BOYS CRY (2018)

boy cry

A film by Damiano D’Innocenzo, Fabio D’Innocenzo

Cast: Andrea Carpenzano, Matteo Olivetti, Milena Mancini 

In the suburbs of Rome Manolo and Mirko are inseparable one night they finished delivering Pizza, Driving home they hit a pedestrian, panic, so they decided to leave the man there and take off . It is an opportunity of a lifetime. The man is wanted by the Mafia. Ho! boy may their criminal career begins.

Boy cry is an intelligent compelling morality tale. Manolo’s father sees it as an opportunity of a lifetime. Mirko however wants to play hitman for the mob. He sees it as a game. Mirko and Manolo takes care of the mob business and it will come at a price. Do you think that Manolo’s mom is not going to find out. Once the money comes in Manolo’s mom finds out about it but take the money from her son’s stash. How funny is that? They are integrated fully in the mob but the question is for how long. They will be consequences that is going to come up later in the film. Here you have two kids who gets out of this crappy job but has no idea what is in store for them. Mirko here has a stable of women who are prostitute treats them like shit but to top in all off treat his girlfriend like a whore. He has this suppressed guilt about what his job and his stable of women that are prostitute. The cinematographer Paola Carnera who is known for his work with the series Gomorrah and Suburra knows how to shoot the mobsters in those wasteland, ghetto type of landscape. Here are two kids that wants to feel like big men but their maturity never gets quite there.


boy cry


KURST (2018)


A film by Thomas Vinterberg

Cast: Michael Nyqvist, Léa Seydoux, Colin Firth, Mathias Shoenaerts

August 2000, The Russians Navy engages in exercise with the unsinkable submarine called the Kurst (K-141). But before performing this exercise, they celebrated the wedding of one of their comrade.

Mitkhail Kalekov (Mathias Shoenaerts) says goodbye to his wife who is played by Léa Seydoux and son. Shortly after departure the explosion occur due to the fact they could have prevented it but the orders are the orders. Another explosion followed and more violent than the other which force the crew to be in a small compartment with water freezing to death. The soviet government was trying to save them but their equipment was defective and did not want to admit to the English who themselves offer to help.

Government especially the soviet government are this bunch of liars who would admit that it was their fault and too proud to ask for help because they suppose to have the equipment to rescue them. Plus they lied to the families to top it all off, and why is that  not surprising me. We all know what happen it was news back then in 2000 august 12. Luc Besson who produced the film decided to go with what happen in the sub and the rescue attempt than showing more of the politics with the soviet government. Keep in mind that Norway wanted to help too but the soviet turn them down. The director tried to shoot the film in the soviet but the soviets would not have it, so it was film in France and Belgium. Also he was trying to get documents for his research but the soviets refused because those documents are classified. It is a sad thing to see that the government does not care about its people, especially those crew members that had families.



LORO 1 (2018)


A film by  Paolo Sorrentino

Cast:  Toni Servillo, Elena Sofia Ricci, Riccardo Scamarcio

A player named Sergio (Ricardo Scarmacio) who knows political men and need them to vote either way he wants them all he has to do it to choose in his stable of beautiful women and may the sex party begins. In an other words he keeps the political grease turning.

Sergio wants to play with the big dog in Italy He wants to get the attention of Berlusconi who had a political career and he is well-known all over the world. However he is somewhat retired in his Sardignia home with his wife but the people need his him to go back to the political game. In order to get his attention Sergio rent a boat with half-naked women and a pile of cocaine. And yes he got his attention. And may the political adventure begins.

Loro has great party sequence of men in power and a cascade of naked women to go with it. Sorrentino here filmed it like a work of art. Every shot was plan carefully in such of way that the shot feels like a painting even at times it felt like a cartoon. It is about the life of Berlusconi in 2006 to 2009. Fun film to watch here where the casting is magnificent.

loro 1

loro 1-2





el royal

A film by Drew Goddard 

Cast: Jeff Bridges, Cynthia Erivo, Dakota Johnson

Circa 1968, several Strangers, which each one has a dark secret meet by, chance at Lake Tahoe’s El Royal, a hotel with a dark past. In a hell of a rainy night, everyone is going to show their true self and it is all going to hell.

Well you would think that in a hotel you would get a good time sleep but not in this particular hotel is a little strange. well there is a line that divide the hotel you are either on the Nevada side or California side. As you see it is a spot for intrigue, desperation, and bloodshed. When Nick Offerman enters the hotel room you know the year it is and it is like a stage. Just the decoration of the foyer of the hotel and the clothes that Nick wears suggest that you are in the 50’s . If feels like you are in a David lynch style of uneasiness. The hotel El Royal did at one time attracted the wealthy and the middle class but now it is a rundown hotel out of style like an abandoned film set. It feels like it is a place for shady people where blood is going to spill. Goddard in that way put you in the mood of this hard-boiled thriller. The strangers are a salesman played by jon Hamm who walk into the hotel’s foyer with a priest played by Jeff Bridges and a singer played by Cynthia, a hippie Dakota Johnson with a kidnapped Caillee Spaeny and the bad guy Chris Hemsworth who’s role it seems must have  been fun to play.

el royale



En liberté! (2018) 2


A film by Pierre Salvadori

Cast: Adèle Haenel, Pio Marmaï, Audrey Tautou 

English title: The trouble with you

Yvonne, a young police inspector, discovers that her husband, Captain Santi, a fallen local hero, was not the brave and honest cop that she believed but a true rip-off. Determined to fix this, she will cross the path of Antoine unjustly incarcerated by Santi for eight long years. An unexpected and crazy encounter that will blow their lives away.

Pierre Salvadori offers us an amazing film, explosive, dealing with serious subject matter in light mode, almost humorous or, more accurately “burlesque”. Burlesque is the situation that Yvonne (Adele Haenel) and Antoine (Pio Marmaï) are in. It is about a man sentenced to eight years in prison while he is innocent but want to make for lost time and thinks he deserve it to do whatever he wants. Yvonne who feels guilty when she who is a police officer in an office learns that her husband was on the take. Plus she told great stories about him to her kid before he goes to bed. Yvonne one night after following Antoine meets him accidently.  From there, a strange relationship will form but wait there’s  more she falls in love with someone else. There are some comic scenes here especially the one that when he robs the bank, it is an homage at the silent movies. It is the most hilarious scene in the film trust me. In reality here is that yvonne built this perfect father at the eyes of her son but when she find out that her husband was on the take she has to destroy the image of her husband in order to rebuild it at her son eyes. That is why she is doing what she is doing in the film. I hope I made that clear. Well you’ll see when you see the film. Do not miss this one. Well so far Three great  French comedy in the space of three weeks what the hell is going on?

En liberté! (2018) 3

En liberté! (2018)




les halles 2

The UGC Ciné Cité Les Halles is a Parisian multiplex located at the Forum des Halles, with a total of 37 screens, making it the largest cinema in France in terms of number of theaters.  It has the largest selling of movie tickets in the world, we actually own that record, a record of 3,2 millions tickets sold last year.  Actually that is where I go half the time the other is near my apartment. Not too bad for UCG. And trust me it will keep on climbing. I do have my unlimited card from UGC. A total of  22 Euros a month all I can see or care to see.

les hallles


Bohemian Rhapsody

A film by Bryan Singer

Cast: Rami Malek, Lucy Boynton, Gwilym Lee 

Bohemian Rhapsody recounts the extraordinary fate of the Queen group and their iconic singer Freddie Mercury, who challenged stereotypes, broke conventions and revolutionized music. From the dazzling success of Freddie Mercury to his excesses, risking the near-implosion of the group, to his triumphant return on stage at the Live Aid concert, while he was struck by the disease, discover the exceptional life of a man who continues to inspire outsiders, dreamers and all who love music.

Bohemian Rhapsody 2jpg

Here it is I remember when we will rock you and we are the champion came out on the radio back then I was in high school in Michigan. Here is the impact of Queen back then, we were eating lunch at the cafeteria and they put on the radio and Queen came on with we will rock you and we are the champion right after it. When we will rock you all the student started banging their feet and clapping then singing to the tune. That is the impact that Queen had back then and still today. Freddie Mercury (Rami Malek)  was born Farrokh Bulsara, that I didn’t know. Here comes this genius who revolutionize music and even interacted with his fans on stage. Here is a genius who was tortured because he struggle with his own sexuality. Also his muse Mary who he had a great relationship with knew how he was and when Freddie died he left her his estate. The star here is Rami Malek who embody the essence of freddie, shines which  brings me to the casting were the actors has terrific chemistry. The problem that I have the film does not seem to know what to do with homosexual desire also his music and song are so connected to his sexuality and the film does not show that at all either. I wish they also they shown the writing process of the songs a little more in details. However the credited director, Bryan Singer was replaced by Dexter Fletcher late in the production (That’s got to hurt).  The live aid concert in 1985, yes I remember that too and what a performance it was. I saw it on TV.