ADRIFT (2018)


A film by Baltasar Kormákur

Cast: Shailene WoodleySam ClaflinGrace Palmer

In September, 1983, Tami Oldham Ashcraft and her fiance, Richard Sharp, were hired to take a 44-foot yacht on a 4,000-mile journey from Tahiti to San Diego. About half way there the encounter a hurricane which was building for a couple of weeks. Caught into it full force the yacht in 145-knot winds, the boat over turn a few time to find themselves adrift.

Here is a couple who found love a first sight while traveling on boats. They meet in Tahiti where Tami running away from her town San Diego not in the hurry to go back any time soon. Love blossomed and soon after that they fell in love, they had a big thing in common they love to travel by sea to discover the world. Everything was fine until an english couple asked them to take their yacht to San Diego and give them $10,000 plus a first class ticket back to Tahiti. Until they get caught into the hurricane. When she find herself adrift she is going to have to pull through right away in order to survive. It is based on the true story , from the book that Tami Oldham Ashcraft wrote in 2002 Red Sky in Mourning: A True Story of Love, Loss and Survival at Sea. A terrific story of survival and will power to stay alive. Adrift has flashback between their hot romance on Tahiti and the increasingly difficult situation after the storm, as Tami struggles to keep herself and Richard alive. I love the shot of the yacht up in the hair where you see the waste ocean and this little tiny boat. It is scary no land to be seen. The shoot must have been difficult because when you see the beautiful scenery that the ocean and the sunset has to offer it is breathtaking. The question here that you have to ask yourself is would I have survive this if I was Tami. What would you have done. The thing here is that Tami has a positive attitude and said to herself I will stay alive I will survive this. What she is using duck tape to do what?




EVEREST (2015)

everest 2015

A film by Baltasar Kormákur

Cast: Jason Clarke, Ang Phula Sherpa, Thomas M. Wright, Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Brolin, Robin Wright,Jason Clarke

Everest Is the highest mountain in the world and for some reasons everybody wants to climb it. One of every four climber dies every year. Based on a true story author Jon Krakauer’s book, “Into Thin Air” the film centers on multiple 1996 expeditions to scale Everest’s summit. Rob Hall (Jason Clarke) is the man who helped turn such expeditions into a profitable business, the thing is he has to go up every time with this group of people who has paid a small fortune and he has to get them safely down plus there is the brutality of mother’s nature to go with it. Og course there is Rob’s pregnant wife (Keira Knightley), left behind to worry while he takes on one more climb. the team as follows are: The 100% Texan Beck Weathers (played by 100%), every day man Doug Hansen (John Hawkes), who has tried to reach the summit twice and failed, Yasuko Namba (Naoko Mori), a woman who has reached 6 of the world’s 7 summits, Krakauer himself (Michael Kelly) the journalist to document the trip and if Rob’s people succeed in reaching the top they will get the cover of the magazine.

The thing is the the mountain the weather is unpredictable wit brutal conditions like extreme wind, and sown storm. And when the weather does not cooperate and they ran out of oxygen it is trouble at its best, now you are hoping for the best. I saw a documentary about it one time on those people who climb everest and some didn’t get back. The only thing about the film that Kormákur could put in is a bit more who those people were. Instead in concentrated on the tragedy which is fine. The performances of the actors were splendid with this all star cast. No happy ending here it is like the mention has spoken.

Everest (2015)

Everest (2015)

THE DEEP (2012)

A film by Baltasar Kormákur.
Cast: Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, Stefán Hallur Stefánsson, Jóhann G. Jóhannsson.
Based on actual events, a fisherman tries to survive in the freezing ocean after his boat capsizes off the south coast of Iceland.
Icelandic screenwriter, actor, producer and director Baltasar Kormákur’s feature film which he co-wrote with screenwriter Jón Atli Jónasson and co-produced, is inspired by real events in the life of an man named Guðlaugur Friðþórsson and four other men which took place in 1984 on one of the Westman Islands called Heimaey. the film was shot on locations in the North Atlantic Ocean and is an Iceland-Norway co-production which was produced by producer Agnes Johansen. It tells the story about a fisherman named Gulli who lives in a coastal town and who is few days away from heading out to the sea on a fishing boat called Breki-VE with his crew members. One morning they take off like any other morning to sea to go fishing. In the middle of the day the net gets caught on a rock, the captain of the boat guns it to get going and it does but you see the boat tilting on the side an water going in once the net gets loose the boat goes back to it normal position. Later they go fishing again and caught some small fishes nothing much. It is night and time to go fishing again the net drags behind the boat and gets caught on the rock again, one of the sailor wants to cut the cable but the captain says no , the net doe not get free from the rock and the boar gets capsize very quickly. The water temperature is 41 degrees F. Now that is all I am going to tell you. It is shot on location, the performances of the actors were outstanding. A nice little movie from Iceland.