COBRA (1986)

From time to time basically I think of a few movies that I have seen. So I am doing a  guilty pleasure section I have done it before , There were those 2 film that comes in to mind. Now remember the 80’s action movies oh!!! yeah I remember them. 2 movies come in mind Cobra and Raw deal . I will go with the first one.


COBRA  (1986)

A film by : George P. Cosmatos.

Cast : Sylvester Stallone, Brigitte Nielsen, Reni Santoni . 

Lieutenant Marion Cobretti aka Cobra (Sylvester Stallone), is a cop who takes the jobs where others can’t handle. The cops call them when they can’t handle the jobs or it gets too dangerous. When a serial killer known only as The Night Slasher kills in Los Angeles, Cobra is on his trail.  They do not care what his method are as long as they get the job done.  His car a 1950 mercury does not get nay cooler than that, license plate” awesome 50″ a pair of mirror blue sunglasses (I had a pair back in the 70’s) a gun with a cobra on the handle and a machine gun. Now that’s what I call a cop. Now a witness turn up and the serial killer needs too shut her up. He sent a motorcycle gang after them.

Here is an Guilty pleasure movie that kick ass. gun, fight car chase, fighting, blood, and a pile of bodies that you never seen in any action movie. What gets me in this film is that the serial killer sent a motorcycle gang after the cop and the witness played by Brigitte Nielsen , Cobra kills them one after one I think I counted at least 35 of them. And more kept coming of course no one runs out of ammunition if they do it is a few minutes later. The stunts are awesome cobra does an 180 with his car hangs out a gun out of the window and kills a few people then drives in reverse and shoot some more. Cool action film I saw it 5 times now. It never gets old.



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