BALLON (2019)

A film by  Michael Herbig 

Cast:  Friedrich Mücke, Karoline Schuch, David Kross 

In the midst of the Cold War, two ordinary families from East Germany dream of going west. Their plan is to build a hot air balloon and fly over the border. An incredible true story.

Here are two families who had enough living in the East side of Germany who has a crazy idea to build a balloon to go to the west side. I knew a friend back in the late 80’s who went to the East side of Germany he is an American he went by train and the Stasi (Homeland security) went on the train and told the passengers to get their passport out which followed by a question if they had anything that they are not suppose to have in their suitcase. My Friend was talking to this English guy who the Stasi search his suitcase and found playboy magazines in it. The Stasi took him and my friend never saw him again. The Stasi does not mess around if you try to go over the wall they will shoot you down that you are man, woman, or a kid. My friend told me that on the East side it is depressive as hell? Nobody smile everyone minds their own business, you could smell fear in people as you walk by them. Here the director has done a colorful film like if it was an American movie from the 60’s except we are in 1979. And the Stasi is film in this grey color here the director has done this purposely. The heroes are as colorful as the balloon that they are going to take to go to the west side. It is like a ray of hope. Are they going to make it? The thing is the director didn’t not let up the tension as well as the suspense. The Stasi here are their trail and they are coming closer. It is amazing that they were smart to figure out how to build it even to saw the fabric together. Everyone had a job to do in this in order to leave as quickly as they can. A terrific film not to be missed.


STAN & OLLIE (2019)

A film by  Jon S. Baird

Cast: John C. Reilly, Steve Coogan, Shirley Henderson 

Laurel and Hardy, the greatest comedy duo of all time, embark on a tour across England. Now aging and forgotten by the audience , they struggle to sell tickets . But their ability to make the audience laugh they reinvent themselves and will allow them to win back the audience, and be successful again. Even if the specter of the past and new challenges shake the strength of their duo, this tour is a unique opportunity. to realize how humanly they count for each other …

The first scene of this wonderful film is of Stan & Ollie going to a set to make a film and discussing to negotiate their contract for more money. The next scene it is 16 years later in 1953 where The duo is aging and are off their game. They now perform in theater in England and fails to sell tickets. well they wanted to prove hollywood that they are still bankable enough for a Robin Hood film. Reilly is an good choice to play Oliver Hardy, due to the fact he has comic abilities and he even looks the parts. makeup that took four hours to apply in order for Reilly to look the part and he did. As for  Steve Coogan, whose resemblance to Stan Laurel is also rather uncanny and what a beautiful performance Coogan even walks like laurel. Laurel is the one who wrote the sketches and the two worked in sync. When they did the shows in England it became evident that Laurel reinvented the duo by being creative and even invented new sketches and they were back on top of their games. The third act is when Hardy gets sicks and it is sad to see him in that state because they just became to be on top again. Their wife were a big factor in their life. The film here has the right balance of comedy and drama. Beautiful film, do not miss this one.

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A film by  Safy Nebbou

Cast:  Juliette Binoche, Nicole Garcia, François Civil 

English title : Who you think I am

To spy on her lover Ludo, Claire Millaud, 50, creates a false profile on a social networks and becomes Clara a beautiful young woman of 24 years. Alex, Ludo’s friend, is immediately seduced. Claire, trapped in her avatar, falls madly in love with him. If everything is played out in the virtual, the feelings are very real. A vertiginous story where reality and lies merge.

Here is Claire (Juliette Binoche) a professor of literature who is turning 50 and her husband left her to finds herself along. Although she has a lover about the age of her son. She one day spying on her lover by putting a fake profile on Facebook a young woman named Clara and immediately Alex the friend of Ludo is taken by her. She is anticipating the weight of the consequences of such a trickery. To overcome her humiliation and sorrow, she imagines herself in the shoes of another. And a game of manipulation is going to take place. To top it all off claire is seeing a psychologist and begins to tell her story. From an identity disorder, Safy Nebbou tells different stories that fit into one another, with some ingredients like manipulation, lies, cheating, and guilt. Reality is confused with fiction. There are a few twist in the story and a perfect ending to go with it. Here Binoche does a wonderful job with this ensemble cast. It is not surprise to me that she is still doing nude scene to incarnated her character. A wonderful actress where at 50 is still going strong and no sign of slowing down.


A film by  Boots Riley

Cast:  Lakeith Stanfield, Tessa Thompson, Jermaine Fowler

After landing a job as a telemarketing salesman, Cassius Green switches to a macabre world by discovering a magical way to make a lot of money. While his career takes off, his friends and colleagues are mobilized against the exploitation of which they consider themselves victims within the company. But Cassius is fascinated by his cocaine boss who offers him a salary beyond his wildest expectations …

Here is a satire with an adrenaline-shot of a comedy about malice of corporate companies and the Americans tendency to look the other way when confronted with horror. And thrown in there that with greed one can be blindsided. The film is designed for you to pay attention. Be warn it is going to be this adventure of this man who is going to go on this funky journey that is going to be a little weird.

 Cassius Green, a young man wondering what is he going to do with his life and is trying to get a job that is going to pay well like any other man out there today. And he has a his girlfriend Detroit (Tessa Thompson) who thinks that they are going to make a difference in this world. Soon after Green get his job at a telemarketing firm, he become so good at it that he might get a promotion. As he is watching TV after work the show Green watch a show called “I Got the Shit Kicked Out of Me” with commercial that is going to come on about embracing a new lifestyle called WorryFree, which is very clearly corporate slavery advertised as something good for you. How does he get to climb the corporate ladder? Well he is advised by a colleague (played by Danny Glover) to use his “white voice,” Too funny there!!!! Meanwhile his friends are on strike and demand better pay. As Green goes up the ladder greed takes over he wants the better car, the better apartment etc…..His friends now thinks he sold out. Soon his Boss later at a party gives him an offer he thinks he is not going to refuse.

The film is going to be entertaining and never lets up but also there is a message in there. This satires never hold back towards the end of the film it is going to be a little weird with good intentions. It is an insane world that Boots Riley is showing you but he even went all out over the edge. It is nice for a change that a director does not hold back and experiment with cinema.

GLASS (2019)

A film by M. Night Shyamalan

Cast:  Anya Taylor-Joy, James McAvoy, Sarah Paulson, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis,

Shortly after the events reported in Split, David Dunn – the unbreakable man – continues his hunt for The Beast, nickname given to Kevin Crumb since it is known to be able to endorse 23 different personalities. ON the other side, the mysterious man suffering from the glass bones syndrome Elijah Price is once again arousing the interest of the police by claiming to hold vital information about the two men …

The long awaited sequel Glass is finally here. First as you know you have Unbreakable, Split, and then Glass. David Dunn has been tracking down multi-personality serial killer Kevin Wendell Crumbs (James McAvoy). He eventually manages to locate his whereabouts and an inevitable confrontation with the police at which point landed both of the in the psychiatric hospital under the supervision of Dr Ellie Staple (Sarah Paulson). It happen to be that Elijah Price a.k.a. Mr Glass (Samuel L. Jackson) is heavily sedated in a vegetative state. All three of them believe that they have super power. And the doctor Staple has three days to break them down.

The story is told in three part first the super heroes goes on about their lives and then get locked up in a psychiatric hospital. The second part is what is going on in the hospital. And third the final showdown. We all know that Shyamalan shoot a slow pace thriller and the action scenes are shot from a far. He does thing differently which is a good thing. The plot, with comics heroes, good vs evil, ended in the form of “justice rendered”. And Glass returns in the third act. Plus you have the twist towards the end as usual. The director is has taken elements from the previous films, s smart move there. As you as you like the universe that the director has created with the beautiful performances from the actors, plus the films that are connected to each other it is going to be entertaining ride.

LORO 1 (2018)


A film by  Paolo Sorrentino

Cast:  Toni Servillo, Elena Sofia Ricci, Riccardo Scamarcio

A player named Sergio (Ricardo Scarmacio) who knows political men and need them to vote either way he wants them all he has to do it to choose in his stable of beautiful women and may the sex party begins. In an other words he keeps the political grease turning.

Sergio wants to play with the big dog in Italy He wants to get the attention of Berlusconi who had a political career and he is well-known all over the world. However he is somewhat retired in his Sardignia home with his wife but the people need his him to go back to the political game. In order to get his attention Sergio rent a boat with half-naked women and a pile of cocaine. And yes he got his attention. And may the political adventure begins.

Loro has great party sequence of men in power and a cascade of naked women to go with it. Sorrentino here filmed it like a work of art. Every shot was plan carefully in such of way that the shot feels like a painting even at times it felt like a cartoon. It is about the life of Berlusconi in 2006 to 2009. Fun film to watch here where the casting is magnificent.

loro 1

loro 1-2