A film by :  Jim Jarmusch

Cast:  Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Alyssa Maria App, Rosie Perez , Steve Buscemi

The film is presented at the opening of the Cannes Film Festival 2019.In the serene little town of Centerville, something is wrong. The moon is omnipresent in the sky, daylight is unpredictable and animals begin to behave in unusual ways. Nobody really knows why. The news is scary and scientists are worried. But no one could foresee the most bizarre and dangerous event that was going to hit Centerville: THE DEAD DO NOT DIE – the dead come out of their graves and savagely attack the living to feed themselves. The battle for survival begins for the inhabitants of the city.

In this film you will have the following actors : cameos from Tom Waits (Down by Law), Eszter Balint (Stranger than Paradise), Rosie Perez (Night on Earth), Steve Buscemi (Mystery Train), RZA (Coffee & Cigarettes; Ghost Dog), and director Sara Driver, Jarmusch’s partner and creative counsel, who hasn’t appeared on camera in one of his films for 30 years. A cool little comedy / horror from Jarmush who pokes at the zombies movies with the classic clichés makes it an off beat comedy: Horror film. Even Iggy Pop as a cameo. Driver here drive a compact smart car too funny to see a compact car at full speed toward the parking lot arriving at the crime scene. The are a lot of reference to the films of George A Romero after all it is him who started the zombies movies. Take a look what the cap of Steve Buscemi says and the guy who is seating next to him which is Danny Glover. It is a cutting edge horror / comedy movie here with some dark off beat humour. There is a surprise in there somewhere. Worth taking a look. But not everyone is going to like this one.



A film by Spike Lee

Cast: John David Washington, Adam Driver, Laura Harrier 

Ron Stallworth, an African-American police officer from Colorado, manages to infiltrate the local Ku Klux Klan. Based on a true story.

Here Spike manages to tell this story like a blaxploitation film with comedy into it as well. It’s the early 1970s, and Ron (John David Washington) son of Denzel Washington, the first African-American officer hired by the Colorado Springs Police Department, has infiltrated the local Klan chapter and talk on the phone with David Duke (Topher Grace). and Adam Driver’s ably plays Flip Zimmerman, a Jewish cop. Now you are going to say how did he do that a black man infiltrating the KKK. Well you will have to see the film. It is downright hilarious especially when Ron calls the KKK to join because he saw an ad in the paper.  Spike makes references to the trump regime. It is so funny at times. Here is a dude who has some strikes against him He is black police officer the first in Colorado Spring , and he is trying to infiltrate the klan, if his boss let him do it to begin with. Persistence, and perseverance will pay off and at what cost. Comic with absurdity, real tension caricatured characters, everything contributes to making the film a happy pamphlet, soaked in the music Motown. A perfect casting, great acting and story telling what more do you want this summer.,45,480,270_AL_UX477_CR0,0,477,268_AL_






A film by Terry Gilliam

Cast: Adam DriverJonathan PryceStellan Skarsgård

Toby (Adam Driver) who is a commercial director who shoot a vodka commercial that utilises the figure of Don Quixote . One night, he finds someone selling a bootleg DVD of his thesis film from ten years ago, itself a Quixote adaptation he shot with some friends and nonprofessional actors at a local village. To get inspired he tries to reconnect with the past by going to the village where he shot his thesis film and may the adventure begin…..

Orson Welles has tried to make this film but the director has died before he could finish it and it took 30 years by the way. Here Gillian tries to make his own film which took 30 years or so in the making, he had truly had a hard time to get the project done. I kind of love it feeling what the hell was this made a lot sooner. Here Toby embarks in the village hoping to reconnect with his youth. He finds that some of the non professional actors that was in his film some had great luck others not. But soon after that he meets the man who played Don Quixote the aging shoemaker Jonathan Pryce who thinks he is Don Quixote. Toby will embark then is this strange adventure in the wild west of Spain. Here you are going to feel lost in the film but Gillian wants you to be. The energy of Gillian here is infectious. The plot is not linear it is going to be going every which way. Not too worry you are going to have a good time. It is presented like a kaleidoscope fable. What I like about it it is going to go in a loop. You’ll know what I mean when you see the film. Here is one for you the actor Jonathan Pryce after the film was done was suppose to go to Cannes but he suddenly had a stroke. Some say it is a curse. Maybe maybe not.





lucky logan

A film by Steven Soderbergh

Cast: Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Daniel Craig

In real life there are losers, winners, negative thinking and positive thinking. The thing is here in the new film of Soderbergh here are some unlucky bunch of people who are trying to get a little luck in doing a heist and then some and are they going to get lucky? 

It is a ridiculous entertaining film here with comedy. The gang that includes a wounded veteran, an unemployed former coal miner, a hairdresser and other motley members conspires to rob a Nascar race sponsored by Coca-Cola. The film begins by introducing the characters as you watch you beginning to think what the hell are those bunch of misfit up too. But don’t judge the book by its cover as they say. Our protagonist have one thing in mind the heist getting the money and a lots of it. In all this you will have some other characters that will pop up from time to time followed by a smoking mirror. There some inventive Ideas here too mixed with humor. Soderbergh never speeds through the twists and bumps. It lets the story in cruise control so you can enjoy the moments and the humor. Lucky Logan is a terrific film here and for the new writer Rebecca blunt, well done.





A film by Jim Jarmusch

Cast: Adam Driver, Golshifteh Farahani, Nellie

Jim Jarmusch’s Paterson is a quietly poetic film, and fun to watch.  Paterson (Adam Driver), bus driver and apparently a very happy unpublished poet, and Laura (Golshifteh Farahani), aspiring country singer, live modestly in the suburbs of Paterson, New Jersey, encouraging one another in their dreams but never pushing too hard.Oh boy what a beautiful life but wait there is more, Paterson’s repetitive job leaves him plenty of time  to compose poems while at work; Laura, who doesn’t work, is less focused but happy to experiment, well I say experiment yes she is like an artist who is obsessed with redecorating the house with some unusual designs. In the evenings, Paterson goes to a bar with a largely black clientele, presided over by Doc (Barry Shabaka Henley), a proud Patersonian who refuses to install a television.


Here is a life that is repetitive simple but not. It is a weird and unusual film about this couple’s life in a space of a week. Paterson is this quiet compose guy who drive the bus every day in and out. It is a very slow pacing film with the occasional excitement where Paterson meet some new people. You start to wonder as the film gets a little suspenseful  is going to be published. You a bit of history here about the city heritage and above all the work of modernist poet William Carlos Williams is paraded throughout the film. Here is a sexy film with an adorable couple who live their life in Paterson where they are together and nothing more. She on the other hand had dreams as well. The performance of the actors are charming, and their domestic life is twenty century.This film got a lot of attention at the Cannes Film Festival.   Here it is, this film is a nice charming comedy that you can take your girlfriend  or spouse  to.



While We're Young (2014)

A film Noah Baumbach

Cast: Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts, Adam Driver

Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts are Josh and Cornelia, a childless married couple who feel they may have let life pass them. He’s a documentary filmmaker, he has one hit to his credit but he has been struggling with his second project for about 10 years. She’s a producer who works with her father (Charles Grodin), a famous documentarian and the inspiration for Josh’s career. Josh and Cornelia are happy together but their marriage becomes routine. There is no excitement, they don’t even take vacation. Jamie (Adam Driver), a young hipster jack-of-all-trades who admires his work and wants to follow in the same footsteps. He’s married to Darcy (Amanda Seyfried), she makes ice cream. The life of Josh and Cornelia gets suddenly interesting.

Here is the funny thing Josh and Cornelia are now in their mid 40’s they embraced the technology CD, cell phone, computers, tablets etc…. Jamie and Darcy 20 something has not, they have still vinyls no cell phone, no computers, no tablets. Both couples need each other in this case one to jump-start their marriage, the other to jump-start his career in film making. I love the scene where Cornelia goes to a hip hop class with Darcy and later Cornelia practices in her own home. Just watching a 40’s something woman dancing hip hop is hilarious as hell. Cornelia and Josh dished their 40’s something friends because they are too caught up with the baby. Watts delivers a great performance here as always. Driver is getting better and better here lucky for him he has a great career in the front of him. It is like that Josh uses Jamie and vice versa. They go to those weird and unusual ceremony , Darcy and Jamie sees life differently than Josh and Cornelia they lived it, experience it breath it, unless that so many married couple I know they are into their routine and it can be boring at times. A nice little comedy for a change a pace an intelligent one at that.





A  film by Costanzo, Saverio

Cast:  Alba Rohrwacher, Adam Driver, Roberta Maxwel

The film opens in the bathroom in a Japanese restaurant. The woman enters tries to get in the bathroom but some one is in there. He gets out and yes he did the big stinky one in there the big shit that smell enough to kill an army. Where was he during world war II. But the thing is the other door to get out is stuck and they can’t get out what is worst is worse is that the man needs to get back in there and do an other one worst than the other. And the place smell like shit by 2 time more. As he apologize they make small talks. They get out. and the next scene they are in bed laying next to each other is that is not love I do not know what is. They are crazy about each other but the thing happens well it was a little predictable she got pregnant, so they marry. This is going to be a hell of a ride for Mina(Alba Rohrvacher) who is Italian and Jude (Adam Driver).

Interesting story from a book from Costanzo Saverio that was shot in New York. Her first english speaking film. And a good one at that. The audiences in Europe are different from the on in the US. In an other word if a film is too much intellectual the uS audiences might not like it. If a film has too much action slicing and dicing the European audiences might not like it. That is the way it is. Now this one takes us when a mother who did not want this child, to her she iso stay in the US she was supposed to be transferred back to Italy from her job suddenly has problem feeding herself when she was pregnant. Once the kid came out in the world she wants to protect it at all cost. Mina does not take the kid outside because it polluted out there, she is a vegetarian so should her kid. She thinks that she is purifying her kid but she is killing him slowly. A kid needs protein in order to grow with out it the body will not grow and the kid might die. Mina is stubborn and obsessed in keeping the kid on this vegetarian diet. Jude won’t have it and takes some desperate  measures. Here is what the director did when you see the film it can become claustrophobic who in this small apartment you have a sense to be close from the world and the noise outside the apartment. Also love is blind . Jude goes along with Mina at first but than some what wakes up and tries to save his son. The mother caught on to the bullshit of Mina she is not being fooled by her at all. I knew some one who’d a similar story where is wife was faking a illness fainting all the time she should of being an actress, she would not feed herself most of the time. The man that she married was blinded by love none of us and his family was buying her story they got divorce and had no kids thank god. At the end of the film it is painful as it is because in the end nobody wins.

Hungry Hearts 2