A film by Mark L. Lester

Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rae Dawn Chong, Dan Hedaya

A retired special ops agent named John Matrix led an elite unit and he is now retired from the armed forces to lives in a secluded mountain home with his daughter Jenny. But his daughter gets kidnapped by a bunch a military thugs who seek revenge. unknown to Matrix , the members of his former unit are being killed one by one. Matrix learns that Bennett, a former member of his unit who was presumed dead has kidnapped his daughter to try to force Matrix to do a political assassination for a man called Arius, a warlord formerly bested by Matrix who wishes to lead a military coup in his home country. Well Matrix has no choice to comply to his demand because if he doesn’t his daughter will die.

I remember this one back in the day pretty good action film  from beginning to end. There is some good line in it like the one where Arnold says to the dude who goes with him to make sure he does the job right Arnold tells him “I will kill you last” on the plane he knocks him out and gets away before the plane even land (Hey man it is Arnold he can do what ever he wants) The dude wakes up to go tell his boss he is trying to get to a pay phone but Arnold catches up with him after chasing him in the airport, then the mall and on the road he grabs him by the leg and turn him up side down, the dude says “I thought you were going to kill me last ” Arnold says ” I lied” and drops him. There is plenty of action in this one explosions,  fist fight,  drug-lords, sex, sitting-duck-like enemies, cool one liners, knife duels,  rocket launchers, blood, death, bullets, glass and what ever you want. Fun nothing but fun I saw it 5 times and can’t get tires of it.




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