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A film by Raúl Arévalo

Cast: Antonio de la Torre, Luis Callejo, Ruth Díaz

English title : The Fury of a Patient Man

Spanish actor Raül Arevalo’s directorial debut The Fury of a Patient Man is a cool revenge thriller. Shot in 16mm, the film uses skillful, hand-held camera movements which the film is going to fell like a 70’s film western style. Shot  with run down vibrant spaces of working class neighborhood outside of Madrid the narrative does not follow the rules of the genre. A neo-black and crepuscular Spanish polar with a taste of western with a hint of the Coen Brothers and Sam Peckinpah.

The film opens with a staging that takes place inside a car. The get-away car driver Curro (Luis Callejo) is waiting for the masked men robbing a jewelry store. But the police get there and Carro can not pick up  masked men and leaving in the getaway car gets caught by the police. Then we are submitted by four brief chapters titled Bar, Family, Ana, and Curro. You See Jose in this bar starring at this woman Ana (Ruth Diaz) and you think that is going to turn into a love story but Jose has his reason. Juanjo (Raul Jimenez) who has a sister Ana is a good friend with Jose who in turn goes to all events birthday and family reunion etc… The romance later is going to turn a little sour and you are going to know why Jose’s intentions are. The Spanish title here is translated late for anger. Here is a man who is patient but pissed off as hell. In the tense scene that unfolds in the basement of a gym, rage that is building up with music that is tense and waiting to snap at any moment. Terrific scene here. Arévalo uses the sound real well here even to use to build the tension even with the music. A good move here when Arevalo very carefully avoided any direct shots of the murders that take place. To me that makes it even more freighting by hearing just the sound. Well I must say here is a talented director as well as a talented actor. Next one please maybe next year?


The Fury of a Patient Man 2

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smokes and mirrors

A  film by Alberto Rodríguez

Cast: José Coronado, Eduard Fernández, Miquel García Borda

English : The Man with Thousand Faces

Francisco Paesa, former Spanish secret agent, is committed to resolve a case of embezzlement of money likely to lead to a state scandal. The man sees the opportunity to enrich himself while avenging the government that betrayed him in the past. Then begins one of the most incredible political and financial intrigues of recent years: the true story of a man who deceived a whole country and knocked down a government.

God dam!! what a film. Genius I might have. Here is a smart, captivating and brilliantly  film. The film is technically remarkable. In the beginning, we get lost a bit, then the magic takes shape. Filmed in France, Singapore, Switzerland and Spain, Director Rodriguez out did himself in this film. With a budget of 4,5 millions Dollars this film has an enormous success all over Europe. Based on Manuel Cerdán’s book, that the director appreciated, back in the 90’s Rodriguez decided to adapt the book into a screenplay. It was the biggest financial scandal in Spain, back in the 90’s. Here Rodriguez set the pace from the beginning of the film with some cool rhythm music.  The film has this narration and even depict the financial jargon so you can understand better the event that took place. Here the english title is going to be “Smoke and Mirrors” it is far from the traduction. Who cares see this film that is brilliantly filmed where the 90’s was recreated beautifully well even the costumes by Rodriguez.

Smoke and Mirrors-2

Smoke and Mirrors-3

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the distinguish citizen 3

A film by Gastón Duprat, Mariano Cohn

Cast: Oscar Martínez, Dady Brieva, Andrea Frigerio

English title:The Distinguished Citizen

Daniel Mantovani (Oscar Martinez) is a celebrated Nobel Prize-winning author living in Barcelona. His stories set in Salas Argentina but he has not return in 40 years is a matter a fact he never planed to go back. To the surprise of everyone he agrees to personally collect a trophy/reward as a ‘distinguished citizen’ and maybe rediscover his roots. It is a decision he is going to regret as the driver that pick up gets a flat tire in a middle of nowhere.

The local welcome him and the mayor boost his image because he is with a successful writer although who has not written a novel in 5 years. The Mayor has all the activities in place even the interview and the workshop with Mantovani which also include a painting competition. Meanwhile, his old friend Antonio brilliantly played by Dady Brieva who delights in seeing his friend so he can show off the fact that he married Mantovani’s old girl friends. Well thing s are not going to go to well if you know what I mean. As the film goes on you are going to feel that Mantovani is in danger and that he might or might not make it out of this town in one piece. The film is a bit predictable here but it is a well done and written dark farce.

the distinguish citizen

the distinguish citizen 2

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A film by J.A. Bayona

Cast: Lewis MacDougall, Sigourney Weaver, Felicity Jones

A young boy, while going through the terrible experience of watching his mother fighting for her life with  cancer, calls out for help. Unexpectedly, his help comes from a tree monster, who despite his scary appearance proves to be a source of help for Conor.

Conor’s mom is slowly losing her battle with cancer she sis at the end of the rope. During the day, he has to put up with constant bullying and ridicule from his schoolmates who have no idea what he is going through. Conor also knows that if his mom passes on, he will have to live with his grandmother but Conor does not want to after all she is this cold and bossy woman .Unknown to him, a tree monster has been listening to him cry out every night. The scary monster here is going to make understand to the boy what is going on with him with 3 stories that he is going to tell him but the 4th story the boy is going to tell the tree monster. Of course the boy does not understand and thinks that the tree monster is going to save his mom but there is more than meets the eye here. Here is a different story with this message at the end. By the way the end is perfect. Great film to go see with your kid 11 and over at least.



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TRUMAN (2016)


A film by Cesc Gay

Cast: Ricardo Darín, Javier Cámara, Dolores Fonzi

Julian ( Ricardo Darín) receives an unexpected visit from his friend Tomás (Javier Cámara) who lives in Canada.The two men, accompanied by Julián’s faithful dog, Truman, will embark in an emotional and surprising moments.

Here is a kind of different road trip that 2 men are going to take. From the beginning Julian receive a surprising visit from his friend that he has not seen in years. He has only 4 days before he has to return to Canada. After all they are best friend. Julian has a dog name Truman and wants to find an other owner for Truman. The film is a nice touching story about 2 best friends and dog and Julian’s son who is trying to reconnect with. It is a farewell who is leaving. Julian is a theater actor and as his says “My run is almost over”. The thing is that Julian who is the loner is having a hard time finding a new owner for his dog. Darin’s touching performance as a man barely holding it together but refusing to show any external weakness. Gay has masterful eye for eye when it comes to capturing the essence of a friendship and Cámara and Darin have a natural ease with each other that sells the situation. The film is well paced , consistently engaging them to various locations like the Netherland and what a beautiful country it is. And no there is no cinematic cliché here thank god, it is a humanist drama kind like a last adventure between friends.

truman é


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JULIETA (2016)


A film by Pedro Almodóvar

Cast: Adriana Ugarte, Rossy de Palma, Inma Cuesta, Emma Suarez

As she is about to move and go to live in Portugal with Lorenzo, the man she loves, Julieta crosses a street in Madrid, Bea, an old friend of Antía, her daughter, she has not seen for years. She decided to stay in Madrid, and moved in the same building where she once lived. The memories come back as far as  the regrets, as she sets out again in search for….

Julieta is of these beautiful and deeply moving films and  Pedro Almodóvar has the secret. The film portrait a several women gravitating around a single mother who was once a girl. This film is a drama incandescent  where feelings about their life resonate with infinite regret, and has an inability to communicate with loved ones. With flashbacks the director tells a tale of romance passion (the meeting on the train, the man with the black sweater, the tattoo …AJ ) or misleading sincere friendships, jealousies and secret intimate dramas. Each scene has a color of importance, a meaning and a beautiful elegance to it. Emma Suarez shines here and has deliver the role of a life time, she is brilliant as well as well casted. Mother tormented and tenacious, she tells her story here often in voiceover full of doubts and certainties, according to the times of her life. A bitter and bright film that breaks your heart, that ask the question do we have the ability to forgive.

julieta -é


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A perfect day

A film by Fernando León de Aranoa

Cast: Benicio Del Toro, Tim Robbins, Olga Kurylenko, Mélanie Thierry

The film is set in the Balkans in 1995. Four humanitarian aid workers are confronted with a little problem. They are trying to get a dead body out of the well. You see it is going to contamited the well and the people of this little village are going to be without water if they do not get the body out… but UN rules expressly forbid aid workers from handling corpses. Mambrú (Benicio Del Toro) who failed to retrieve the body due to the fact that the rope broke is going to go on an adventure with B (Tim Robbins) to get rope.

Now you are going to say this is going to be boring, not so this is a small story with unfairnesses and injustices,  one subplot involves a local boy’s search for a new soccer ball that is immediately stolen by big kid bullies. Plus here is a  wonderful cast that infuses their frustrations to make things right. Yes they will be mines on the way, the bureaucracy that they are to deal with, the complicated relationships. Although their journey they will be joking around of course with dark humor. Well if you were on of them in order no to go crazy after the frustration that they have to find rope and deal with the people they will need some comic relief. Spanish filmmaker Fernando León de Aranoa who adapted the novel by Paula Farias has made a smart little satire, one that is satisfying in how it paints war itself as ridiculous.