expendables 3

A film by Patrick Hughes 

Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li

Okay so let’s put in this film the action star of the 80’s again and yes they looks old but they can still kick ass and shoot guns. They are going back to the old school on this film, finally. It is a guilty pleasure ,gun blazing explosive film.  Yeah you have Wesley Snipes as Doc one of the guys tells him what was he in for He responds tax evasion funny because in really life he was. Jason Statham as Lee Chrismas still the same character trying to save everybody’s ass, a cool surprise as Harrison Ford as Drummer who pilot an helicopter as well as in real life. Mel gibson as Stonebanks why am not surprise he was not killed in the second one. Antonio Banderas as Galgo they should called him the monkey he does acrobatics. Kelsey Grammar as Bonaparte the one who gets a new team for Barney Roos (Sylvester Stallone)  did I say he gets a younger team yes he does Roos thinks he should get a new team younger and high tech savy.  Rhonda Rousey as Luna who can kick ass with the rest of them. Kellan Lutz as Smilley the high tech dude. Glen Powell as Thorn. Caesar just almost bite the dust on the last mission and the team wants to seek revenge. But Drummer has other plan he does not want Stonebanks dead he wants Ross to take him alive., and Ross has other plan he does not want to get the old team involved because they are too old. So he gets a new team. The plan goes as plan but once again Stonebanks gets out of it and get the new team captured but Ross.  Oh yeah you guessed it he is coming back to get the new team with the old team. Of course along there way there will be a lot of shooting and explosion to get them and get themselves out. If you are a die hard action fan like I am this one is for you. Happy guilty pleasure.

P.S. Ho! yes they are going for #4 before one of them kicks the bucket. I hope not for a very long time.




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