les halles 2

The UGC Ciné Cité Les Halles is a Parisian multiplex located at the Forum des Halles, with a total of 37 screens, making it the largest cinema in France in terms of number of theaters.  It has the largest selling of movie tickets in the world, we actually own that record, a record of 3,2 millions tickets sold last year.  Actually that is where I go half the time the other is near my apartment. Not too bad for UCG. And trust me it will keep on climbing. I do have my unlimited card from UGC. A total of  22 Euros a month all I can see or care to see.

les hallles



In recent weeks, the jargon of the film industry has been enriched by a new term: e-cinema. To summarize, this digital format wants to gather under its banner exclusive first films which, instead of theatrical release, will first be available on a television screen, computer, tablet or telephone, for a clientele enjoying a flawless visual acuity. For a price of 4.99 € per film or 5.99€ unlimited which included only 4 new film per months. So I am in France I would see foreign film only not domestic film of course because the domestic film will go straight to the movie theaters. That works for me so far I am thinking of trying it. The studio thinks that those film are too risky to show them in the movie theaters. So they decided to show it in the platform e-cinema. The e-cinema formula allows the film to stay five weeks on VOD platforms and avoids much of the technical costs. This provides an  interesting conditions for the film’s career and, for us, it’s a good way to explore to avoid taking monumental risks. For the studio system in America could be a win-win for them instead of spending a lot of money for advertising and others things this would be a bit cheaper for the big risk films which they would be making some money out of it. The films will stay on e-cinema for 5 weeks only I hear. Not too bad I will check it out and see what happens and I will get back to you. I think the first month is free.