A film by  Jacques Becker

Cast: Jean GabinRené DaryDora Doll

At 50, Max the Liar has never possessed more wisdom about his profession of burglary. But he no longer cares to make the effort, and his dream is to salt away 96 kilos in gold bars that have been stolen at Orly Airport.Then he will retire. Max is a solid well groomed , well dressed and polite with a code. During the course of three days, he uses all of his wisdom and experience to make his dream come true. Max is played by Jean Gabin a great actor from France in a Jacques Becker’s “Touchez Pas au Grisbi.”A 1954 film which Jean-Pierre Melville has rewrote the story as Bob the Flambeur the following year. Gabin play a man with a few word who is thinking head, using brainwork instead of footwork or gunplay to survive in the underworld. Max, like Bob and many other French gangsters, lives in Montmartre, a district seen with particular detail in the film. The film opens and close Max eating at the restaurant no one not one client is welcome when the owner of the place receives her favorite gangster. Lino Ventura first film Gabin told the director to put him in, he was a good friend of Gabin and looking for a job. ever since then Ventura has been working as an actor. Gabin himself was almost 50 when he made the film. The world of french crime film has a particular place, it is for the love of hollywood film noir, but they are not copies of they have a certain Je ne sais quoi of french flavor, and I do love those french gangster film. In this film Gabin is original and it shows. I do have this film in my collection. You should too.

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