A Documentary by Anne-Dauphine Julliand

Mistral winner (winning Mistral ) is the title of a song and the 7th  album of Renaud, released in 1985. Amber, Camille, Charles, Imad and Tugdual are between six and nine years old. They live in the moment. With humor and above all their childhood’s optimistic energy , they take us by the hand, take us into their world and make us share their games, their joys, their laughs, their dreams, their illness. With great serenity and love, these five little bits of Man and woman show us the way to happiness. A film at the height of a child, about life simply.

This is an atypical documentary whose theme could be frightening. You will see more moments of laughter and good humor than scenes of suffering. Director Anne-Dauphine Julliand is a press journalist. In 2006, she learned that her second child, Thais, then two years old, had an incurable degenerative disease and had a very short life expectancy. In March 2011, she published two small steps on wet sand where she shared her life experience around the illness and death of her daughter. She meets with families who are also affected by the illness of a child and finds out how the children’s carefree and their vision of life can positively change that of adults. It becomes essential to share the love of life held by all children, even in the most difficult situations. Yes you see how their daily routine are as one  said to his dad “ I know that this is tiring for you, as for me I am now used to it.” Those kids have  a positive way on life and not for an instant they are down on themselves or even ask why they got this disease. Those are courageous  kids who becomes friends and don’t think for a minute when they are going to die but how they are going to live. Charles suffers from an illness which causes him to say that “his skin is fragile like wings of butterfly” condemning him to undergo daily treatments which rarely infuriate his joie de vivre. As for Camille, despite his neuroblastoma, She thinks only of football and shows a humour don’t matter what. “When I am dead, I shall no longer be sick.” Between naiveté and lucidity, far from any melancholy thought, their young age allows them to drive away any idea of drama and to take the adults by the hand. Do not miss this one.