DEMAIN (2015)


A film by Cyril Dion, Mélanie Laurent

English title: Tomorrow 

The authors investigated in ten countries to understand what could cause the extinction of humanity and especially how to avoid it. During their trip, they met the pioneers who are reinventing agriculture, energy, the economy, democracy and education. In putting together positive and concrete initiatives, they begin to see the emergence of what could be the world.


Here is an interesting and brilliant documentary where instead of showing what is going to happen to the earth because of global warning, they show how people find solution to that problem. Melanie Laurent is a director and a well-known actress. So she decided with Cyril Dion to do a documentary to reinvent the world of tomorrow from the best solutions today.  They chose a fun and educational tone to leave some tracks that could well help the planet and its inhabitants. Dividing their film into five distinct chapters (agriculture, energy, economy, democracy and education). Using stunning images and scenes often full of humor and joy of life, they demonstrate that solutions exist everywhere, often within the reach of all. men and women we see are of all nationalities and cultures create community gardens here, there a local currency, even an educational methods tailored to children. No one is left to the roadside. Everyone finds his place in a world where again, the more profit the man is placed at the center of humanity.  Tomorrow is a must see  film that is full of  hope. It should be seen by all, including and especially by all the global political classes. It represents a real commitment to future generations.
More than one millions people has seen it in France so far. And the numbers continue to climb.