the purge

A film by James DeMonaco

Cast: Frank Grillo, Carmen Ejogo, Zach Gilford.

America 2023 Yes it is that day again it is the purge for 12 hours all crimes becomes legal. But only for 12 hours, once a year. The government has decided to do this to contain the population down well sort of. So every one is barricading themselves and waits it out. Others buys guns and amos to purge. A couple try to go home before the purge but unfortunately their car breaks down. A father is looking for the guy who killed his son. A mother and daughter is running for their lives after assailants invaded their home. Five people attempt to survive the night in Los Angeles.

Here is a guilty pleasure movie. But the thing is that  the director made did with a range of emotions fear, anger, Heroism. The first one so I have heard is not good at all but this one is really good. The film shows how the poor and rich purge night. It did not supreme at all how the poor and rich purged, a little predictable there that’s how I would write the story. You see a father who wants to kill the killer of his son and emerges as the hero. Of course you can have your weapon of choice up to class 4. Some uses machine guns, M16, 45, even knife and machetes. You can see the rich neighborhood were they are barricaded themselves in their houses sleeping the night away. But the poor neighborhood all hell breaks loose and people are fighting for their lives. Also in the rich neighborhood there is something going on which that did not surprise me either. overall this one is the better one so far is there going to be an other well we are going to have to wait.


the purge

the purge



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