SHIRI (1999)













A film by Je-kyu Kang

Cast: Suk-kyu Han, Min-sik Choi, Yunjin Kim

It is in 1999 that the Korean New Wave cinema started to me any way. Here is a guilty pleasure film at his best. You have good-looking dames that can kick ass and does a bullets ballets fiesta very well. It is a slick action film by Korean Je-Kyu Kang. It is an action, crime drama, thriller.

Two South Korean agents, Park and Lee (Suk-kyu Han and Kang-ho Song) begin to track the assassin, hoping she will lead them to the group that stole the CTX.   There is, a potential that terrorist bombings could destroy. As the investigation continues, it becomes clear to the two agents that South Korean information is being leaked, and Park and Lee are forced to question each other’s loyalty.

The thing is it is a smart action/thriller that kick some ass big time. the choreography is stunning, it is like a ballet dancing/martial arts/ gun fire and flying bullets. It is a pure joy to see plus it is the highest grossing film in Korean it has grossed more money than the film Titanic in the US. Usually the US tries to make a remake of it there I don’t see it happening. Great film take a look you will have fun.








Shiri 1999 (5)


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