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Here are 10 films that will mark you for life sort of speak. 

l'amant double

L’amant double  (The double lover) that is the transition but the English title might be something else A film by the great François Ozon with Jacqueline Bisset, Myriam Boyer, Jérémie Renier. The story goes like this Chloe, a fragile young woman, falls in love with her psychoanalyst, Paul. A few months later she moves in with him, but soon discovers that her lover is concealing a part of his identity. In theatre in France may 25 2017.


The meyerowitz stories

The meyerowitz stories . A film by Noah Baumbach with Adam Sandler, Grace Van Patten, Dustin Hoffman. An estranged family gathers together in New York for an event celebrating the artistic work of their father. soon on Netflix.


Faute d'amour (2017)

Nelyubov a film by Andrey Zvyagintsev avec Maryana Spivak, Aleksey Rozin. The story goes like this: A couple going through a divorce must team up to find their son who has disappeared during one of their bitter arguments. (From IMBD) . In movie theatre in September 20 2017


The Beguiled

The Beguiled a film by Sofia Coppola avec Kirsten Dunst, Nicole Kidman, Elle Fanning. At a girls’ school in Virginia during the Civil War, where the young women have been sheltered from the outside world, a wounded Union soldier is taken in. Soon, the house is taken over with sexual tension, rivalries, and an unexpected turn of events (from IMDB).


le redoutable

Le redoutable   (Translation the dreaded)   a film by Michel Hazanavicius with Louis Garrel, Stacy Martin, Bérénice Bejo. During the making of one of his films, French film director Jean-Luc Godard falls in love with 17-year old actress Anne Wiazemsky and later marries her (from IMDB). I have to admit the actor looks like Goddard when he was younger. In movie theatre September 13 2017.


The Killing of a Sacred Deer

The Killing of a Sacred Deer a film by Yorgos Lanthimos with Alicia Silverstone, Nicole Kidman, Colin Farrell. A teenager’s attempts to bring a brilliant surgeon into his dysfunctional family take an unexpected turn (from IMDB) in movie theatre November 1st 2017.



Barbara a film by Mathieu Amalric with Mathieu Amalric, Jeanne Balibar, Lisa Ray-Jacobs. A director wants to make a biopic about the female singer Barbara (from IMDB). In movie theatre Septembre 6 2017.


in the fade

Aus dem Nichts (in the fade) a film by Fatih Akin with Diane Kruger, Numan Acar, Ulrich Tukur. Katja’s life collapses after the death of husband and son in a bomb attack. After the time of mourning and injustice, here comes the time of revenge. In movie theatre next week. Translation of the title is out of nowhere.


D'après une histoire vraie (2017)

Based on a true story a film by Roman Polanski with Eva Green, Emmanuelle Seigner, Vincent Perez. A writer goes through a tough period after the release of her latest book, as she gets involved with an obsessive admirer (from IMDB). In movie theatre next week.  It is from a book I could not find the film poster so I put the book cover.


twin peaks

Twin Peaks a film by David Leach with Kyle MacLachlan, Sheryl Lee, Kimmy Robertson. Evénement 70 anniversary in Cannes so Leach is promoting his series. Yes, yes and yes can’t wait to see that one. Picks up 25 years after the inhabitants of a quaint northwestern town are stunned when their homecoming queen is murdered (from IMDB).

All the date I put in are the release date in France.What you do is put the title in the website IMDB and they will tell you what is the realise date in your country I am sure that most of you knows that by now. Just a reminder.

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Pictures of the 4 french films. 

French cinema has regained the taste of the Palme d’or. While it took more than twenty years to find a successor to Maurice Pialat’s “Sous le Soleil de Satan”, the Palme d’Or in 1987, the last decade saw three French directors crowned: Laurent Cantet for ” Between the Walls “in 2008, Abdellatif Kéchiche for” La Vie d’Adèle “in 2013 and finally Jacques Audiard for” Dheepan “in 2014. This year, four contenders are in the running.

Robin Campillo, with “120 Battements par minute” (120 Beats a minutes) Set in the early 1990s, the film depicts a group of HIV/AIDS activists associated with the Paris chapter of ACT UP.

Jacques Doillon, avec «Rodin» The French  sculptor just in case you did not know I can’t wait to see that one.

Michel Hazanavicus, avec «Le Redoutable» This has to be interesting. Here is why and I know one of you won’t be able to wait to see this one. During the making of one of his films, French film director Jean-Luc Godard falls in love with 17-year old actress Anne Wiazemsky and later marries her. Another one of my favorite Director and Hazanavicus has done a off beat comedy about it.

François Ozon, avec «L’Amant double» I saw the preview of this one and it looks so good plus it is François Ozon my favorite director I can not wait I know that we will be able to see it may 25th and I am so on it.

You can count on me to review all of them. I can’t wait.


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The most publicized awards are those of the official competition. About twenty films are presented to the jury of feature films, which decides the prize list. Out-of-competition feature films (special screenings and usually opening and closing films) are not eligible for rewards.

After problems of movies which accumulated too many rewards (Barton Fink in 1991, Le Pianiste in 2001), the regulation was updated. Among the seven prizes to be awarded, only one can reward two films ex-aequo (except the golden palm). And only the prize of the script or the jury can be cumulated with a price of interpretation, on derogation of the president of the festival. Hopefully you will understand this one.

The awards are: 

Camera d’or : It is the most prestigious award of the Festival, the best film of the competition.

Grand prix: The Grand Prize is the second most prestigious award of the Festival. Initially, it was to reward a more accessible film than the Palme d’Or, the distinction was never applied

Prix du jury:The jury Prize is awarded to a film of the official competition appreciated globally by the jury.

Prix d’interprétation masculine: Best actor

Prix d’interprétation féminine: best actress

Prix de la mise en scène: Best director

Prix du scénario: Best screenplay


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A film by Fabrice Du Welz

Cast: Teresa Palmer, Luke Evans, Tom Felton

Jacob (Chadwick Boseman) King arrives from Cape Town in Los Angeles, in search of his missing sister. A stranger in a world of which he knows nothing. $ 600 in pocket and a return ticket to Cape Town 7 days later.

The opening of the film a man in customs where the officer asks him bunch of question , but the man in question is on vacation. He is from Cape Town Africa and drive a cab over there. They ask him if he has family his response is no. Soon after settle in this Roach motel. He goes to see his sister at her apartment. No one has seen her so he begins to investigate. What is he going to find, her is not going to like it and will put in motions a series of events that is going to take place.


This film noir is a slow paces burner nothing that you have not seen before but has a few twist and turn especially at the end. You won’t see it coming. It is shot like a 70’s style film showing the not so good neighbourhood in L.A. An outsider who is trying to find his sister who is going to make some friends along the way or I might have help one in distress. When he finds out what happens to his sister the dark side of Jacob will surface. To me if he did end the film like he did then the all film is out in the water . A nice little ending here that makes the film worth seeing.


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pris de court 2

A film by Emmanuelle Cuau

Cast: Virginie Efira, Gilbert Melki, Renan Prevot

English: Not on my watch

Nathalie is a jeweler and has just moved to Paris for a new job and a new life with her two sons. But the jeweller suddenly changes their mind and tells her  that the position will not be for her. Nathalie wants to protect her children and decides not to tell them anything. This lies will give birth to other lies on both sides. May the fiesta of lies begins.. …

First I knows for a fact not too many people will like this film. But here Cuau is a talented director in telling the story with a realism into it. The filmmaker once again demonstrates, with a very limited budget, the extent of her skill at subtly, with a few stroke making her characters’ behaviour seem real skilfully executing  the rhythm of the narration and getting the best out of her outstanding actors. Virginie Efira, who carries the film exceptionally well and may I add what a joy to see Gilbert Melki delivering an outstanding performance as usual. The film is filmed with finesse and edited with scientific cadence is a slow cooker thriller here which the director accomplished the portrayal of this family that is solid and affectionate which will bring them to the brink of fear of this cruel world until they are almost on the verge of the point of no return here Natalie thinks of a solution to get them out. The thing here Emmanuelle Cuau deserves to have more money to make the most of her potential.

pris de court 2

pris de court

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united Kingdom

A film by Amma Asante

Cast: David Oyelowo, Rosamund Pike, Tom Felton

The story is of Seretse Khama, heir to the kingship of an African people, who was attending school in Britain during the late 1940s. At a church dance, Seretse, (David Oyelowo), meets Ruth Williams (Rosamund Pike). They had eyes for each other and soon fell in love. the thing here she is white, he is black and then may the complications begins .

A good number of them are predictable but they go deeper and the viewer already know most of the story but not as much as that. Seretse’s homeland, Bechuanaland (now Botswana), under British control, sits directly above South Africa, which in the late 1940s was instituting the  policy of apartheid. However Seretse’s uncle is not keen on the returning king bringing home a white queen. The couple remain the focus of the story although out the film. There were difficulties for Ruth to be accepted plus her pregnancy came along. It is a very nice polite film here very carefully done and well film with beautiful photography. there are a couple of shocking twist. The performance by Mr. Oyelowo is outstanding here. Tom Felton, as an underhanded British bureaucrat who was getting on my nerves a bit. United Kingdom is truly a beautiful rewarding film.

united Kingdom 2


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sunshine blogger award

This is my first Sunshine Blogger Award. Oh boy!!!!! Thank you to Evy At  who has a killer website. I I got just back from my dentist who just perform surgery on my gum a gruelling two hours. So this makes my day. Again thank you Evy.

Here is my answer to Evy questions:

1. Which country/city are you planning to visit this year?

Denmark, Sweden , Norway, Australia.

2. Camping or hotel?

I love camping Rustic that is. Much better deal. I love the outdoors and the country side.

3. When on a holiday, do you prefer swimming in a pool or in the sea/ocean?

The Ocean. Thant was an easy one. I can spent hours swimming in the ocean.

4. What is your favourite kind of food?

Beef Bourguignon (beef, potatoes , carrots in wine sauce) everybody knows that by now         with a great wine. The other sorry I have 2, is burger and fries with beer, The gourmet burger ok at the Ferdi restaurant I did a review on trip advisor . I am going to try in a week (after my dentist is going to pull the stitches out of my gum ) 211 east street gourmet burger. Or the one I ma going to lake at home. well I love French food all together. voila!

5. How do you feel about this year’s Oscar winners?

I did not watch the oscar I am not too crazy about them. But Lion has won for best picture that is the film that I saw twice that was a good call. I am sorry that Isabelle Huppert did not win. The rest c’est la vie.

6. For which actor/actress would you go see every movie they are in?

Merrill Streep and Marion Cotillard

7. How many films/series do you watch per month?

Well I have an unlimited movie card to go to the movie theatre so I watch 30 films a day and At least a series or two a day.

8. Do you prefer to read from an actual book or with an e-reader?

Both When I am in my country house by a fire with a glass of wine reading my book it will be an actual book. But if I am in the subway or on vacation I prefer taking My Kindle.

9. Best place to party?

I love this one. At the beach get a bonfires going a keg of beer and 7 beautiful women named Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, And Sunday. And some kick ass music.

10. With all the fake news, do you still watch/read news?

Yes I do but I be careful what it is and where is it coming from.

And now my 9 nominees for the sunshine award (sorry I have 9)

My 10 question for them are: 

  1. Which  Three country are you planning to visit?
  2. What is your dream job? 
  3. What is you favourite food? 
  4. On vacation would you go at the beach or the mountains? 
  5. What is you favourite actor / Actress? 
  6. What is you favourite film? 
  7. You are on a deserted island what can you do without? 
  8. Which actress would you like to date? 
  9. what is you favourite drink while watching a movie?
  10. What group of Music do you Listen? 

I am looking forward to your answers and again thank you Evy.