pris de court 2

A film by Emmanuelle Cuau

Cast: Virginie Efira, Gilbert Melki, Renan Prevot

English: Not on my watch

Nathalie is a jeweler and has just moved to Paris for a new job and a new life with her two sons. But the jeweller suddenly changes their mind and tells her  that the position will not be for her. Nathalie wants to protect her children and decides not to tell them anything. This lies will give birth to other lies on both sides. May the fiesta of lies begins.. …

First I knows for a fact not too many people will like this film. But here Cuau is a talented director in telling the story with a realism into it. The filmmaker once again demonstrates, with a very limited budget, the extent of her skill at subtly, with a few stroke making her characters’ behaviour seem real skilfully executing  the rhythm of the narration and getting the best out of her outstanding actors. Virginie Efira, who carries the film exceptionally well and may I add what a joy to see Gilbert Melki delivering an outstanding performance as usual. The film is filmed with finesse and edited with scientific cadence is a slow cooker thriller here which the director accomplished the portrayal of this family that is solid and affectionate which will bring them to the brink of fear of this cruel world until they are almost on the verge of the point of no return here Natalie thinks of a solution to get them out. The thing here Emmanuelle Cuau deserves to have more money to make the most of her potential.

pris de court 2

pris de court


united Kingdom

A film by Amma Asante

Cast: David Oyelowo, Rosamund Pike, Tom Felton

The story is of Seretse Khama, heir to the kingship of an African people, who was attending school in Britain during the late 1940s. At a church dance, Seretse, (David Oyelowo), meets Ruth Williams (Rosamund Pike). They had eyes for each other and soon fell in love. the thing here she is white, he is black and then may the complications begins .

A good number of them are predictable but they go deeper and the viewer already know most of the story but not as much as that. Seretse’s homeland, Bechuanaland (now Botswana), under British control, sits directly above South Africa, which in the late 1940s was instituting the  policy of apartheid. However Seretse’s uncle is not keen on the returning king bringing home a white queen. The couple remain the focus of the story although out the film. There were difficulties for Ruth to be accepted plus her pregnancy came along. It is a very nice polite film here very carefully done and well film with beautiful photography. there are a couple of shocking twist. The performance by Mr. Oyelowo is outstanding here. Tom Felton, as an underhanded British bureaucrat who was getting on my nerves a bit. United Kingdom is truly a beautiful rewarding film.

united Kingdom 2



sunshine blogger award

This is my first Sunshine Blogger Award. Oh boy!!!!! Thank you to Evy At evywrites.wordpress.com  who has a killer website. I I got just back from my dentist who just perform surgery on my gum a gruelling two hours. So this makes my day. Again thank you Evy.

Here is my answer to Evy questions:

1. Which country/city are you planning to visit this year?

Denmark, Sweden , Norway, Australia.

2. Camping or hotel?

I love camping Rustic that is. Much better deal. I love the outdoors and the country side.

3. When on a holiday, do you prefer swimming in a pool or in the sea/ocean?

The Ocean. Thant was an easy one. I can spent hours swimming in the ocean.

4. What is your favourite kind of food?

Beef Bourguignon (beef, potatoes , carrots in wine sauce) everybody knows that by now         with a great wine. The other sorry I have 2, is burger and fries with beer, The gourmet burger ok at the Ferdi restaurant I did a review on trip advisor . I am going to try in a week (after my dentist is going to pull the stitches out of my gum ) 211 east street gourmet burger. Or the one I ma going to lake at home. well I love French food all together. voila!

5. How do you feel about this year’s Oscar winners?

I did not watch the oscar I am not too crazy about them. But Lion has won for best picture that is the film that I saw twice that was a good call. I am sorry that Isabelle Huppert did not win. The rest c’est la vie.

6. For which actor/actress would you go see every movie they are in?

Merrill Streep and Marion Cotillard

7. How many films/series do you watch per month?

Well I have an unlimited movie card to go to the movie theatre so I watch 30 films a day and At least a series or two a day.

8. Do you prefer to read from an actual book or with an e-reader?

Both When I am in my country house by a fire with a glass of wine reading my book it will be an actual book. But if I am in the subway or on vacation I prefer taking My Kindle.

9. Best place to party?

I love this one. At the beach get a bonfires going a keg of beer and 7 beautiful women named Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, And Sunday. And some kick ass music.

10. With all the fake news, do you still watch/read news?

Yes I do but I be careful what it is and where is it coming from.

And now my 9 nominees for the sunshine award (sorry I have 9)










My 10 question for them are: 

  1. Which  Three country are you planning to visit?
  2. What is your dream job? 
  3. What is you favourite food? 
  4. On vacation would you go at the beach or the mountains? 
  5. What is you favourite actor / Actress? 
  6. What is you favourite film? 
  7. You are on a deserted island what can you do without? 
  8. Which actress would you like to date? 
  9. what is you favourite drink while watching a movie?
  10. What group of Music do you Listen? 

I am looking forward to your answers and again thank you Evy.



The 69th Cannes Film Festival dedicated Ken Loach . The director made his entry in the restricted group of double winners of the highest distinction in Cannes. He was awarded the Palme d’Or by George Miller, president of the jury, and American actor Mel Gibson.

Palme d’Or (Best Foreign  film). Ken Loach for Me, Daniel Blake (I, Daniel Blake) was awarded the biggest award. His film follows on the Kafkaesque route of an unemployed forced to ask for social assistance. It is the second supreme distinction in Cannes for the British director, after The wind is rising in 2006. “This world in which we live is in a dangerous situation” because the ideas “we call neo-liberal (… ) Are likely to lead us to catastrophe, “said the British filmmaker when receiving his award. I hate to say he is so right.

Grand Prix ( Best Director). The Grand Prize at the Cannes Film Festival was awarded to Just the End of the World by 27-year-old Canadian filmmaker Xavier Dolan, a high-profile, high-profile family with Gaspard Ulliel, Vincent Cassel and Marion Cotillard. This is the second award the director receives after the jury award in 2014 for Mommy. In an interview Dolan said that the US did not buy the film, he thinks it is not their cup of tea.

Prix d’interprétation féminine.  Jaclyn Jose in the movie Ma ‘Rosa was distinguished. Round face, cut short hair, 52-year-old actress, stars in the latest film of Filipino filmmaker Brillante Mendoza, a cry against corruption in the Philippines.

Prix d’interprétation masculine. The Iranian actor Shahab Hosseini, who received the male performance award for The Customer, is a loyal follower of Asghar Farhadi. In this feature-length film, the 42-year-old comedian performs with actress Taraneh Alidousti a couple of actors who are confronted with exciting events while playing “Death of a traveling salesman” by Arthur Miller. great film there.

Prix du jury. (Award of the  jury). Andrea Arnold for American Honey. This is the third time she has received this distinction. Great film here too I am glad she got it. She got snub at the oscar. Revenge is sweet.

Prix de la mise-en-scène. . The French Olivier Assayas for Personal Shopper and the Romanian Cristian Mungiu for Baccalaureate. In this last film, Cristian Mungiu sees the compromises and corruption in Romanian society. Personal Shopper tells the story of a young woman, Maureen, who hopes to get in touch with her missing twin brother. It is the American Kristen Stewart who interprets the role of Maureen in this feature, which mixes suspense and supernatural. There was a tie here so both got them i am happy for both of them A Romanian film even so cool.

Prix Vulcain. VULCAN PRIZE OF THE ARTIST-TECHNICIAN, RECEIVED BY THE C.S.T. for Mademoiselle directed by Park Chang Wook

Palme d’Or de court métrage. Best short film. Time code by Juango Gimenez.

Spéciale mention Court Métrage . Mention special Short film  A moça que dançou com o diabo. The girl who dance with the devil.

Meilleur second role feminine (Best actress supporting role) Déborah Lukumuena for Divines 

Meilleur second role masculin (Best actor supporting role) James Thierrée pour Chocolat.

Meilleur premier film (Best first film) for Divines 

Meilleur musique original (best score) to Ibrahim Maalouf Dans les forêts de Sibérie (In the forests of Siberia).

Meilleur décor ( Best designer) to  Jérémie D. Lignol for Chocolat

Meilleur Espoir Féminin (Best espoir féminin) to Oulaya Amamra for Divines 

Meilleur son (Best sound)  for  L’Odyssée

Meilleure adaptation (Best  screenplay Adaptation) for Ma vie de courgette

Meilleur scénario (Best screenplay) for L’effet aquatique (The aquatic effect)

Meilleure photographie (Best cinématographie) for  Frantz 

Meilleur Montage (Best editing) for Juste la fin du monde

Meilleurs costumes (Best costumes) for La danseuse 

Meilleur court-métrage (Best short film) for Maman(s)

Meilleure actrice (Best Actrice) Isabelle Huppert for Elle 

Meilleur film (Best film) for Elle 

César d’honneur   for George Clooney.







A film by Attila Till

Cast: Szabolcs Thuróczy, Zoltán Fenyvesi, Ádám Fekete

Tiszta szívvel in english means Pure heart. But the english title is Kills on Wheels 

Ruspaszov, a former firefighter, has been in a wheelchair for three years following an accident at work. Cynicism and alcohol help him less and less to endure his condition. Zolika, just 20 years old and a comic book enthusiast, has always been in his wheelchair. Their improbable encounter will give them  a taste for life. Especially when Rupaszov, after getting out of jail is putting himself at the service of the head of the local mafia, decides to use their handicap as cover …


Here is a brilliant funny film done a la Quentin Tarantino do I have your attention now and yes it is a Hungarian film. A film about handicapped on a wheel chair in the heart of the mafia why not? It has not been done before and could her funny at times.Rados, and become drug traffickers. A simple  story, but which conceals under its plot much more complex theories.

Rupaszov is an ex-fireman who despite his accident turns to alcohol because it is the only thing to do so I thinks. He is like into a deep sleep where no one is able to help him. Zolika, on the other hand, is disabled by birth ( Zoltán Fenyvesi) dreaming of becoming a recognized cartoonist. But to whom inspiration is lacking, because too many  examinations and medical treatments that he has under go. Those two are going to meet and in a funny way is going to need one an other in order live  life to the fullest. This tale tells the story of freedom beyond disability. There as they get to know each other they will be in tune with each other giving them some kind of balance. It is funny at times. Here is the third film by Till but it is the first time that is distributed  in France. This one kick ass.




Thank you to Anna of beachbooksblog.worpress.com  for this award. The thing about your blog it is not like anyone else and that I love. It is so funny how this system works somehow you visited my site and you are miles away from me although I lived in your country for 35 years. Trying to reconnect with mine. And somehow now I am following you on your journey. Again Thank you.

The Rules:

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How Divers films  Blog started?

I was in the United States at the time and working at a supermarket in Florida. 3 of my friends decided to do a blog about movies. But I am the only one now who kept on going too bad for them. C’est la vie. I love film way too much blame Quentin Tarantino after seeing on the DVD Reservoir Dogs I watch the bonus feature he started to talk about film I jumped on Netflix and started to watch more films. He does bring the fire in you and will make you fall in love with movies again. I watch at least 250 films a year. 200 of them I see at the movie theatre. I am addicted to series as well. Any great films is great entertainment to me. And I see that in all of you who are following me. It has been 5 years now That I run this blog, and what a joy it is. Also I wanted a blog who has a lot of foreign film in it just in case some of you are interested. Voila.

My advice to bloggers?

Me giving advise too funny. This is what you do be yourself, blog of what you are passionate about. Accept criticism I know it is hard sometimes but drink a shot a whiskey or two you will accept any criticism. If it is a cloudy cold misty day when you write your post you should have a glass of whiskey next to you. At spring time you should have a glass of red wine. In the summer a glass of wine Rosé of a cocktail of some kind. In the fall Back to Whiskey. Live life to the fullest and blog on. By the way some of you are great writer so keep on writing. That is all for now.

I’m nominating 6 instead of 15. Those are the one I read the most. 








That is me there holding one. Ha!ha!

This Wednesday, January 25, the Academy of Caesar unveiled all the nominations for the 42nd ceremony, which will take place on February 24th. Here is the complete list.

Best film: 

Elle de Paul Verhoeven
Divines de Houda Benyamina
Frantz de François Ozon
Les Innocentes d’Anne Fontaine
Ma Loute de Bruno Dumont
Mal de pierres de Nicole Garcia
Victoria de Justine Triet

Best actress: 

Judith Chemla pour Une vie
Isabelle Huppert pour Elle
Marion Cotillard pour Mal de pierres
Virginie Efira pour Victoria
Marina Foïs pour Irréprochable
Sidse Babett Knudsen pour La fille de Brest
Soko pour La danseuse

Meilleur Actor: 

François Cluzet pour Médecin de campagne
Gaspard Ulliel pour Juste la fin du monde
Omar Sy pour Chocolat
Pierre Deladonchamps pour Le Fils de Jean
Nicolas Duvauchelle pour Je ne suis pas un salaud
Fabrice Luchini pour Ma Loute
Pierre Niney pour Frantz

Best actor in a supporting role: 

Gabriel Arcand pour Le fils de Jean
Laurent Laffite pour Elle
Vincent Lacoste pour Victoria
Vincent Cassel pour Juste la fin du monde
Gaspard Ulliel pour La danseuse
Melvil Poupaud pour Victoria
James Thierrée pour Chocolat

Best actress in a supporting role: 

Nathalie Baye pour Juste la fin du monde
Valeria Bruni Tedeschi pour Ma Loute
Anne Consigny pour Elle
Déborah Lukumuena pour Divines
Mélanie Thierry pour La Danseuse

Best director: 

Houda Benyamina pour Divines
Paul Verhoeven pour Elle
François Ozon pour Frantz
Anne Fontaine pour Les Innocentes
Xavier Dolan pour Juste la fin du monde
Bruno Dumont pour Ma Loute
Nicole Garcia pour Mal de pierres

Best espoir féminin: 

Oulaya Amamra pour Divines
Paula Beer pour Frantz
Lily-Rose Depp pour La danseuse
Noemie Merlant pour Le Ciel Attendra
Raph dans Ma Loute

Best espoir masculin: 

Nils Schneider pour Diamant Noir
Corentin Fila pour Quand on a 17 ans
Damien Bonnard pour Rester vertical
Kacey Mottet Klein pour Quand on a 17 ans
Jonas Bloquet pour Elle

Best first film: 

Cigarettes et chocolat chaud de Sophie Reine
La danseuse de Stéphanie Di Giusto
Diamant noir d’Athur Harari
Divines de Houda Benyamina
Rosalie Blum de Julien Rappeneau

Best documentary :

Dernières nouvelles du cosmos de Julie Bertucelli
Merci patron ! de François Rufin
Fuocoammare, par-delà Lampedusa de Gianfranco Rosi
Voyage à travers le cinéma français de Bertrand Tavernier
Swagger d’Olivier Babinet

Best cinematography: 

Stéphane Fontaine pour Elle
Pascal Marti pour Frantz
Caroline Champetier pour Les Innocentes
Guillaume Deffontaines pour Ma loute
Christophe Beaucarne pour Mal de pierres

Best foreign language film:

Aquarius de Kleber Mendonça Filho
Baccalaureat de Cristian Mungiu
La fille inconnue de Luc Dardenne et Jean-Pierre Dardenne
Toni Erdmann de Maren Ade
Manchester by the Sea de Kenneth Lonergan
Moi, Daniel Blake de Ken Loach
Juste la fin du monde de Xavier Dolan

Best adaptation: 

David Birke pour Elle
Séverine Bosschem, Emmanuelle Bercot pour La fille de Brest
François Ozon pour Frantz
Céline Sciamma pour Ma vie de Cougette
Nicole Garcia, Jacques Fieschi pour Mal de pierres
Katell Quillévéré, Gilles Taurand pour Réparer les vivants

Best short film: 

Après Suzanne de Felix Moati
Au Bruit des clochettes de Chabname Zariab
Chasse royale de Lise Akoka et Romane Gueret
Maman(s) de Maïmouna Doucouré
Vers la Tendresse de Alice Diop

Best animated short film: 

Café froid de François Leroy et Stéphanie Lansaque
Celui qui a deux âmes de Fabrice Luang-Vija
Journal animé de Donato Sansone
Peripheria de David Coquard-Dassault

Best animated film:

La jeune fille sans mains de Sébastien Laudenbach
Ma vie de courgette de Claude Barras
La tortue rouge de Michael Dudok de Wit

Best sound editing: 

Brigitte Taillandier, Vincent Guillon, Stéphane Thiébaut pour Chocolat
Jean-Paul Mugel, Alexis Place, Cyril Holtz, Damien Lazzerini pour Elle
Martin Boisseau, Benoît Gargonne, Jean-Paul Hurier pour Frantz
Jean-Pierre Duret, Sylvain Malbrant, Jean-Pierre Laforce pour Mal de Pierres
Marc Engels, Fred Demolder, Sylvain Réty, Jean-Paul Hurier pour L’Odyssée

Best original music: 

Gabriel Yared pour Chocolat
Ibrahim Malouf pour Dans les forêts de Sibérie
Anne Dudley pour Elle
Philippe Rombi pour Frantz
Sophie Hunger pour Ma vie de courgette

Best original screenplay: 

Romain Compingt, Houda Benyamina, Malik Rumeau pour Divines
Solveig Anspach, Jean-Luc Gaget pour L’effet aquatique
Sabrina B. Karine, Alice Vial, Pascal Bonitzer, Anne Fontaine pour Les Innocentes
Bruno Dumont pour Ma Loute
Justine Triet pour Victoria

Best costume design: 

Anaïs Romand pour La danseuse
Pascaline Chavanne pour Frantz
Catherine Leterrier pour Mal de Pierres
Alexandra Charles pour Ma Loute
Madeline Fontaine pour Une vie

Best production design: 

Jérémie D. Lignol pour Chocolat
Carlos Conti pour La danseuse
Michel Barthélémy pour Frantz
Riton Dupire-Clément pour Ma Loute
Katia Wyszkop pour Planetarium

Best film editing: 

Loic Lallemand, Vincent Tricon pour Divines
Job ter Burg pour Elle
Laure Gardette pour Frantz
Xavier Dolan pour Juste la fin du monde
Simon Jacquet pour Mal de pierre

Ok the one I underline is the one that I think is going to win. Some of them is going to be a tough one, but hey! c’est la vie.


All mine!!! where is the champagne.