A film by Anna Muylaert

Cast: Regina Casé, Antonio Abujamra, Helena Albergaria

Anna Muylaert’s heartwarming The Second Mother (2015), starring Regina Casé is a crowd pleaser and festival favorite, it premiered at Sundance where Casé and Camila Márdila won the Special Jury Prize for Acting. Val (Casé), a live-in housekeeper for a wealthy family in São Paulo, has helped bring up their seventeen-year-old son Fabinho (Michel Joelsas). It came with a price she left her estrange husband and her daughter behind in order tomato money and sent some to her daughter she has not seen her in 10 years. One day Val gets a phone call from her daughter now 17, Jéssica (Márdila) contacts Val as she is coming to São Paulo to stake  her entrance exam at the  university. But once there she will destabilized the family.

Une seconde mère (2015)

Val welcomes Jessica to the home of her boss but Jessica outright refuses to conform to or accept the hierarchies in the affluent family’s home, she is hungry for knowledge wants to study architecture, she is smart and curious about the city, she wants to discover it. Carlos (Lourenço Mutarelli) has no need to work and is bored and is a loner. On the other hand his ambitious wife, Dona Bárbara (Karine Teles), is ambitious  of her social status and is suspicious and pissed of Jéssica and her refusal to fit in. In the meantime you have Val who has a really good relationship with Fabinho but the mother does not how to interact with her son nor how to love him.

There is a refreshing political agenda and Muylaert shows us the class barrier here with a well structure script. There is some cool moment where Dona is forced to make breakfast to Jessica because her mother did not wake  up in time.or the one where Val is serving dinner and the family is in silence mode because they are in their smart phone. I love that one the best. It is a wonderful flawless film here.