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A film by Olivier Ayache-Vidal

Cast: Denis Podalydès, Abdoulaye Diallo, Marie-Julie Baup

François Foucault, in his forties, is a Professor of Letters at Lycée Henri IV, in Paris. A series of events forces him to accept a transfer of one year in a suburban school ranked REP + (The bottom of the barrel). He dreads the worst.

Olivier Ayache-Vidal, first time directing , offers us an enthusiastic vision of the educational environment which should give wings to teachers, students, parents and all those who rightly or wrongly feel that the school no longer fulfills its role of social status.

Yet François Foucault who is sure of himself uses sarcasm when his students who can even pass his class , you see  Lycée Henry IV is the best high school in Paris and his student can even get a decent score on their exams. You will see on facet of the character until Foucault goes get transfer to the auburn where the kids are the biggest pain in the ass and do not want to learn anything. François Foucault belongs to a family of intellectuals. His father, a man who is recognised and honoured by writing a book. So when Foucault goes to his new school when the students are agitated, he is going to figure out how to teach differently than he is used to. Well of course once he figures it out his colleagues are going to be jealous. Nothing new here but the film is missing z little imagination here but it is still entertaining and you will see first hand that it is not easy to be a teacher those days. Try to remember everyone ’s name is going to be a difficult task like Denis Podalydès shows us in this funny scene. Seydou (Abdoulaye Diallo) is the most rebellious kid here who will bring us some beautiful emotions. 



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GIFTED (2017)


A film by Marc Webb

Cast: Chris Evans, Mckenna Grace, Lindsay Duncan

A man is left to raise his sister’s kid after her death, He is home-schooling her until he decided to let her go to school so she can have a life and meet new kids. But the thing is then Mary is gifted well she is a prodigy child.

The film has it own permise here. So far so good so when you start watching the film you think you saw that film already but not really and yes it is a great family film. The thing os when Mary who did not want to be enrolled in school. Against her will and she goes. But soon after her teacher finds out that Mary is in the wrong class.

This film is going to work or not for you but it does well the story is simple and soon after there will be a battle between adults for the custody of Mary and what is best for her. The cast here is fantastic Evans, Grace and Duncan are perfect for this film. Yes there is a trial and the back stabbing may begin. Nothing to new here. It is a bit predictable but you will have a good time.


gifted 2

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MOTHER ! (2017)


A film by Darren Aronofsky

Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Ed Harris, Michelle Pfeiffer 

A couple questioned  his relationship with his girlfriend by the arrival of unexpected guests, disrupting their tranquility.

Here is the bold and audacious film of Aronofsky. Did he takes some drugs in order to write this weird and unusual film. Don’t know, don’t care, You see this couple one a writer a poet and his girlfriend who is trying to finish remodelling their house in the middle of nowhere. So you think you are going to guess what kind of film it is well no you will not. Here is a couple who’s career is falling down the drain but can’t get back in gear and it is not the only thing their relationship is going down the tube. The  a knock on their door, yes scary in the middle of nowhere, the couple jump a little and answer the door where a doctor is there and trying to find a room to rent for a while, plus later the wife shows up  and the madness is just about to start.


Here Jennifer Lawrence does an outstanding job and the film feels almost like it could be a movie like “Rosemary’s Baby” but is completely something else. There is an metaphorical intense as the film goes on to this enormous climax after an other. Aronofsky here does not play by the rules. Bardem who is a writer  proclaims that he is inspired by other people, but he’s more of a taker than anything else. However Jenifer has a connection to the house and his a giver. Do not be confused it is a horror film but not like you ever seen before. It is not even predictable at all. It is this wild ride or it is something else. Everyone will have a different interpretation of this film. This is the film that you will talk about when you get out of the movie theatre. And yes there is some people who will not understand the film. Like the on called Black swan directed by the same director. C’est la vie.



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A film by Doug Liman 

Cast: Tom Cruise, Domhnall Gleeson, Sarah Wright

Based on the true story of Barry Seal, a pilot recruited unexpectedly by the CIA to carry out one of the biggest secret operations in the history of the United States. although the operation became the embarrassment under the Reagan administration.

After the disappointment of The Mummy Tom Cruise redeem himself with American Made unbelievable story of Barry Seal who was the crazy dude who had one foot on the CIA the other with the Cartel. And yes he was making tons of money. With a surprise that his wife went along with it. It is a face paced thriller/Action film here by Liman. The role it seems was tailored for Tom Cruise. Himself a license pilot who owns 3 to 4 planes already.


Wen we meet Barry, you see him bored working for TWA and was looking for some excitement in his life and by pure luck because he was a damn great pilot got his own company with the help of someone from the government (CIA). Barry soon got into with the Medellin cartel and played both side. Barry who known has the guy who delivers. Well being a spy and a drug runner does not mix nut Barry here could handle just fine. The scene in which Barry and the Colombian drug lords negotiate how to deliver the packages of cocaine is funny as hell  with Barry taking off from a runway that is much too short.  But later thing escalate and all good thing must come to an end. I remember reading about this when I was living in the U.S. back then in the 80’s the sure embarrassment of the U.S. government that was under the Reagan administration, it was all over the news what I didn’t know there was the guy behind all this and his name was Seal. It is mind bottling how he was doing things and the cash he was making. Here is a terrific film and do enjoy the ride.


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A film by Claude Sautet

Cast: Danielle Durou, Alain Belard, Michel Piccoli

English title: Max and the junkmen

Max is a Paris detective, aloof, independently wealthy, and frustrated by gangs of robbers whom he cannot catch. So Max infiltrate a gang in order to redeem himself.

Max et les Ferrailleurs is a noir in colour however it is the master piece one of many of Claude Sautet. Max (Michel Piccoli) after being frustrating not being able to catch bank robbers by accident find an old friend that he have not seen in 17 years as he find out that he is part of a gang who steal cars and takes them apart for cash. Max finds out that his friend who has a girlfriend who is a prostitute name Lily (Romy Schneider) so Max go  see her every week in order to manipulate her in doing well you are going to have to see this film. you see max is obsessed with catching criminals red-handed. 

Max and the ferrailleurs 2

You get to see the relationship that he has with Lily and how he is going to wheel her in. Not an easy thing to do. But you get the sense that the two like each other a little more than they lead on. Max has to be patient without making a mistake. You watch the lives of these hoodlums who can’t make too much money but are having fun and hanging out at the favorite bistro and in their junkyard. Nice film here from Claude Sautet who write the screen play. Sautet here was first a screen writer than an assistant director, than a director I guess he move up the latter. This film remains me of Heat by Michael man who possibly rewrote the story and made it his own.

Max and the ferrailleurs

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A film by Michel Hazanavicius

Cast: Louis Garrel, Stacy Martin, Bérénice Bejo

It is the life Of Jean-luc Goddard at the time when he married actress Anne Wiazemsky. Anne Wiazemsky and Michel Hazanavicius wrote the screenplay from her autobiography “Un an après” ( one years after).

Le Redoubtable portrays Jean-Luc Godard circa 1968, in the period of his life in which he embraced radical politics and revolution, turned his back on his earlier work, and married 19-year-old student Anne Wiazemsky, the star of his film “La Chinoise,” who had also been the child actress in Bresson’s Au Hasard Balthazar. Here is where louis Garrel shines he embodies Goddard perfectly well even looks like him. His performance is outstanding and I don’t think the critics thought he could pull it off. Here goddard is portrayed as this jerk who has an enormous chips on his shoulder. Goddard began to be involved in politics and even went in one manifestation after an other. His earlier work he did not like and thought that the rest of those director did not know how to make a film. Hazanavicius told someone that Goddard was god like when he did his early work. But something sparks in his brain where his film began to be more political. 


Anne (Stacy Martin) does as well a perfect job to portray Anne plus Michel has nail the period with the fashion and the decor here. The film here has an outrageous scenes after an other where you see Goddard who is going to destroy the marriage. There is some stuff that i didn’t know about Goddard but i m not revealing the rest of it I do not want to spoil it for those who has not see it yet. If you are a fan of Goddard I recommend this film big time.


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GOOD TIME (2017)

good time


A film by Benny Safdie, Josh Safdie

Cast: Robert Pattinson, Benny Safdie, Taliah Webster

After a heist that goes horribly  wrong, a bank robbers tries to get his brother out of Rikers Island all that takes place in one night.

This film has so much energy as a 70’s film. It remains me of the 1970’s films back in the day. The music however is original and feels like the 70’s. Too cool. It remains me of means street. As soon as the heist begins you will be restless although out the film. It is one unfortunate event after an other and our protagonists are trying to get out of it each time which it is not an easy task. There is a sense of anxiety and panic as you watch the film.

good time 2

The film open with sedate scene than pick up at the pace of a fast life in the fast lane. When you get to the heist at the bank you are on the edge a little as our two protagonists is trying to get away with it. But then they did not count on what happens next. I kind of knew that was going to happen, it is common sense after all. Good time is a claustrophobic energy that is hard to predict  Pattinson’s performance, the best. I did not recognise him at first but then boom it hit me. Connie makes choices as he goes along, he is for himself only in one goal in mind to get his brother out. Patterson channel the nervous energy of being essentially hunted by your own bad decisions. Patterson kind of surprise me with this near perfect performance here. I think this is the first film that I saw from the two brother here I need to see the others. Here is a great film that will trow you back in the 70’s the way the used to make films back then. Do not miss this one.