smokey and the bandit

A friend of mine said to me have you watched Smokey and the Bandit?  I have not so we decided to watch it and yes this was a cool movie back then and is still is now. when Big Enos (Pat McCormick) makes a bet with you, it’s a bet that it won’t be nothing small. He makes a bet with the Bandit ( Burt Reynolds) in which the Bandit won’t be able to haul a load of Coors Beer back from Texas to Georgia in 28 hours. Hauling the beer is Cledus (Jerry Reed) and running interference will be the Bandit. But Bandit has a weakness he loves woman everything was going up to plan until he pick her up and what a winner she is. A woman  running away from a wedding has broken down she is played by Sally Field.  Bandit gives her a ride. She does not want to marry Junior (Mike Henry) the son of Sheriff Buford T. Justice ( Jackie Gleason). The Sheriff can’t live with the idea of his son being left at the alter and well the chase is on. We got to get the little woman back. If you seen the vanishing point were the driver has to get the car across 3 states and his chase by cops though out the movie. This film is a rewrite of the story you put a cop Bandit who has to transport beer across the state in 28 hours and it is a bet you throw in a female  in distress and you have rewrite the story . If you like car chase you will love that one. I did. Specially jackie Gleason. And Burt Reynolds and Sally Fields please the chemistry is there you are going to have a good time. Actually it is the first movie I saw where I came to the United States. And did I love that Trans Am.




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