Yes there was and exposition in Paris about Louis Lumiére the man who invented cinema. The Lumière brothers, Auguste Marie Louis Nicolas  (19 October 1862, Besançon, France – 10 April 1954, Lyon) and Louis Jean (5 October 1864, Besançon, France – 6 June 1948, Bandol),  were the first filmmakers in history. They patented the cinematograph, which in contrast to Edison’s “peepshow” kinetoscope allowed simultaneous viewing by multiple parties. Their first film, Sortie de l’usine Lumière de Lyon, shot in 1894, is considered the first true motion picture.










Their father, Claude-Antoine Lumière (1840–1911), ran a photographic firm where both brothers worked for him. They were making progress on trying to make the pictures move. It is until their father retired in 1892 that the brothers invented moving pictures. They patented some process that makes a camera. The original cinématographe had been patented by Léon Guillaume Bouly on 12 February 1892. The brothers patented their own version on 13 February 1895.












The brothers had their first projection in 1895. They made 10 short films that they presented in a cafe in Paris. I saw them at the exposition Lumiére it is quiet impressive. I found out that they had color pictures that they experimented with and that is more impressive that was around 1892. In 1903 they patented a colour photographic process, the “Autochrome Lumière”, which was launched on the market in 1907. They also invented the color plate which really got photography on the road. They were not the first one who invented the moving pictures but they were the only one to have invented cinema. The exposition I went too was impressive,  beautiful and well thought out. Here is some pictures that I took. Here is the thing I created a gallery so click on the picture below and the gallery will start. Thank you.



































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