A film by  Sameh Zoabi

Cast:  Kais Nashif, Lubna Azabal, Yaniv Biton

Salam, 30, lives in Jerusalem. He is a Palestinian and an intern on the set of the hit Arabic series “Tel Aviv on Fire!” Every morning he crosses the same checkpoint to work in Ramallah. One day, Salam is arrested by an Israeli officer Assi, fan of the series, to try to get away, he claims to be the scriptwriter. Taken to its own trap, Salam will be imposed by Assi a new scenario. Obviously, nothing will happen as planned.

Salam (Kais Nashif) a Palestinian living in Israel, he’s working as a production intern on the TV series named Tel Aviv On Fire, set in 1967 on the verge of the Six-Day War, it is clear that he is here because his uncle is a producer of the series and tries to rekindle the relationship of an ex girlfriend. Salam is here on the set as a person who reviews the authenticity of the language spoken. When he goes back home, Officer Assi , fan of the series ask him if he is the screenwriter, and bang Assi read the latest script and demand that he writes the story as he sees fit. To top it all off the next day the original writer had enough and leaves the set. Salam’s uncle promote Salam to screenwriter. Ho! boy. Salam here has no inspiration and has writer’s block. but you will not believe that is going to happen.

The director here is being conscious and careful about the ongoing issues about the Israeli and the palestinian, and balances the humour and the narrative perfectly well. Here Palestinians and Israelis has to live together regardless of the past and it is not an easy thing to do. Salam here is in his neck but seems to try to get his head above water. He is trying to get his old flame back in the process. Making a series is a hard thing to do and is a lot of work. Nobody seems to be on the same page. Here Salma is trying to make everybody happy will he succeed at getting his old flame back and will he succeed in writing a successful ending. Well see the movie.


Farewell party  (2014)

A film by Tal Granit, Sharon Maymon

Cast:  Ze’ev Revach, Levana Finkelstein, Aliza Rosen

We just got this little jewel here in France  and it is a well written film that to me you must see. Trust me on that one there is a time where we all going to get old hopefully we will age as gracefully as possible for some of us. Luckily for me I have good genes so that would be a problem.

In a retirement home in Jerusalem, an old man makes daily phone calls to an old lady, pretending to be God to show her that she can not die right away, due to lack of available places in heaven . Loving husband and creator of more or less outlandish inventions, will try to help with four other friends, to make  a friend who has been suffering from an illness to make the transition to the after life.

farewell party (2014)

Here is drama of kindness treating a rare and delicate subject: euthanasia. Keep in mind that Euthanasia is illegal in most country and the subject is rare in film. Farewell Party is a dark comedy that tackle such subject with kindness as i said. It is a controversial subject in most countries although I do believe that there is some countries where it is legal. Remember Doctor Kevorkian there was a lot of controversy behind what he did and a lot of religious group did not like what he was doing.

Yehekzel (Revach) is the one who thinks a lot and has some great ideas. He figures out to make a machine to end the life of someone like his friends to end their life because they are suffering of a terminal illness. his wife however does not think it is a good idea because she sees it has murder. There is a little twist in the story (and no I am not revealing it) But later she changes her mind about it. There is a musical number in it which is a little weird and I don’t know why the director put it in. It is a film full of humor and I will give you a warning there is nudity yes old folks nude? I am getting you this warning so you don’t get a heart attack. The cast fits perfectly well here and not they are not well-known anywhere but their country. It is going to appeal to older audiences not so much for the young one. Plus the film has different view-point. It will be in the US In may So take a look at this one. It is worth it.


LEBANON (2009)


A film by Samuel Maoz

Cast:Yoav Donat, Itay Tiran, Oshri Cohen

Here is a great film By Samuel Maoz from inside of a tank virtually throughout almost the entire film. First that is never done before second Genius. Everything we see is inside the tank so you will see faces, torso, heads, legs, feet but a close up of it most of the time like i said it is on the inside of a tank. You have a commander, a loader, a driver, and a gunner. What is happening out side of the world is seeing through the scope marked with crosshairs, enhanced when necessary by night-vision technology.What the men see out there is pretty terrifying. It is the first day of the war in Lebanon. Sometimes the hatch opens and you see an officer who keeps returning to  gives the order of the mission, they drop a bloodied body of a slain Israeli soldier, and later on a Syrian hostage. Youn fell like you are right there and you see the atrocity of war right in from of you. Maoz was 20 years old when he served as an Israeli tank gunner during the invasion of Lebanon in 1982. He was able to give us the fell of this horrific war with bold images. Engraved on the inside of the tank are the words: “Man is steel. The tank is only iron.” The floor of the tank is full of liquid, cigarette butt, urine, blood, and empty cans of rations. Pretty brutal image right there. You get a sense this is what the war in a tank is about. Well done by Maoz.




big bad wolves

A film by Aharon Keshales, Navot Papushado

Cast: Lior Ashkenazi, Rotem Keinan, Tzahi Grad

Here it is you have a cop crossing  the line , a father who seeks revenge, and a grand father who is pissed off that his grand daughter is dead, in a series of murders, and yes you know it they have a main suspect a teacher who teaches religion who was arrested and released due to some gaffe from the police, and you have a great crime story.

This great Israeli thriller starts with 3 kids who plays hide and seeks in the woods by an abandoned building, the scene plays out in slow motion everybody hides and one kids stays behind and counts, he finds everybody but one girl goes missing her red shoe is found. The title of the film is seen out on the roof a nice touch her I love that one. You get that very loud music like huffing and puffing and pounding like a big bad woof is coming. This film is dark and has black comedy in it , it gets right to it the next shot you see is a man carried out by 3 police dudes they sit him in the chair and say to him” we know you did it where is she?” that sets the tone of the film right there. There is more than a few scenes that are funny and tense at the same time. There is a scene where the a man is buying the house and tells the real estates agent to scream of her top of her lungs to see if he will hear her upstairs the house is secluded in the woods. In an other words you think you know what is going but this film will keep you guessing. The cinematography is simple but yet beautiful and dark at times. The suspect says he didn’t do it you actually do not know if he did or not. But the cop is positive that he did it. It is well played by the actors, their performance are awesome. The thing is what would you do if that was your daughter how far will you go?