PUPILLE (2018)

A film by  Jeanne Herry

Cast:  Sandrine Kiberlain, Gilles Lellouche, Élodie Bouchez 

Theo is hand over for adoption by his biological mother on the day of his birth. It’s a birth under X. The mother Has two months to reconsider her decision … or not. Child welfare and adoption services are going to work. Someone will take care of the infant until they find someone to adopt Théo. The others must find the one who will become his adopting mother. Her name is Alice and she’s been fighting for adopting a child for ten years. PUPILLE is the story of the meeting between Alice, 41, and Théo, three months old.

Pupille is name for an orphan who is a minor. After the very successful Elle L’adore, Jeanne Herry turns to this sensitive subject rarely done or talk about in the cinema adoption, and here is a film that will take you from start to finish in the adoption process. It is a fictional story but very near real life. And so the adventure begin from the day where the mother gives birth to the social services, the nurses that takes care of the infant and finally the adoption. Herry here has done a beautiful choreography with this story, directing it with harmony. You will see how it is important to talk to the newborn to tell them what is going on even if they don’t understand. A man will take care of that in this story. Not too many men do this job to begin with but the world is changing nowadays. He will take care of the newborn until he gets adopted. Meanwhile the others social workers will try to find a mother suitable for Théo. Here Herry has wrote this perfect film as well as directing it. To top it all off the casting is excellent. Here is a beautiful film that cannot be missed.



An animation by  Alexandre Astier, Louis Clichy

Cast: Christian Clavier, Guillaume Briat, Alex Lutz

English title: Asterix: The secret of the magic potion. 

Following a fall during mistletoe picking, Druid Panoramix gets hurt but a druid never gets hurt ever. So Panoramix decide to train the next druid who is going to guard and make the magic potion. 

After the very successful adaptation of “Asterix and the Domain of the Gods”, Louis Clichy and Alexandre Astier decide to take on an original story written by Astier. And the least we can say is that “Asterix and the secret of the magic potion” is once again a total success. The dialogue are hilarious and well written with an excellent voice cast. Louis Clichy and his teams have done a remarkable job with this animation. We love the disputes  between the fishmonger and the blacksmith, but also fights between villagers and the fight against the romans. The adventure that Asterix and his gang are going to go on to try to find a young druid is not going to be easy. Yes there is a villain somewhere. The animation moves fast and it is a joy to see it. Take your kids  they are going to love it. 


A film by  Kheiron

Cast:  Kheiron, Catherine Deneuve, André Dussollier 

English title: Bad seeds 

Waël,(Kheiron) a former street child, lives in the suburbs of Paris, performs small scam with Monique (Catherine Deneuve) a retired woman who lives with him but one day while doing the scam Monique bumps in this old acquaintance a man who she has not seen in 40 years. Victor, (André Dussolier) offers Wael, at the insistence of Monique, a small volunteer job in his center of children excluded from the school system. Wael finds himself gradually responsible for a group of six teenagers expelled for absenteeism, insolence or carrying weapons. A bond will form with the student and may the adventure begin. 

Kheiron again exploits an autobiographical slice to defend the respect and especially the importance of education and the importance to pass it on. a beautiful story is going to be told before your eyes with flashback from time to time. Of course there are humour into it after all it is Kheiron we are talking about. The dialogues here are intelligent and well written, into a nice tight screenplay. Rather than stigmatize the violence of the ghetto, he prefers to emphasize the vitality of the characters and their energy to move forward with a touch of humanity. Also there is the immense pleasure to see Dussollier and Deneuve two great actors on the top of their games here. This terrific mix casting is a joy to see, with a message with can all get along and live among each other. A beautiful lesson of life to share with your friends. 

KURST (2018)


A film by Thomas Vinterberg

Cast: Michael Nyqvist, Léa Seydoux, Colin Firth, Mathias Shoenaerts

August 2000, The Russians Navy engages in exercise with the unsinkable submarine called the Kurst (K-141). But before performing this exercise, they celebrated the wedding of one of their comrade.

Mitkhail Kalekov (Mathias Shoenaerts) says goodbye to his wife who is played by Léa Seydoux and son. Shortly after departure the explosion occur due to the fact they could have prevented it but the orders are the orders. Another explosion followed and more violent than the other which force the crew to be in a small compartment with water freezing to death. The soviet government was trying to save them but their equipment was defective and did not want to admit to the English who themselves offer to help.

Government especially the soviet government are this bunch of liars who would admit that it was their fault and too proud to ask for help because they suppose to have the equipment to rescue them. Plus they lied to the families to top it all off, and why is that  not surprising me. We all know what happen it was news back then in 2000 august 12. Luc Besson who produced the film decided to go with what happen in the sub and the rescue attempt than showing more of the politics with the soviet government. Keep in mind that Norway wanted to help too but the soviet turn them down. The director tried to shoot the film in the soviet but the soviets would not have it, so it was film in France and Belgium. Also he was trying to get documents for his research but the soviets refused because those documents are classified. It is a sad thing to see that the government does not care about its people, especially those crew members that had families.




En liberté! (2018) 2


A film by Pierre Salvadori

Cast: Adèle Haenel, Pio Marmaï, Audrey Tautou 

English title: The trouble with you

Yvonne, a young police inspector, discovers that her husband, Captain Santi, a fallen local hero, was not the brave and honest cop that she believed but a true rip-off. Determined to fix this, she will cross the path of Antoine unjustly incarcerated by Santi for eight long years. An unexpected and crazy encounter that will blow their lives away.

Pierre Salvadori offers us an amazing film, explosive, dealing with serious subject matter in light mode, almost humorous or, more accurately “burlesque”. Burlesque is the situation that Yvonne (Adele Haenel) and Antoine (Pio Marmaï) are in. It is about a man sentenced to eight years in prison while he is innocent but want to make for lost time and thinks he deserve it to do whatever he wants. Yvonne who feels guilty when she who is a police officer in an office learns that her husband was on the take. Plus she told great stories about him to her kid before he goes to bed. Yvonne one night after following Antoine meets him accidently.  From there, a strange relationship will form but wait there’s  more she falls in love with someone else. There are some comic scenes here especially the one that when he robs the bank, it is an homage at the silent movies. It is the most hilarious scene in the film trust me. In reality here is that yvonne built this perfect father at the eyes of her son but when she find out that her husband was on the take she has to destroy the image of her husband in order to rebuild it at her son eyes. That is why she is doing what she is doing in the film. I hope I made that clear. Well you’ll see when you see the film. Do not miss this one. Well so far Three great  French comedy in the space of three weeks what the hell is going on?

En liberté! (2018) 3

En liberté! (2018)





A film by Nadine Labaki

Cast: Zain Al Rafeea, Yordanos Shiferaw, Boluwatife Treasure Bankole

Inside a court, Zain, a 12-year-old boy, is brought before the judge. The question is : “Why are you attacking your parents in court?”, Zain answers: “For giving me life!” Capharnaüm retraces the incredible journey of this child in search of his identity and who rebels against the life that one seeks to impose on him.

Director Labaki has cast the film well, with first-time actors whose real-life situations mirror those of her characters. It is taking place in the street of Beirut in the poorest neighbourhood where a family leaves with their kids, how many it is unclear. Zain (Zain Alrafeea) is tough and knows the street takes care of his brother and sister getting by selling juice in the street to make money. He loves his pretty eleven-year-old sister Sahar (Cedra Izam). His parents however does the unthinkable ( I am not going to reveal that) but I will say that she has to leave the house at 11 years old. So Zain leaves home and meet  Rahil (Yordanos Shifera), an undocumented Ethiopian immigrant who takes him out of pity., where he becomes babysitter and surrogate big brother to her toddler Yonas. But one night she fails to return so Zain goes on this journey with Yonas, A journey of survival in the streets. Those are the flashback here the director plays the lawyer of the Zain. This film has realists setting and going to make you feel uncomfortable is a matter of fact when the film was over a woman was crying during the film.  The film is about how kids are mistreated and you are going to think how can anyone live like that. However some people complain about the little things that have no importance here is a kid that is not complaining  obviously he has no time to complain but the only one he has is “I hate this shitty life”.  Zain that is his real name  and it is in the streets of Beirut that the director spotted this kid who was only 7 years old when his family fled from the south of Syria to find refuge in Lebanon. Today, thanks to the film, the kid and his family are getting ready to settle in Norway, and he will be able to go to school. This child with such powerful story won his case against the injustice of the world.






A film by Gilles Lellouche

Cast: Mathieu Amalric, Guillaume Canet, Benoît Poelvoorde, Jean-Hugues Anglade,Virginie Efira, Marina Foïs

English title: Sink or swim

It is in the corridors of their municipal swimming pool that Bertrand, Marcus, Simon, Laurent, Thierry and the others train under the relative authority of Delphine, to train in synchronized swimming. Together, they feel free and tell each other their problems. They will put all their energy into this discipline previously owned by women so, yes it’s a weird idea, but this challenge will allow them to find meaning in their lives …

Here is a film from Lellouche who is an actor also but decided to direct this inventive comedy. I love  the scene where they are going to steal the swimsuits (a parody of a heist film with 70’s music ,the funniest part of the film) but also and especially those of synchronized swimming which he manages to perfectly capture the choreography . Lellouche manages to film the mixture of malice and virtuosity of the characters. Here are a group of sad middle age men who are in a middle age crisis who want to find again meaning in their life and  the only way for them is to try to succeed in this competition of synchronized swimming. Here is a group of people who are trying to forget their problem by concentrating in this activity. A cool comedy / feel good movie that is breath of fresh air.