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smokes and mirrors

A  film by Alberto Rodríguez

Cast: José Coronado, Eduard Fernández, Miquel García Borda

English : The Man with Thousand Faces

Francisco Paesa, former Spanish secret agent, is committed to resolve a case of embezzlement of money likely to lead to a state scandal. The man sees the opportunity to enrich himself while avenging the government that betrayed him in the past. Then begins one of the most incredible political and financial intrigues of recent years: the true story of a man who deceived a whole country and knocked down a government.

God dam!! what a film. Genius I might have. Here is a smart, captivating and brilliantly  film. The film is technically remarkable. In the beginning, we get lost a bit, then the magic takes shape. Filmed in France, Singapore, Switzerland and Spain, Director Rodriguez out did himself in this film. With a budget of 4,5 millions Dollars this film has an enormous success all over Europe. Based on Manuel Cerdán’s book, that the director appreciated, back in the 90’s Rodriguez decided to adapt the book into a screenplay. It was the biggest financial scandal in Spain, back in the 90’s. Here Rodriguez set the pace from the beginning of the film with some cool rhythm music.  The film has this narration and even depict the financial jargon so you can understand better the event that took place. Here the english title is going to be “Smoke and Mirrors” it is far from the traduction. Who cares see this film that is brilliantly filmed where the 90’s was recreated beautifully well even the costumes by Rodriguez.

Smoke and Mirrors-2

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Marshland (2014)

Marshland (2014)

A film by Alberto Rodríguez

Cast: Javier Gutiérrez, Raúl Arévalo, María Varod

Juan (Javier Gutierrez) and Pedro (Raul Arevalo) are two experienced homicide detectives from Madrid with different styles and methods. They work together to find two teenage girls who disappear during the annual festivities in Spain’s deep south in 1980. Two detective has to their best to put aside their differences in order to find the girls, but there are a bunch of labourers on strike, plus the drug traffic that is going on to top it all off secrets surfaces about one of the detectives.

Winner of 10 Goya Awards ( it is theirs oscars) , a murder mystery thriller set in the marshlands of Andalucia has plenty of intriguing mystery and puzzle that falls into place including some, outstanding cinematography in which I would recommend this film Neo-Noir so put this one on your list.

Immediately you are drawn into the characters and the  beautiful but grippy landscape. The event is about to bring two detective from Madrid to find the 2 missing girls. There is tense relationship between the 2 detective here Juan (Javier Gutierrez) and Pedro (Raul Arevalo) one believe in violence to get thing done the other is analytical. In this film you will find the negative of 2 naked girls, a drunk with a shotgun, a man who knows all the shortcuts, a journalist whose family call him Truman Capote, an illegal brick, an abandoned farmhouse, a psychic who guts fish, a man in a hat who smells of expensive cologne which equal to a rare film that will kick you in the gut. Rodriguez brings those elements with greatness plus the perfect beautiful cinematography to go with it. It could be more than a perfect film.

Marshland (2014)


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