SIBEL (2019)

A film by  Guillaume Giovanetti, Çagla Zencirci

Cast:  Damla Sönmez, Erkan Kolçak Köstendil, Emin Gürsoy 

Sibel, 25, lives with her father and sister in an isolated village in the Black Sea mountains of Turkey. Sibel is mute but communicates thanks to the ancestral whistling language of the region. Rejected by the other inhabitants, she hunts relentlessly a wolf who is in the forest. When suddenly a fugitive shows up . Injured, threatening and vulnerable, and for the first time he will look at Sibel differently.

Sibel is mute since she was five due to the yellow fever that she contracted but has a closer bond with her father who has seen no reason to remarry. Although you have the small minded women who are threatened by her beauty and thinks it is bad luck to talk to her . The women from the village reject Sibel because of her handicap but it does not stop there even her sister rejects her. The father treats her has her favourite which Sibel learned how to hunt. Rumours about a wolf roaming in the forest so Sibel thinks if she kills the wolf the women in the village will respect her. When one day a fugitive makes an appearance near her cabin in the woods. It is going to change her world. Here is a strong and beautiful performance by Sönmez as Sibel which you are going to believe that this woman has lived in the woods in the mountains. The film was shot with natural light and what a beautiful photography comes out of it. Terrific film here not to be missed.


A film by  Hiner Saleem

Cast:  Mehmet Kurtulus, Ezgi Mola, Senay Gürler

Following the murder of an American author on a small island in Istanbul, an inspector arrives. In this small family community, his investigation and methods will arouse resistance and reveal family secrets …

Hiner Saleem, born in Iraqi Kurdistan, fled the regime of Saddam Hussein when he was seventeen. Refugee in Italy, where he studied at the university, he then moved to France. The twelve feature films he made were often financed by European co-productions. later Hiner Saleem opted for the thriller, transposing its action in the small island of Buyukada, near Istanbul. The choice of shooting on the island in the winter gave the story a hell of a thriller crime atmosphere with tension. Do not get me wrong about this brilliant and elegant film that is reminiscent of the universe of Agatha Christie. Saleem said in an interview he wanted to do a thriller my way, so he put in some comedy into it plus the fact that is a bit off beat. Because during the difficult investigation conducted by the inspector Fergane finds out secrets, and that the local corrupt commissioner is going to slow him down. Mehmet Kurtulus incarnate his character exceptionally well. What I like about it it not a hollywood production he has actors from all walk of life not all good looking and thin. It is more realistic that way. Lady Winsley is a breath of fresh air for a Director whose work has so far been rather confidential.

MUSTANG (2015)

Mustang 2015

A film by Deniz Gamze Ergüven

Cast: Erol Afsin, Ilayda Akdogan, Doga Zeynep Doguslu

In the summer in a little village in turkey Lale and her four sisters walk home from school playing innocently with the boys. This set off a scandal and they are the talk of the village. Soon after their home progressively  becomes a prison, schooling turns into getting them for marriage that are being arrange. The 5 sisters who loves their freedom are finding ways to be free again.

Okay here is the version of the virgin suicides à la turkish. Nothing wrong with that it is their version of this film with their culture thrown into it. Here are 5 sisters who enjoy their freedom, on the way to school they play innocently with some boys and the all town thinks it is indecent the way the play with those young boys. Difference of culture here where this Turkish society does not allow to have girls play with boys plus they have to be virgins when they get married otherwise no one will marry them.   They have tradition that they have to follow them. They are orphans since a young age and are raised by their uncle and his mother. The film touches on some sensible area being a woman in turkey is not easy if you are a woman you have to be descent and dress properly according to their code. Ergüven shows you the hell that will come down on the girls once they find out that thy played with some young boys. The mother wants them married before something else like an other scandal arises. The girls however won’t stand for it and will do anything to get out of this hell but it does not come without consequences. And yes maybe a prisoner from Alcatraz will escape or two. Here is a terrific film from turkey not to be missed. The title is Mustang wild horses that can’t be tamed.

Mustang (2015)

Mustang (2015)


winter sleep

A film by Nuri Bilge Ceylan 

Cast: Haluk Bilginer, Melisa Sözen, Demet Akbag

This film won for best foreign film for best picture and now know why. It is excellent film but I have to warn you it is 3 hours and 16 minutes long and it is not for the one who loves movie that moves and has an explosion there and there with a few car chase, having said that here it goes. Set in Cappadochia, central Anatolia, Winter sleep (Kis uykusu) focuses on the life of Aydin (Haluk Bilginer) a retired actor who now runs the Hotel Othello. Married to Nihal (Melisa Sozen), twice his age,  he  enjoys a prosperous life, with income derived from  rents  and other businesses. It is winter and you see the life of those people in everyday situation even the fight that they have by just a conversation. To sums it up they talk a lot and say very little. Aydin proclaim the love for Nihal but as the film goes on the less we believe him. It start by a kid who through a rock at the window of a SUV, the driver goes after him and brings him home trying to tell his father who is the drunk of the village why his son did that? Of course it almost ends up like I said by talking a lot and saying very little followed near a fight. Aydin is arrogant extremely rich has a wife who does not love him anymore and a sister who dispose him. Although Aydin thinks his sister is a lazy as they come and a pain in the ass. Well that is a happy family if you ever saw one  and who says that money does not bring happiness? Anyway the director shot this with very little close up and hardly not cutting too many scene. There will be moment of silence from time to time you’ll see the actor sits there and thinks to me it is like in real life when you sits with a bunch of friends and suddenly no one is saying anything. Each take is done right on the money. And the cinematography is great. This film could of been done as a mini series of 6 episodes.