VICE (2019)

A film by  Adam McKay

Cast:  Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Steve Carell 

Dick Cheney managed, without making a fuss, to be elected vice-president alongside George W. Bush. Become the most powerful man in the country, he has largely contributed to impose a new world order whose consequences the American feel today …

Dick Cheney here started as a young man not too in the hurry to get where he was going, well nowhere. He failed at yale, got into fight and drank to death and got a job as an utility man. When fiancé Lynn has enough she makes him choose this way of life that you are leaving now or me. At that moment Dick (Christian Bale) looks Lynne (Amy Adams) in the eye and swears he’ll never disappoint her again.

And that is how Adam McKay start the film and you can tell he was not a fan of our protagonist. The dark satire is kind of scary because here Dick though he was doing the right thing. Dick here was thirsty for power and somewhat abused it. Christian Bale as Dick Cheney, is performance was outstanding you don’t quiet recognize him right off the bat, it takes you awhile to seek in.  Amy Adams as Cheney’s demanding wife, who gives her unfocused husband an ultimatum will have an effect on you as you are watching her performance you do not recognize as well. Steve Carell fits like a glove into Donald Rumsfeld while Sam Rockwell as a young George W. Bush looks the part. Let’s not forget the good old Jesse Plemons’ character too funny but not he does the narrator here. Of course the directors uses , mixed media, archival footage and some flashbacks. Cheney became the most powerful vice president of all time. scary .


the big short

A film by Adam McKay

Cast: Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling

In the big short someone did the math and even said the bubble is going to burst. Other people checked the numbers and eventually found to their surprise and disgust that not only was that person right, but the system was corrupt ,very corrupt.The film is a darkly funny story of the credit and housing financial crisis of 2007-2010 and how different groups of people made money off of the dishonesty and misery of others. That housing financial crisis was far worst than the one in 1930.


Too make it not so boring McKay we are guided through the world of finance by an unreliable narrator, Jared Vennett (Ryan Gosling) who is based on a real person (Greg Lippmann) and has other characters from hollywood to explain the financial jargon in english to the viewer.The man who began crunching the numbers was a brilliant, but socially awkward man Micheal Burry (Christian Bale) and to top it all he has a glass eye. He is an American hedge fund manager. Burry studied medicine but instead started to take a turn start Scion Capital. At Scion Capital the employees does research and came to a conclusion that the bubble of the financial world and housing market is going to burst. The title is the slang expression that refers Wall Street going short. The thing is that everyone that Burry warned about the bubble nobody believed him. Although it got the attention of Mark Baum (Steve Carell) in a presentation with Jenga blocks that will visually simplify the problem for most viewers. Baum always knew that the system is broken and corrupt that just confirmed him even more. A terrific performance by Carell here. He is a man who is completely depressed about this and broken down that the system let him down. Christian Bale got under the skin of Burry who was on the set to advise Bale, he even lend him some clothe, he is very particular by the way he was dressing. Ryan Gosling who incarnates a person also has done an outstaying job here even when he was narrating. Well in this story I hate to say there is no hero here and it is difficult to even like the characters and the people who surrounded them. The thing is big financial company are consumed with greed and greed drives them to disaster. Yes we need to be regulated if the regulator are not corrupt themselves.