corn island









A film by George Ovashvili

Cast: Ilyas Salman, Tamer Levent, Mariam Buturishvili

On the Inguri River, the natural border between Georgia and Abkhazia, strips of fertile land are created and soon disappear with the seasons. An old Abkaze and granddaughter grow corn on one of those ephemeral islands. The intense bond that binds them to nature is disturbed by the round of border of soldiers.

An old man brings his granddaughter on an Ephemeral island to build a cabin and grow corn. We don’t known anything about those two not even theirs names nor do we know where they come from of their destiny. The film is in the present scene by scene almost in real time. I said almost. At first for a good period of time not a word is spoken you will see how they build the cabin than prepare the land for cultivation and plant the corn. Once in a while there will be a boat of soldiers passing by and the only distraction is the girl. There is few dialogue in this film but the cinematography is awesome and beautiful. The actors did a great job here although there were not much dialogue they kew the importance of the expression of their faces has to come in play. Across the river there are guns fire a war going on perhaps that you know nothing about. The director here is interested not only be the overflow of the river and mother nature but also on the human story that is developing in the front of your eyes like the teenager who is discovering her sexuality and sensuality and the relationship with her grandfather. The second thing is that the miserable and raw harvest of the corn and the construction then the engulfment. This film is going at a slow pace so I know some of you might not like that but it is a great film,  the director at least promises a rich, original story.

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