy with a bunch of colourful characters that has a funny ways of celebrating life with dancing bodies with love flourishing around them.




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