A  film by Albert Dupontel

Cast: Nahuel Pérez Biscayart, Albert Dupontel, Laurent Lafitte, Mélanie Thierry

English title; See you up there. 

November 1919 two survivors of world war I,  an genius artist, the other an accountant decide to mount a scam in this crazy period of the 1920’s the company will be as dangerous as it is spectacular.

Here is a different war film in the beginning of the 20th century where the war was senseless  and brutal although Dupontel find some humanity and creativity into it. The adaptation of Pierre Lemaitre’s bestseller happily proves that the former comedian is capable of giving us something else than the comedies loaded with black humor that made his success. Based on the reconstruction of the years 1918-1920 . The first quality of its realization is undoubtedly the care brought to the artistic direction to recreate this effervescent historical period I might add it is so well done you think you were there. Whether it is the uniforms worn by the soldiers in the trenches or elegant outfits of the Parisian bourgeoisie, each suit is a purely beautiful. It is the same for the set. Filming in with a digital camera you can feel that you are the period and that it is film on a roll of film from back in the day. The beginning of the film starts in the trenches is very impressive a brutal. Dupontel remained relatively faithful to Lemaitre’s novel, by focusing  on the human drama experienced by the two main characters, played by Nahuel Perez Biscayart and himself. Hopeful he will get a caesar but then again we will have to wait. Overall the ensemble cast forms a magnificent film which it is going to become a classic. Do not miss this one. The translation of the title is Goodbye up there.

« AU REVOIR LÀ-HAUT » Réalisé par Albert DUPONTEL

au revoir la haut



A film by Bouli Lanners

Cast: Albert Dupontel, Max von Sydow, Michael Lonsdale, Suzanne Clément, Bouli Lanners

English: The first one the last one.

In an waste windy plain, Cochise and Gilou, two inseparable bounty hunters are looking for a stolen phone who has sensitive content. Their path will cross  Esther and Willy, a couple on the run, and if it was the end of the world.  In this small lost city where everyone is a failure, will they find human nature at its best? Those maybe the last men, but there are not as deferents that the first one.


So even if this film is a little off beat a poetic force lights up. It is a slow thriller on a burner with grippy scenery, rainy with something a small window of light like if it was hope but then darkness arrives again. The wide shots of the country of Beauce, cleverly interweaving rainy plains and raw infrastructure of the suburbs  filmed in wide Scope, like a magnificent paintings. Bouli Lanners delivers to us a beautiful marginal ode those two bounty hunter will cross path with a deer, a couple running away, 4 guys with guns, a mummy in a warehouse,and 2 undertaker. This spiritual equation will rub you the strange way where the fear of the end of the world will turn into a chase of biblical proportion. I love the choice of Dupontel’s film it has played in those poetic kind a fable film that suits him just right, it fits him like a glove. Terrific performance by the actors. Phillipe Reboot plays a modern jesus and Mannerist. Here is a modern western tale of jesus well sort of you decide.




A film by Gaspar Noé

Cast: Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel, Albert Dupontel

Irréversible is a movie so violent and cruel that most people will find it unwatchable. Is the matter of fact at the Cannes Film Festival out of 2,500 people at Cannes who saw the film 200 walked out. It is a film who starts at the end and finishes at the beginning. Basically the cruelty of the story is told backwards. Memento did the same thing and I think that there is an other film where they did the same thing if I think of it I will let you know.

Now This the story of a couple as Alex Bellucci (Monica Bellucci) which I love one of my favorite actress and Marcus Cassel (Vincent Cassel) one of my favorite actor who are in love ( They also married to each other at the time of this film was made) They make love, have fun which each other. We would see them at parties with their friends. Pierre (Albert Dupontel), who himself was once a lover of Alex. One day Alex walk in a subway tunnel and gets rape and beaten by a pimp (Jo Prestia). It is a stationary shot so the camera never cuts away. Once Marcus finds out with the help of Pierre goes to clubs, sex clubs to find the son of the bitch and kill him.

The film starts at the end which is the brutality of what happens to the pimps to the warmest part where the couple is in love. Take a look carefully at this film Alex is dress with a revealing dress and yes women should be allowed to dress the way they want it makes her look vulnerable and in danger, she is also a lover but a fierce woman who is trying to get the rapist off her by fighting him. She has survival instinct on the other hand Marcus becomes the monster tracking the rapist to get what is coming to him. Gaspar here showed the ugliness first the brutality of the story first it is going to be in you face and many people will not be able to see the entire film it will make them sick. Then it goes into the more beautiful part of the film a couple in love. So beware with this film. Some of you will like it some will hate it.





A film by Denis Dercourt

Cast: Albert Dupontel, Cécile De France, Patrick Mille

Marc (Albert Dupontel) is a stunt man specialized in horses. A serious accident on the set make him lose hope of getting back on a horse. Florence (Cécile De France) who works for an insurance company is in charge of Marc’s case. This brief encounters will spark their life’s passion and will throw them off Balance. Dercourt was a Professional musician turn to exploring passion to his two characters in this story. Marc is forced to give up his career due to the accident. On the other hand Florence who works for an insurance company was a pianist has had doubt of becoming one.

The story focuses on those two characters one will the loss income the other one with the lose of being a pianist. When Dercourt did the casting he put cécile and Dupontel they look like the odd couple. But that is a stroke of genius here. She is elegant and is a tranquil person. He is a little wild and takes charge. The sexual tension is there little by little it builds up. Here is the thing Florence takes his case and advance him some money so he can redesign part of the house so it will be adapted for a wheelchair. They want to give them a settlement which is not much of one. the doctor told him that he never will walk again. But Marc refuses to sign the deal so the money stops coming in and the bills piles up. The thing they need each other to see that they have a passion and they should carry it out. Marc with riding again and competing, Florence playing the piano again. If they didn’t meet this would never had happen. Albert Dupontel rode horses to do his own stunts one which is pretty difficult to do It took about Six months I believe. Cécile had 3 month to play the piano and she pull ir off beautifully well. Dercourt should have put the story from the beginning when Marc was a stunt man and doing competition so we would have known what kind go man he was instead he started when he got back to the hospital. But it is still a good film.



BERNIE (1996)

Bernie (1996)









A film by Albert Dupontel

Cast: Claude Perron, Albert Dupontel, Roland Blanche

Bernie (Albert Dupontel) is 30 years old and decided to leave the orphanage so he can find his parents. Bernie is a little slow that is why he is in the orphanage so they can monitor him with the care that he needs.While he is investigating he meets a young heroin addicted and falls in love with her. He believes that his family left him because some kind of plot.

Here is a black comedy at his best. It is a melodrama with black humor and the director Dupontel pushed the envelope to the max.It leaves a massacre where no one is safe from the poor , the rich, the florist, the dog, the poor, the rich, everybody has to go because of Bernie absurd logic of this plot that is why is parents left him at least that is what he thinks. This film that not too many people as seen is as good as Pulp Fiction okay a little weird with black humor like I said but as good. It is a crazy violent film with a dream like state of an ending. Let’s say it is a bunch a wacky character in outrageous situation. Great film there. Loved it.













LA PROIE (2011)

English tile: The prey.

A film by Eric Valette.
Cast: Albert Dupontel, Alice Taglioni, Stéphane Debac.
Bankrobber Franck Adrien serves a prison sentence after successfully robbing a national bank, but before he gets caught he manages to hide the money and it’s not just police that are looking for the money. His cellmate is Jean-Louis Maurel who is suspected rapist/child molester but he claims his innocence and the court finds him not guilty, Maurel promises to look after Franck Adriens family when Maurel gets out. But one day, a man called Manuel Carrega tells Franck Adrien that Jean-Louis Maurel is suspected serial killer and that Franck Adriens family might be in danger. Franck Adrien escapes from prison and police officer Claire Linné and her team takes up the chase.
Here is a thriller a la American / French. Fast paste when Adrien escape jail. This is a testosterone-packed thriller full of breathtaking stunts and nice Landscape, interesting, charismatic and energetic characters. Some great stunts in this one like the one when Dopontel is in the stair case jump on the cop crash through the window and land on the van and start running. A bit unrealistic of course but who cares it is fun to watch. It’s even less likely that someone walks around with a shot wound in his stomach for several days and then still goes out climbing rocks. Cart and mouse game between cops and the bad guy. Stéphane Debac Play a child molester/ rapist is outstanding. He is manipulative and has this look on this face that read you can trust me but…Overall a great thriller.


A film by Nicolas Boukhrief.
Cast: Albert Dupontel, Jean Dujardin, François Berléand.
In France, the disturbed and mysterious Alexandre Demarre is hired as security guard for the Vigilante armored truck company earning 1,200 euros per month and lodges in a hotel nearby the company for 1,450 euros for a month. He becomes close to his colleagues, actually a group of losers, without motivation or perspective, paranoids, depressed and substances addicted men, and prepares a personal file with the profile of each one. Along the days, the real intentions of Alex in working at Vigilante are disclosed.
Great story and nice casting.

French thriller, the plot is ultimately satisfying and benefits from strong performances. It is a dark tale of revenge. It did not get a US release unfortunately. The final ten minutes are a tour de force of violence and action in the most realistic and brutal way. you see this film and you see a new guy getting a job as a convoyeur for a month then he rents a hotel room for a month and tell the clerk that he does not his room clean for the all month. Now you are thinking who is this guy and what is he doing? As the movie run along you find more about him. Not a pretty movie but a dark thriller. Great film.

This trailer is in french