THE BIG HEAT (1953) . The Big Heat is a 1953 film noir directed by Fritz Lang, starring Glenn Ford, Gloria Grahame, and Lee Marvin. It is about a cop who takes on the crime syndicate that controls his city after the brutal murder of his beloved wife. The film was written by former crime reporter Sydney Boehm based on a serial by William P. McGivern which appeared in the Saturday Evening Post, and was published as a novel in 1952. The film was selected for inclusion in the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress in 2011.

Glenn Ford Plays a police detective Named Bannion Tough courageous and fear less. He takes on criminals in his town and defeats them. His motive revenge on the murder of his wife. He hates that gang headed by Mike Lagana Alexander Scourby and his right-hand man Vince Stone  (Lee Marvin). Here is a great film By Lantz  and it is deceptive. Bannion thinks he ca separate his private life to his work life actually there is a fine line that separate both, but he invite evil into his life as well as his wife’s life. It doesn’t occur that he his responsible for her death, he is blind sided by catching bad guy and the hatred for them. He investigate the death of a friend who was in the force, he committed suicide, but something does’t stick. Ford plays a believable cop in this one.  The story gets darker as it goes along. Great cast in this film I saw it twice will see it again and again. 

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