LORO 1 (2018)


A film by  Paolo Sorrentino

Cast:  Toni Servillo, Elena Sofia Ricci, Riccardo Scamarcio

A player named Sergio (Ricardo Scarmacio) who knows political men and need them to vote either way he wants them all he has to do it to choose in his stable of beautiful women and may the sex party begins. In an other words he keeps the political grease turning.

Sergio wants to play with the big dog in Italy He wants to get the attention of Berlusconi who had a political career and he is well-known all over the world. However he is somewhat retired in his Sardignia home with his wife but the people need his him to go back to the political game. In order to get his attention Sergio rent a boat with half-naked women and a pile of cocaine. And yes he got his attention. And may the political adventure begins.

Loro has great party sequence of men in power and a cascade of naked women to go with it. Sorrentino here filmed it like a work of art. Every shot was plan carefully in such of way that the shot feels like a painting even at times it felt like a cartoon. It is about the life of Berlusconi in 2006 to 2009. Fun film to watch here where the casting is magnificent.

loro 1

loro 1-2






el royal

A film by Drew Goddard 

Cast: Jeff Bridges, Cynthia Erivo, Dakota Johnson

Circa 1968, several Strangers, which each one has a dark secret meet by, chance at Lake Tahoe’s El Royal, a hotel with a dark past. In a hell of a rainy night, everyone is going to show their true self and it is all going to hell.

Well you would think that in a hotel you would get a good time sleep but not in this particular hotel is a little strange. well there is a line that divide the hotel you are either on the Nevada side or California side. As you see it is a spot for intrigue, desperation, and bloodshed. When Nick Offerman enters the hotel room you know the year it is and it is like a stage. Just the decoration of the foyer of the hotel and the clothes that Nick wears suggest that you are in the 50’s . If feels like you are in a David lynch style of uneasiness. The hotel El Royal did at one time attracted the wealthy and the middle class but now it is a rundown hotel out of style like an abandoned film set. It feels like it is a place for shady people where blood is going to spill. Goddard in that way put you in the mood of this hard-boiled thriller. The strangers are a salesman played by jon Hamm who walk into the hotel’s foyer with a priest played by Jeff Bridges and a singer played by Cynthia, a hippie Dakota Johnson with a kidnapped Caillee Spaeny and the bad guy Chris Hemsworth who’s role it seems must have  been fun to play.

el royale



fleuve noir

A film by Erick Zonca

Cast: Vincent CasselRomain DurisSandrine Kiberlain 

English title: Black Tide

The family Arnault, Dany, the eldest son, disappears. François Visconti, police commander used by his job and drown in a bottle of whiskey , is in charge of the case. The man tries to find the teenager while reluctant to take care of his own son, Denis, sixteen, who seems involved in drug trafficking. Yan Bellaile, private teacher of Dany, learns the disappearance of his former student and offers his services to the commander. He is very interested in the investigation. Too interested it seems …


You want a film noir you got one a very Neo noir, a dark story. Vincent Cassel replaces Gérard Depardieu who was scheduled at the very beginning of the shooting he had to go to the hospital and was not available. As Vincent said in and interview that he was shown the script because Depardieu can’t make it , Vincent liked the script and told the director he wanted to meet him, he takes the plane meets him want Zonca says to him we start shooting tomorrow. Ok then. Here is a great cast and Vincent Cassel delivers the role however his character has many demons. He is used by the job and drinks a little too much. He also does not know how to love his son who is getting in trouble with drugs. In the mean time he meets the  creepy neighbour who is also the private tutor of Dany where François thinks there is more there. The story here goes into deep mode noir and will reveal secrets. The story focuses on the cat-and-mouse game between Visconti and Bellaile which it is going tot be complicated and weirder at times. Duris here delivers an outstanding performance. However it is missing something in the story to me it does not feel right but I still like this film.

fleuve noir 2

DOGMAN (2018)


A film by Matteo Garrone

Cast: Marcello FonteEdoardo PesceNunzia Schiano

In a deserted  suburb, Marcello, dog groomer discreet and appreciated by all, sees returning from prison his friend Simoncino, a former boxer addicted to cocaine, which quickly racketeering and brutalized the neighborhood. At first confident, Marcello lets himself be dragged into a criminal spiral . He then learns treason and abandonment, so Marcello is planning is revenge very carefully  …

Dogman opens with a large vicious pit bull barking into the face of the camera. Saliva flies, teeth flash and the urge of attacking. Marcello keeps him calm and washes the animal with  affection and the dog calms down. Here is Marcello who is a dog groomer with this unusual face who does his job well and his clients knows him well he also a loving father to his daughter Alida (Alida Baldari Calabria), with whom he enjoys scuba-diving. . It is all going to hell because his friend Simoncino (so he thought) wants some cocaine which marcello gives him but Simoncino needs money and takes Marcello on a crime spree. It is all going to hell from here. Simoncino here is this tough guy who is a pain in the ass to everybody in the neighborhood want to get rid of him. So Marcello’s  life is going to go into a spiral and he is going to plan his revenge. 


Here Marcello wants to exist because nobody sees him for who he is and his ex-wife ignores him however the one who loves him for who he is , is his daughter who worships him. Later in the film Marcello is going to try to exist and to show everybody what he is capable of doing. Here Dogman is a powerful, deep, and brilliantly directed film. A Wonderful movie about the need to exist and to be loved, that is bitter, violent, sometimes funny with a shattering humanity. This film is a black diamond of Italian cinema as Matteo Garrone knows how to make hem. It is a sort of dark beautiful revenge tale.





la fete des meres

A film by Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar

Cast: Audrey FleurotClotilde CourauOlivia Côte

They are President of the Republic, nanny, baker, actress, teacher, florist, journalist, unemployed, pediatricians. They are possessive, benevolent, clumsy, absent, omnipresent, overwhelmed, guilty, indulgent, loving, fragile, in full possession of their means or losing their heads. Well alive or already a memory … Son or daughter, we remain whatever happens to their child with the desire that they let us go and the fear that they leave us. And then we become mom … and it’s going to be our party!

English: Mother’s day. 

Here Marie-castille took the American film Mother’s day and did her own version of Mothers’s day and what a beautiful raw honest version it is. it is a choral film like Claude Lelouch used to make them. It evokes several topics and problems that women today encounter in our society, whether they are mothers or daughters: the challenge of being both a working mother in today’s world. A woman president who is just a new mother where the press blames her to be a working mother and thinks she can’t jungle both. Some woman are blaming their mother of being selfish not giving too much attention to them. Some adore their mother and gives them to much attention. It is a rollercoaster ride of emotion. Plus the choice of leaving their mother in a nursery home is not a pretty one. The only thing is that the characters are not developed fully. Other wise it is watchable and a beautiful film with a great cast.

la-fete-des-meres (1)




Official selection

Everybody Knows (dir: Asghar Farhadi) – opening film
At War (dir: Stéphane Brizé)
The Wild Pear Tree (dir: Nuri Bilge Ceylan)
Ayka (dir: Sergei Dvortsevoy)
Dogman (dir: Matteo Garrone)
Le Livre d’Image (dir: Jean-Luc Godard)
Knife + Heart (dir: Yann Gonzalez)
Asako I & II (dir: Ryusuke Hamaguchi)
Sorry Angel (dir: Christophe Honoré)
Girls of the Sun (dir: Eva Husson)
Ash Is Purest White (dir: Jia Zhang-Ke)
Shoplifters (dir: Hirokazu Kore-eda)
Capernaum (dir: Nadine Labaki)
Burning (dir: Lee Chang-Dong)
BlacKkKlansman (dir: Spike Lee)
Under the Silver Lake (dir: David Robert Mitchell)
Three Faces (dir: Jafar Panahi)
Cold War (dir: Pawel Pawlikowski)
Lazzaro Felice (dir: Alice Rohrwacher)
Yomeddine (dir: AB Shawky)
Leto (L’Été) (dir: Kirill Serebrennikov)

Un Certain Regard
Donbass (dir: Sergei Loznitsa) – opening film
Angel Face (dir: Vanessa Filho)
Border (dir: Ali Abbasi)
The Dead and the Others (dir: João Salaviza & Renée Nader Messora)
El Angel (dir: Luis Ortega)
Euphoria (dir: Valeria Golino)
Friend (dir: Wanuri Kahiu)
The Gentle Indifference of the World (dir: Adilkhan Yerzhanov)
Girl (dir: Lukas Dhont)
The Harvesters (dir: Etienne Kallos)
In My Room (dir: Ulrich Köhler)
Little Tickles (dirs: Andréa Bescond & Eric Métayer)
Muere, Monstruo, Muere (dir: Alejandro Fadel)
My Favorite Fabric (dir: Gaya Jiji)
On Your Knees, Guys (Sextape) (dir: Antoine Desrosières)
Sofia (dir: Meyem Benm’Barek)

Out of competition
Solo: A Star Wars Story (dir: Ron Howard)
The House That Jack Built (dir: Lars von Trier)
Le Grand Bain (dir: Gilles Lellouche)
Little Tickles (dir: Andréa Bescond & Eric Métayer)
Long Day’s Journey Into Night (dir: Bi Gan)

Midnight screenings
Arctic (dir: Joe Penna)
Fahrenheit 451 (dir: Ramin Bahrani)
The Spy Gone North (dir: Yoon Jong-Bing)
Whitney (dir: Kevin Macdonald)

Special screenings
10 Years in Thailand (dir: Aditya Assarat, Wisit Sasanatieng, Chulayarnon Sriphol & Apichatpong Weerasethakul)
The State Against Mandela and the Others (dir: Nicolas Champeaux & Gilles Porte)
O Grande Circo Mistico (dir: Carlo Diegues)
Dead Souls (dir: Wang Bing)
To the Four Winds (dir: Michel Toesca)
La Traversée (dir: Romain Goupil)
Pope Francis: A Man of His Word (dir: Wim Wenders)

Closing film
The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (dir: Terry Gilliam)







César best film: 120 battement par minutes

césar best directing:  Albert Dupontel  for “Au revoir la haut

césar best actress: Jeanne Balibar for “Barbara

César best actor: Swann Arlaud for “petit paysan

César best supporting actress: Sara Giraudeau for “Petit paysan”

César best supportive actor: Antoine Reinartz for «120 battements par minut

césar most promising actress: Camelia Jordana pour «Le Brio»

César most promising actor: Nahuel Pérez Biscayart for «120 battements par minute»

César first best film: «Petit paysan», d’Hubert Charuel

César best foreign film: «Faute d’amour», d’Andreï Zviaguintsev

César best original screenplay: Robin Campillo for «120 battements par minute»

César best screenplay adaptation; Albert Dupontel and Pierre Lemaitre pour «Au revoir là-haut»

César best feature film: «Le grand méchant Renard et autres contes», de Benjamin Renner et Patrick Imbert

César short feature: «Les Bigorneaux», d’Alice Vial

César animated short:«Pépé le morse», Lucrèce Andreae

César best documentary: «I Am Not Your Negro», de Raoul Peck

César best costume: Mimi Lempicka for «Au revoir là-haut»

César best original music: Arnaud Rebotini for «120 battements par minute»

César best editing: Robin Campillo for  «120 battements par minute»

César best decors: Pierre Quefféléan for  «Au revoir là-haut»

César sounds: Olivier Mauvezin, Nicolas Moreau et Stéphane Thiébaut for «Barbara»

César cinématographie: Vincent Mathias pour «Au revoir là-haut»

César : Dany Boon César du public

43rd Cesar Awards Ceremony - Photocall

César d’honneur: Penelope Cruz