A film by  Jacques Deray.

Cast: Alain Delon, Romy Schneider, Maurice Ronet

Lovers Marianne and Jean-Paul spend their vacation in a villa near St.-Tropez. The two are quiet happy and seems to enjoy their beautiful house in the province at Aix en Provence with a swimming pool. It is soon going to hell because Marianne invites her ex-boyfriend to visit, much to the irritation  of her boyfriend Jean-Paul (Alain Delon) However, Harry is accompanied by his temptingly luscious , eighteen year old daughter Penelope (Jane Birkin) who Jean-Paul soon finds himself transfixed with. A series of awkward interludes soon sparks a chain reaction of infidelity, jealousy and…….

The Piscine has some beautiful camera works. Four characters in a villa in the summer sun, sex, infidelity, and lust=perhaps murder. First you have A star like Delon and an other star like Romy Schneider who is of a feline elegance, a beautiful mermaid of sorts, a seductress. Jane Birkin at the time very young comes in the picture shakes things up a bit. She play the other temptress the younger version and will stop at nothing to get what she want.  Jean-Paul has a fix on her and makes a pass at her that she acknowledge. Alain is a trouble man, he is a fail writer and he is jealous of his girlfriend which has invited her ex-boyfriend who in turns bring his daughter with him and that is trouble. It is four people trapped in a villa with lust and jealousy will take over. The lesion is building up here and the feud will escalate little b little. The ending is perfect here. By the way it is not your typical hollywood film. It is however an intelligent film and you will be able to tell that the influence of Jacques Deray was Claude Chabrol.



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