I love French film noir.  From the era of the 30’s to 60’s . The french cinema during the new wave cinema and before came out with some great films specially  film noir. I love those gangster french film they like no others. I started to see Toucher pas au grisbi english title ” hands off the loot ” with Jean Gabin here I thought what a great film I saw it 3 times and can’t get enough of it. Later on Jean-Pierre Melville rewrote it as Bob the flambeur and I saw that 2 times now and what a great film that was. Melville went on to make more great film noir. Actors like Gabin, Delon , Ventura , Belmondo has been in some of the great film noir. Also the film noir gave birth to the femme fatale A dame that is deceiving and uses her sexuality to get what she wants. As Melville  once said film noir are a bunch a gangster who are smoking, dressed in suit,and wear hot and they were involved in some kind of crime which gave birth to the femme fatale. Here are some of the great french film noir.


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