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A film by Olivier Nakache, Eric Toledano

Cast: Jean-Pierre Bacri, Jean-Paul Rouve, Gilles Lellouche

English title: C’est la vie. 

A French wedding is going to take place in the 17 century castle as the staff is getting ready for the big event are they going to pull it off without a scratch.


Here you will follow the staff who will put together the big event this wedding at a French the 17 century castle. Here is a warm and touching but hilarious comedy from the Nakache and Toledano (The Intouchables, Samba) and did they nailed this one to a T. First you will find the staff preparing the event, taking care of the guessed until early in the morning. You see managing a team is not easy but it is like watching a magic show. Max (Jean-Pierre Bacri) goes around the chateau to see if his team is fine and every thing is on schedule. Bacri here does an excellent job playing Max who is at the end of the rope with his job and thinking about retirement. The gags, the mishaps, the people trying to get along and do their job without a scratch is not going to be an easy job. Le Sens de la fête has this inexplicable magic of cinema. You will see a few tricks of the trade revealed of which some are funny as hell. The film also pays a  tribute to the working class service staffs working tirelessly on their feet to cater to the clients who demand perfection. Of course the directors found an awesome ensemble of actors and characters who work in perfect harmony to satisfy the audience. Basically we are in good hands with Max and his team who are catering to the audience need. Well you know what they say c’est la vie.



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MONEY (2017)

money 3

A film by Géla Babluani

Cast: George Babluani, Vincent Rottiers, Charlotte Van Bervesseles

Three young men from the Havre in the galley decide to steal a briefcase full of money belonging to a local politician  but things does not go as planned. They find themselves quickly caught in a spiral of violence that surpasses them completely.

Danis (George Babluani) and Eric (Vincent Rottiers), two childhood friends working on the docks of Le Havre, and just getting by. One afternoon, Alex (Charlotte Van Bervesseles), Eric’s sister, accidentally attends the delivery of a suitcase full of money and decides to follow his lucky owner. All of three are going to do this stupid things robbing the dude at his house but  nothing are not going to be simple. Babaluani here made this thriller the old fashion way and to my surprise has done well here. This film Néo-Noir where the story takes places in The Havre in one night has this tension that will not let up until the end. Plus are characters are going to find out some unpleasantness after an other at which they are trying to correct the path they are one. Money drags the spectator into an intense night when three young amateur robbers are put to the test. An exercise of style distracting but when the days rises they are going to want to erase this night off their minds.

money 2


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A film by Olivier Ayache-Vidal

Cast: Denis Podalydès, Abdoulaye Diallo, Marie-Julie Baup

François Foucault, in his forties, is a Professor of Letters at Lycée Henri IV, in Paris. A series of events forces him to accept a transfer of one year in a suburban school ranked REP + (The bottom of the barrel). He dreads the worst.

Olivier Ayache-Vidal, first time directing , offers us an enthusiastic vision of the educational environment which should give wings to teachers, students, parents and all those who rightly or wrongly feel that the school no longer fulfills its role of social status.

Yet François Foucault who is sure of himself uses sarcasm when his students who can even pass his class , you see  Lycée Henry IV is the best high school in Paris and his student can even get a decent score on their exams. You will see on facet of the character until Foucault goes get transfer to the auburn where the kids are the biggest pain in the ass and do not want to learn anything. François Foucault belongs to a family of intellectuals. His father, a man who is recognised and honoured by writing a book. So when Foucault goes to his new school when the students are agitated, he is going to figure out how to teach differently than he is used to. Well of course once he figures it out his colleagues are going to be jealous. Nothing new here but the film is missing z little imagination here but it is still entertaining and you will see first hand that it is not easy to be a teacher those days. Try to remember everyone ’s name is going to be a difficult task like Denis Podalydès shows us in this funny scene. Seydou (Abdoulaye Diallo) is the most rebellious kid here who will bring us some beautiful emotions. 



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A film by Claude Sautet

Cast: Danielle Durou, Alain Belard, Michel Piccoli

English title: Max and the junkmen

Max is a Paris detective, aloof, independently wealthy, and frustrated by gangs of robbers whom he cannot catch. So Max infiltrate a gang in order to redeem himself.

Max et les Ferrailleurs is a noir in colour however it is the master piece one of many of Claude Sautet. Max (Michel Piccoli) after being frustrating not being able to catch bank robbers by accident find an old friend that he have not seen in 17 years as he find out that he is part of a gang who steal cars and takes them apart for cash. Max finds out that his friend who has a girlfriend who is a prostitute name Lily (Romy Schneider) so Max go  see her every week in order to manipulate her in doing well you are going to have to see this film. you see max is obsessed with catching criminals red-handed. 

Max and the ferrailleurs 2

You get to see the relationship that he has with Lily and how he is going to wheel her in. Not an easy thing to do. But you get the sense that the two like each other a little more than they lead on. Max has to be patient without making a mistake. You watch the lives of these hoodlums who can’t make too much money but are having fun and hanging out at the favorite bistro and in their junkyard. Nice film here from Claude Sautet who write the screen play. Sautet here was first a screen writer than an assistant director, than a director I guess he move up the latter. This film remains me of Heat by Michael man who possibly rewrote the story and made it his own.

Max and the ferrailleurs

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A film by Michel Hazanavicius

Cast: Louis Garrel, Stacy Martin, Bérénice Bejo

It is the life Of Jean-luc Goddard at the time when he married actress Anne Wiazemsky. Anne Wiazemsky and Michel Hazanavicius wrote the screenplay from her autobiography “Un an après” ( one years after).

Le Redoubtable portrays Jean-Luc Godard circa 1968, in the period of his life in which he embraced radical politics and revolution, turned his back on his earlier work, and married 19-year-old student Anne Wiazemsky, the star of his film “La Chinoise,” who had also been the child actress in Bresson’s Au Hasard Balthazar. Here is where louis Garrel shines he embodies Goddard perfectly well even looks like him. His performance is outstanding and I don’t think the critics thought he could pull it off. Here goddard is portrayed as this jerk who has an enormous chips on his shoulder. Goddard began to be involved in politics and even went in one manifestation after an other. His earlier work he did not like and thought that the rest of those director did not know how to make a film. Hazanavicius told someone that Goddard was god like when he did his early work. But something sparks in his brain where his film began to be more political. 


Anne (Stacy Martin) does as well a perfect job to portray Anne plus Michel has nail the period with the fashion and the decor here. The film here has an outrageous scenes after an other where you see Goddard who is going to destroy the marriage. There is some stuff that i didn’t know about Goddard but i m not revealing the rest of it I do not want to spoil it for those who has not see it yet. If you are a fan of Goddard I recommend this film big time.


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BARBARA (2017)


A film by Mathieu Amalric

Cast: Jeanne Balibar, Mathieu Amalric, Barbara

A director wants to make a film biopic of the French songer named Barbara (1930 – 1997).

Here is the iconic French singer who has a deep singing voice and as the alias of la Dame en Noire ( the lady in black) She always wore black almost. Jeanne Balibar who incarnated the songer beautifully well nor the less that she looks like her, amazing!!! Balibar, who is Amalric’s ex-wife, has also experience as a professional singer which shows in the way she relates to her fans. Here Amalric structures it as a film within a film – with himself as the director of it, eavesdropping on rehearsals and following Barbara around which you will be at some point seeing the real Barbara at times. It is an usual film because you do not know where you are at if yo sing the real Barbara or not. Plus the singer had a particular style and rather chaotic personal life. The film moves well and is bit melancholic at times but it is a beautiful film.



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A film by Philippe Van Leeuw

Cast: Hiam Abbass, Diamand Bou Abboud, Juliette NavisLiiL

Syria at war, countless families remained trapped by the bombing. Among them, a mother and her children stand along , hidden in their apartment. Courageously, they organize themselves from day-to-day to continue living despite shortages and danger, and in solidarity, gather a couple of neighbors and his newborn. Torn between fleeing and staying, they face each day with hope.


This film illustrates a contemporary drama: the Syrian civil war, begun in 2011. But here, there it shows that war has also murders and other betrayals. All the victims here are facing a present danger with an invisible enemies never the less very present. Ok the tile: the notion of “family” is misleading since all the characters that are sheltered in this apartment are not next of kin, There are neighbors with an enfant, and a maid plus others stuck in an apartment fearing death every day. In the mix there is the woman who holds the family sort of speak together, but she is also stubborn she won’t leave. You see war is a bitch, it opens the doors for criminals to do whatever since there is no police. There are loaders also very present. The director shows an extraordinary sense of space, whose power of immersion goes beyond the mere effect of claustrophobia, since it also makes it possible to better represent the link that can exist between these characters, the support that they have for each other and the grief that goes along with it. You only see the courtyard a bunch of time here but the sound effect is excellent here you hear the explosion, airplanes , helicopters, etc…. it has realism into it. You feel what the characters fell. The facial expression here are priceless and all the actors have done a beautiful job here. Like I said war is a bitch and the innocent victims here will pay a huge price. In fact I see Syrians next to where I live coming in my country they were about a thousand living in the street on the outskirt of Paris . My government does not know what to do with them some has sought asylum had got it. the others got back to Syria or others country. It is an estimated 6 million Syrians spread out though Europe. A terrific film here not to be missed.