A film by  Elia Suleiman

Cast:  Gael García Bernal, Ali Suliman, Stephen McHattie

ES fled Palestine in search of a new home, before realizing that his home country still follows him as a shadow. The promise of a new life is quickly transformed into an absurd comedy . As far as he travels, from Paris to New York, something reminds him of his homeland. A burlesque tale exploring identity, nationality and belonging, in which Elia Suleiman asks a fundamental question: where can one feel ” at home ” ?

Ok here is the return of Suleiman after an absence of 10 years. A Burlesque comedy , who is not afraid to play the card of simplicity to question the identity of his country. You can tell that Jacques Tati has influence Suleiman it shows in this comedy. There are not too many dialogue in this film the image will speak for itself. It Must Be Heaven follows Elia Suleiman who plays himself as he journeys around the world, starting off in his homeland of Palestine before venturing to Paris, and New York City. Every where he goes he is remained that he is a Palestinian. When ES flew to New York where the clichés are coming back like the fear of terrorist attacks and the proliferation of security measures. The camera work and the frames are carefully chosen by Suleiman in this offbeat comedy. This film looks at offbeat banal moments, usually out of focus, says the director. The film has its own political agenda which has its own cultural identity. Although Suleiman has made this comedy à la Tati has his own signature.