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JEANNE MOREAU (1928 – 2017)

jeanne moreau

RIP Jeanne Moreau who got the nickname the French Betty Davis. She has passed away of natural cause at age 89. She has left a legacy of films behind her. i just learn about her passing today. She was a singer, director, and actress. The actress with the sensual beauty and the inimitable serious voice, which has fascinated the greatest directors during a career of 65 years, was found dead in his Parisian home, specified Jeanne d’Hauteserre, Mayor of the 8th arrondissement. She was found by her maid early Monday morning, according to sources. Born January 23, 1928 in Paris of a restorer father and a dancer English mother, the unforgettable interpreter of the song Tourbillon in Jules and Jim, by François Truffaut, has shot in more than 130 films.

The world of culture also paid tribute to him. Brigitte Bardot greeted the “unusual personality” of the actress, with whom she had shared the poster in Viva Maria in 1965. “I have a lot of grief. Jeanne was above all a beautiful, intelligent, seductive woman, with a voice and an unusual personality, which made her a multi-faceted actress, “she said in a statement. She accumulated awards left and right and what a talented actress she was. It willl not be the same without her.