A film by Sean Baker

Cast: Brooklynn Prince, Bria Vinaite, Willem Dafoe

Set over one summer Mooney plays with her ragtime friends while her mother a bit rebellious takes care of her. All that in the perimeter of Disney World.

It is a sentimental film who had greatness all over it, and it s not going to be easy to do a review with this one. It does not have the Hollywood formula but its own and Baker nailed it. This the the second film that I think is the best of the year. Original Yes!!!


The Magic Castle motel is the kind of place most people don’t even notice as they speed past it on their way to Disney World. It is a strip of cheap motel , with a tourist trap along the way. We get introduces us to his child protagonists first, best friends Moonee (Brooklynn Prince) and Scooty (Christopher Rivera). They’re running to a neighboring motel so they can spit on a car from the balcony above. Yeah kids doing stupid thing, kids that are not supervised will do stupid thing. You will be taken on the adventure to follow the kids of what they do all day. You will think that the director idolise resident motel kids but he does not do such thing he has an honest approach to it. The kids here uses their imagination and plays around all day. Mooney knows the deal she wants to play all day and she has a mother who is an adult rebellious one at that who is trying to take care of her. Moonee’s mother Halley (Bria Vinaite) is sliding down from a social economical latter, she tries to make ends meet. always late for rent but pays it, just has enough food on the table. You do not know what happened that is why I like this film not everything is explained. Bobby (Willem Dafoe) who portrait the manger feels for this kids and has a hard time to detach from them. The realism is this film stands out you will see their daily routine, Mooney does the same thing every day a nice touch for the film. It is going to make you think about those people the next time you are going to the magic kingdom of the next time you will see those cheap hotel along the highway and that is the special film for the year.