LA ZONA (2007)

La zona, propriété privée (2007)

A film byRodrigo Plá

Cast: Daniel Giménez Cacho, Daniel Tovar, Alan Chávez

La Zona  has a point to make about Mexican society and perhaps about the divisions in society on a huge global scale. You see in Mexico as well as everywhere else there are the rich gated community than there are the poor. It is getting just getting like that in France and I know it is like that already in the US. The rich has their own security with cameras and their own laws. Basically they have a committee and they police themselves. There are a wall that separate them from the poor with barbwires. One night an accident causes one of the power pylons of a billboard  next to the Zone to collapse  on the wall and knocks  the security system off guard which leaves an opening for 3 thieves to get in and rob an old lady. Things go wrong however two of the boys get shot and one is at large plus an old lady and a security guard are dead.

La zona

Here is an intelligent thriller at its best, that open many questions. To top it all off this kind of incident is going to divide the community, and the tension build up to the point the boil pot is going to blow. The resident of the zone vote to clean their own mess up which involves some little white lies to cover up the truth,  and not involve the police, well do you think the rich wants to go to jail? you see there are people who will have different opinions about what to do some wants to tell the truth to the police, one even called them up, which he got of lot of flock from the others, others are okay to cover it up and even can live with themselves. Based on a story by the director’s wife, Laura Santullo, La Zona certainly presents a situation scarce with deep feelings and mounting tension of the resident who wants to cover it up and shut down those who don’t.

The film opens up can of bad worms with interesting question can we police ourselves? taking the law into our own hand is it worth it? segregation, paranoia and insularity, rich versus poor, good vs bad need I go on, you get the point. It build up to the point intelligent people will think stupidly and will do stupid things that later they are going to regret. Of course there is the suspicious cop who is trying to find out the truth. Like I said here is an intelligent story that produces a tons of questions. See the thing is that the rich look after themselves, the poor has no voice, and the system is corrupt, in the ned the one who has more money wins.