Easy Money II- Hard to Kill (2012) 4

A film by Babak Najafi

Cast: Joel Kinnaman, Matias Varela, Dragomir Mrsic 

The continuation of the film Easy money where JW (Joel Kinnaman) A promising business student who went to bed with the mob and now is serving A hard and long  sentence for drug dealing.

We pick up where we left off and three years later  Mrado and JW are in prison together: JW eager to get out and do a business deal with an old friend; Mrado paralysed from the waist down after his collision with a car in previous story. But  Jorge is still in the drug business, about to do a heroin deal that should be his one final one . But is it going to go well? That is the big question. Easy money and Easy money II / hard to kill was not well received in France by the critics as well as by the fans. It is a slow burner thriller nordic Neo-Noir and it does it job effectively. However was not well received in the US do to the fact that were subtitle to the film and not too many friends that I have over watch foreign films. However it did well in Sweden.

Easy Money II- Hard to Kill (2012) 3

JW Here gets sometimes outside the prison because he has done a nice job doing tax return in prison. so he goes in business with his friend outside the prison. No need to tell you what is going to happen there. Jw reconnects with his old friends and the new story will emerges with new characters. Meanwhile a hooker will surfaced that will be saved by Jorge in another word they need each other and will form an unlikely relationship. The film here moves as well as it should be. The thing here is that the characters here are digging their own holes  gets out of it and goes back further in. No disappointment here there will be twist and turn. It has dialogue in Swedish, Spanish, Serbian, Arabic, and a little bit of English where you don’t see too much in films those days. Here Najafi recycled a crime story and made it an original story has done as well as the first one here.

Easy Money II- Hard to Kill (2012) 2


borg mcenroe

A film by Janus Metz

Cast: Sverrir Gudnason, Shia LaBeouf, Stellan Skarsgård

The story in 1980 rivalry between Borg and McEnroe. McEnroe the rebellious bad boy of tennis and Borg the god of tennis.

Here is the thing I am a big fan of Tennis so I decided to see this film right away. My mom was working in this sport company they gave her box seat (Front row seat) to see all the matches at Roland Garros back in the 70’s. I saw Borg, Connors, Stanislas, Ivan Lendl, Rob laver etc…is a matter a fact Connors was on the court and running to hit the ball kept running was right in the front of me looked at me and said “man this guy is killing me” Connors was the cool dude who was joking around once in a while. So When it came around 1980 I was in the US and I saw that match Borg / McEnroe.


The Real McEnroe and Borg 

For borg the pressure is on he has everything to lose he has 4 Wimbledon championships under his belt as for McEnroe he had nothing to lose, he was the underdog. I remember seeing him on the court getting pissed of pulling his hair out and the press had a field day. The film show the 3 days before the march, the preparation, the games, how the player prepares themselves mentally and so forth. Then there are the occasional flash back when they were teenagers. McEnroe the party boy and Borg was like a robot focused, nothing gets to him. Amazing! Shia leboeuf delivers an outstaying McEnroe and was trained by professional tennis players so they do not look like he is the actor playing tennis But McEnroe playing tennis. As for Sverrir Gudnason who even looks like Borg has incarnated Borg extremely well. By the way the young Björn Borg is played by Björn’s real son Leo Borg. Director Janus Metz lets the action flows as the drama goes back and forth like a tennis ball. The film was watchable you could feel the tension rising, I remember watching the match and was on the edge of my seat. Unfortunately we all know what happen the next year and I think that is why Borg retire at 26 years old as he said I have done it all in tennis.  Better retire on top I guess.


borg mcenroe



selection officiel competition

A film by Ruben Östlund

Cast: Claes Bang, Elisabeth Moss, Dominic West

Sweden’s Ruben Östlund makes a comeback, this time in the Competition selection, with a film punctuated at the inequality of the civilisation with some of the strangest scenes.

Christian (Claes Bang) who plays a museum director who’s life is disturbed when he is the victim of a crime. The film is dry, satirical and  a dark comedy that is totally unique. A little warning due to the fact that this film is a little strange it is going to be a hard sell in the US and some of you might love it or hate it. The film puts Christian through essentially a series of skits which are alternately thought-provoking, shocking or delightfully made with awkwardness. It is about a man who is about to lose control of his life. The film is masterfully does not only become a satire of the modern art but also at life itself. When Christian gets into a series of gag some of the audience nervously was laughing or not at all. There are some disturbing scenes at times and you are going to wonder what the hell is going on in this guy life who somehow is going to be the hero of our story. If you like dark humour that is disturbing at time feel free to see this one.

the square




A film by Tarik Saleh

Cast: Fares Fares, Mari Malek, Yasser Ali Maher

Two days before the  Egyptian Revolution, this thriller features a police officer who investigates the murder of a woman who is a popular singer but turn out she is also a call girl.

Egypt’s 2011 revolution provides the backdrop for Tarik Saleh’s  political thriller. In order to do this type of penetrating film making the Danish Director has to know the Egyptian culture. The film opens with the corrupt police officer Noredin  (Fares Fares) doing his round to get his money from business owners. Noredin a chain-smoking cop who is called on a scene of a murder of a singer. The atmosphere of this film is like a smoked, perfumed street with corruption of all sort where there is no justice. Plus the fact that the internal affair are investigating the precinct of Noredin. As Noredin is trying to find the only possible witness he discovers more dead bodies and possible a suspect the son of the President of Egypt. You actually try to investigate with him. The more he investigate the more corruption he finds and he puts his life in danger as well. Even though Saleh was  forced to shooting in Casablanca after the production was shut down by the Egyptian state security service. I wonder why? You can smell though the screen the smoking, dust, perfume, food, and the heat that add to the Neo-Noir film. Yes there are twists and turns in this story that is tastefully told by Saleh. Do not miss this one. 

Le Caire Confidentiel

Le Caire Confidentiel2



A film by Gilles Marchand

Cast: Jérémie Elkaïm, Timothé Vom Dorp, Théo Van de Voorde

English: Into the forest 

Tom and his older brother Benjamin go to Sweden to be with their father for the summer holidays. Tom apprehends the reunion with this strange and lonely man. The father seems convinced that Tom has the gift of seeing things that others do not see. When he proposes to go north to spend a few days in a shack on a lake, the children are delighted. But the place is very isolated, in the middle of an immense forest that exacerbates the fears of Tom. And the more days goes by , the less the father seems to consider their return …

Already undergoing psychotherapy for his anxieties, Tom feels that something bad is going to happen before they even leave Paris . Like a  painting of a dull terror, Gilles Marchand  loses his three characters in an open door in the open air, deep in a Swedish forest where the children visiting their father, And the authority of the father who lives a few thousand kilometers from home, will turn into a diabolical hunting game. But the further their estranged father tales them away from civilisation Tom must choose whether to surrender to the Devil in his mind or to embrace a barely comprehensible truth. Into the forest has an imaginary view of a child of a very adult tragedy. One that the child is struggling with. Elkaim showed an angry madness that turned against his two children, like Jack Nicholson’s tortured delusions in Shining. Here they will be question that will not be answered and it is ok in this kind of film everything will not be explained. Like I said use your imagination. The actors here delivers a terrific performances shot in Sweden the cinematography is breathing . Now I have to go to Sweden some day.





A film by Daniel Espinosa

Cast: Joel Kinnaman, Matias Varela, Dragomir Mrsic

Here is a Swedish film from the book come with a surprise that is really good here, it did well in Europe especially in Sweden and the U.K. a terrific Nordic Noir here.

A student is a taxi driver to make some extra cash with the occasional favour that pay well from the mob when ever they need him. It is to fund his luxury taste so he can hang out with his rich friends. When suddenly the mob needs him to pick up someone who escape from prison before the other gang finds him.

Well pay attention to details where JW buys an inexpensive shirt takes off the buttons and saw other nicer button so it looks like he has an expensive shirt on. Although his rich friends are not all that any way but a girl attract his attention and sees an opportunity to go out with her. Two thing here suddenly JW gets in deep with his mob friends so he can make more money and be with this girl to keep appearances. Second, He begins to think that either side is not what it is. The thing is if you get in with the mob you get out well you know dead, or you are in for life. He finds out the violence behind it and does not have the stomach for it. And yes there is the occasional stab in the back. He finally he gets in up to his neck and see one way out a deal that is not going to refuse is going  to pay big. But is it going to be enough? and it is going to go well? The dude who wrote the book here is a lawyer where criminal are seeking his help all the time one day he thought he might write a novel fictional of course but there is fine line between real life and fictional life meaning that he could not write to many novel noir due to the fact that he was getting to close to his clients. He had advantages over the other writers here he is a criminal lawyer so he knows the life of his clients.



A WAR (2015)


a war poster

A  film by Tobias Lindholm

Cast: Pilou Asbæk, Dar Salim, Tuva Novotny

Claus (Pilou Asbaek) commands a company of soldiers in Afghanistan, pushing back against the Taliban but with a frustrating mandate to minimize involvement with the locals, even if they ask for help. And often, even protecting his own men proves impossible, when a single misstep can set off an IED and turn a routine patrol into a medical emergency. Under fire a solider is under a lot of stress and has to make slip decision to try to protect his man so they can come back to the camp save and sound. But when he is stunned to be second guess.

Here is a terrific film by the talented Tobias Lindholm who is back with another emotionally tense exploration of ordinary men under extraordinary pressure in A War (Krigen), Denmark’s official Oscars has been nominated for Best Foreign Language Film . This is a war movie for how we have redefined war in the 21st century, about the afghan war and the Taliban who keep invading village which are  a threat to the people who leaves there. Claus and his man who are tough soldiers are under fire and has to make decisions that will affect their lives later. Lindholm shows here the difficult decision that has to be man under stress, he also shows the moral dilemmas they must resolve not only  on the battlefield but also at home. There are 3 part to this film Claus in afghan, claus back with his family, and Claus who is recalled to Denmark to face a military inquiry into his actions which he has to deal with his family. A war is a smart film about about Claus’s quandary, the problems that he is facing and the interaction with his family. Technically a different war film that is just came in movie theater in France.

A war-2





the here and after

A film by Magnus von Horn

Cast: Sven Ahlström, Mats Blomgren, Stefan Cronwall

The frightening chronicle of an adolescent to whom society refuses redemption.

And yes it is freezing on the nordic side!  For his first feature film, Magnus von Horn is inspired by the Scandinavian tradition to offer us a chilling drama, clinical and austere, in which no light of hope will come clear an underlying darkness. John is back in her small town after been in prison. But in the minds of the community, the boy is never really gone, no one can forget the crime. In a chilling atmosphere, the mystery surrounding the past adolescent gradually fades to reveal the source of his pain and the reasons for his incarceration. Because the suspense does not revolve around the alleged guilt of the protagonist or the act of which he is responsible, but rather on violence which will lead to retaliation. The thriller becomes chronic rejection of a hostile environment   in which a teenager can not find his place.Surrounded by a loving father and a brother who plays the rebel, John is trying to find his place but does not get there. The film starts slow and when suddenly thing are picking up a bit especially at the super market. The film is shot with still for some long period of time which might get on people’s never but what I like about it is film differently and somewhat creatively. This film has won 3 Swedish oscar by the way. Here too the director discredit the Swedish society but later in the film you see that the protagonist and the other are trying to find a solution to the problem. You see what I like about the Swedish is that they find solution to the problem without violence. Terrific acting here as sharp as a razor. The film has a certain look at society where the spectacle is frighting and the people can be cruel and cold.

le lendemain





snow therapy

A film by Ruben Östlund

Cast: Johannes Kuhnke, Lisa Loven Kongsli, Clara Wettergren

A swedish family on skiing vacation in the French Alps are starring down on an avalanche on a terrace of a restaurant during lunch. As the avalanche  grew closer everyone panic and left even the husband of this couple where the wife had to protect the children. the thing is they do not talk about it until one time at dinner with friends, the things is they have 2 different versions.

Here is a family who has a dilemma they have 2 versions of what happened at he restaurant. The film is set in the French Alps and I have to say I do live in a beautiful country when I was a teenager I used to go to the French Alps and ski for 5 to 6 hours at the time, and what a beautiful cinematography there is in this film. Even the night shot are spectacular. However the avalanche that occurs at the beginning of the film is not the only dramatic occurrence. The avalanche is a chain of event that follows a cascading of human emotion and human instinct with different action and reactions. Ruben Ostlund has written a story that is like a documentary/drama where human instinct especially male instinct is put in under a microscope. The pace is slow with an occasional comic relief and the tension build up as the film goes along. The Swedish family comprising Thomas (Johannes Kuhnke), Ebba (Lisa Loven Kongsli) and their two young children Vera (Clara Wettergren) and Harry (Vincent Wettergren), are  enjoying their skiing vacation together. But that all change when the avalanche Thomas reaction became the focus of the story. Ebba has told 2 different couples the story and what I like about it there were 2 different reaction of the couples. Here the performances of the kids are outstanding and so go the other actors. The thing is the way Östlund film this film he does very little cutting back and forth his camera stay there most go the time for a while and you will see people moving and doing things, then he will get into an other shot and do the same thing. It is different way of telling the story. One person walk out of the movie theater she might of thought it is too slow for me. The thing is it is about human emotions on a different level. I have to see more of his films. The thing is if you translate the tile correctly it should be Tourist. One more thing paid attention to the body language here.


Snow Therapy (2014)



A film by Lars von Trier

Cast: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgård, Willem Dafoe

Vol.2 opens, Joe is now married to the drippy Jerome (Shia LaBeouf), and they have a baby son. Unfortunately, she has also lost all interest in sex, and has no more sexual sensation. He tells her to take on other lovers to get her groove back. Three years as past and so Charlotte Gainsbourg plays joe now so if like Jerome (Shia LaBeouf) looks the same and he  should say dam my wife looks totally different now the story takes a darker turn, Joe seeks dangerous man like two African American who does not speak a word of english and that is fine with her because she wants just sex not a conversation, they argue who get what hole and you see Two erected penis and the face of charlotte in the background watching them fighting it out.  Come to think about it is a funny scene. Joe then seeks out the mysterious K (Jamie Bell) with a great performance there. He services women in what looks like a deserted office building. It is film so naturally but if you go further into the building it gets ugly , tense even erotic. K sets out the rules to Joe, he will not have sex with her, and there will be no safe word here is a terrifying thing. He weeps joe with a whip to the point she is hyperventilate, he his violent but yet gentle by take of putting on her coat. And joe gets her groove back. Seligman keeps interrupting her by anecdote and such. You see joe still depend on sex and always will until her sex drive dies around when she is 50 or so. I used to know sex addict and they din’t think they had a problem they just love sex period. Joe ends up broken. She even join sex anonymous, but if that is going to work. The film delivers especially towards the end and great ending. Yes we know at the end the situation is worse and will nor get better? There is no cure for sex addiction as a psychologist told me once however there what we call time management.