A film by Julien Duvivier

Cast : Jean GabinGabriel GabrioSaturnin Fabre

Pépé le Moko (Jean Gabin) is a gangster from Paris that hides in Algier’s Casbah. The police is hunting him down constantly but Pépé eludes them like always. so he hides in the Casba. That is the only place he is safe. Pépé gains protection from friends and family in the casba. But he meet as young Parisian woman who tells him about Paris and Pépé finds out that he misses Paris and his freedom. He is thinking strongly to get out of the Casba. 

Here is a great film From Duvivier has a poetic romantic film noir on his hand. Pépe le Moko is a thief and womanizer and does not see the trap that is set to catch him. It is about the pursuit the want and the need. It is very well film I believe in Morocco it is a crime saga and has its darkness at that.  A great story with some good dialog. Do not miss this one.






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