A film by Jean-Pierre Melville.

Cast : Alain DelonNathalie DelonFrançois Périer.

The first scene you see man seating there from a far in a room. He gets up put on his trench coat put on his hat adjust the rim open the door looks in the room shut the door and leaves. the next shot he his hot wire a car. The man hot-wires a car, and drives it down a  street to a garage where the door opens. He drives  inside. A mechanic is waiting, who changes the license plates. The driver waits and smokes. The mechanic opens a drawer and hands him papers. The driver extends his hand for a gun. He pockets it. He hands the mechanic cash. Then he drives away. Not a word is spoken. Right there you know you are in for it, you are in for a gangster film by Melville.  The man is Jef Costello (Alain Delon) Yes Jef with one f. Costello is a hit man and a great one at that. He has to kill a nightclub owner and has an alibi on the top of that. But suddenly the police are on his tail because of a witness and what follows later is a bit of bad luck for the hit man. You can tell that Melville loved 1030’s – 1940’s film noir and wrote this modern film noir. The color through the film is grey , blue which is perfect for this film it sets the tone very well.  There is not much dialog in this movie the the action speaks for itself.



2. alain delon le samourai 1967


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