A film by  Jean-Pierre Melville

Cast :  Roger DuchesneIsabelle CoreyDaniel Cauchy

Bob the high-roller, Bob the Montmartre legend whose style was so cool, whose honor was so strong, whose gambling was so hopeless, that even the cops liked him. Bob, who on the first day of this movie wins big at the races and then loses it all at roulette, and is cleaned out. Broke again. It is 1955 and Bob has been straight for 20 years. He did some time in prison for a bank job. But bob has enough  of not having no money, so At 55 years old he decided to get a last heist to crack a safe in a casino. So he gather a bunch of criminal to get the job done. They practice on a duplicate safe. First Melville had no enough money to do the film and some actors had to work for almost nothing. Duchesne, who plays Bob, was considered a risk because of a drinking problem. Isabel Corey who plays Anne which Melville pick up off the street came to find out later she was not even 16 years old yet.  Jean-Luc Godard‘s favorite Melville movie. Often claimed it to be the height of French films inspired by American noir.






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