A film by David Lowery

Cast: Casey Affleck, Rooney Mara, McColm Cephas Jr.

This tale of a man who dies young and comeback as a ghost to  linger around the property where he and his wife once lived is bound to be one of the most original film of the year. I did even see the trailer and did not want to know anything about this film I said to myself I am going to see this film, and you will need to see this film a second time just in case you missed something.


The film is so charming here and has purity and theme is so simple not even too much dialog just watch and take it all in. You see this couple talking to each other at their house . everything is fine but the film goes back and forth it in time of some sort. The the inevitable happens C gets in an accident right in the front of his house and dies. M Is devastated but C wakes up in the morgue and wonders as a ghost. Until he find a path way that opens for him to get in and move on to the next life. But instead goes home and follows M. But the film  is a bit confusing jumping from one time line to another. It looks like C is trying to get answers that we all want to know but he does seems to get them either . The film is like that you are going to love it or hate it there is not in between.







A film by Kenneth Lonergan

Cast: Casey Affleck, Michelle Williams, Kyle Chandler

Lee Chandler (Casey Affleck) is  back to his hometown by news that his older brother, Joe, has died. Joe, an unbelievable nice man (Kyle Chandler), had congestive heart failure for a long time, so his death, while wrenching and sad, could not have been entirely unexpected so we are told in the flashback . What Joe’s 16-year-old son, Patrick (Lucas Hedges), and Lee face together is an enormous grief and a big decision that Lee has to make.


The film opens with Lee a handy man for 2 building his life is miserable he has to put up with complaints from the tenants, who also complain about him to his boss. You see this man used by his job who lives downstairs in a one room apartment. Later in the flashback you will see in what kind of pain he is in. How did he live with himself then to top it all off his brother died now he is faced with: he has to look after Patrick, whose mother (Gretchen Mol) is out of the picture. Lee has to meet with lawyers and funeral directors. He drives his nephew to band practice,  he forgets where he parked the car. He has to figure out what to do about Joe’s commercial fishing boat and what to say about Patrick’s complicated romantic situation. surprisingly there is some funny moments in there to break up this melodrama. Later Lee is faced to see again his ex-wife Randi  (Michelle Williams ) which is not an easy task from both of them.

But Manchester by the Sea is  about Lee and his family, their houses and boats and drinking habits and marriages. It has sentimental and ideological value, it is about life,  trying to overcome tragedy and how they deal with it. A masterpiece yes it is but after that one you are going to want to see a comedy , because damn this melodrama can be exhausting watching the 2 hour of it. I am seriously going to need several glasses of wine.


TRIPLE 9 (2016)

Triple 9

A film by John Hillcoat

Cast: Casey Affleck, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Anthony Mackie , Woody Harrelson, Aaron paul, Kate Winslet, Norman Reedus

Here is a film Neo-Noir that could of been great but did not deliver, even has a few surprises but didn’t pan out as a slow burning thriller. Plus the cast for perfect with a bunch of A-list stars. It is a good film but not great.

Michael (Chiwetel Ejiofor)  a bank robber with Special Forces training who pulls off jobs with his military pal, Russell (“The Walking Dead”‘s Norman Reedus), a pair of corrupt cops in Marcus (Anthony Mackie) and Jorge (Clifton Collins Jr.), and Russell’s drug addict brother, Gabe (Aaron Paul). They pull a bank heist targeting a specific deposit box. Of course something goes wrong because of one team member that almost got them caught. There is an involvement with a Russian-Israeli headed by Irina Vlaslov (Kate Winslet) running her mobster husband’s business while he rots in a gulag. She has been using Michael as her go to boy. In the mix there is the new guy Chris (Casey Affleck) who is transfer to the unit and is clueless who are the bad cops, well at first anyway and there is is uncle played by Woody Harrelson.

triple 9-2

Chris is pretty much the only redeemable character in the entire film, with Chris’ uncle who happens to be investigating the robberies by Michael’s crew. The film is mostly focus on Micheal and his crew. The thing is this film is predictable as hell it is like deja-vu. The actors does a great job to deliver their roles even Winslet pulls it off but she is a little off at times something does not click, although she is not recognizable you have to pay you attention. Other then that it should scratch the itch for fans of this Neo-Noir film. Like I said it could been great but it is just good and watchable.

(Left to right) Woody Harrelson and Casey Affleck in TRIPLE 9.

GERRY (2002)


A film by Gus Van Sant

Cast: Casey Affleck, Matt Damon

Two guys named Gerry who goes to the desert for a walk and get lost. That is the all story there.

Here are 2 guys who are walking in the desert but get lost along the way, they talk, and the walk some more in silence. The opening od the film is them driving and saying 2 words. It goes on for a while. Then they go for a walk in the desert and get lost. Now I heard that a lot of people walked out of the theater because they couldn’t take it. The more I watched the film the more I said to myself when it is going to end. But it is good because you have to watched the body language of those two guys ,the breathtaking cinematography and the camera angle that Gus did in an other word the way it is filmed. The script was written by Casey, Matt and Gus the are very few dialogue I take it that it was on page only. But there is a scene where they are talking about this dumb contestant they saw on “Jeopardy,” One morning he is standing on the top of the rock and not sure how he got there and are trying to find out how he gets down. It the last one of a Trilogy the one before that is called Elephant and before that Last days. It is brilliant to me. I didn’t read nothing about this Film and saw it I go  okay so I went in the bonus feature and found out it is a trilogy. Pay attention in all the films Some of you might love it, like it or hate it and some of you will be adventurous like me. Chosen by “Les Cahiers du cinéma” (France) as one of the 10 best pictures of 2002 (#10, with the TV-show 24 (2001)). I think if I am correct it has been film in 3 different location. Algeria, California, Salt lake city.



And yes there is a trailer for this film.

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A film by Steve Buscemi.
Cast: Casey Affleck, Liv T yler, Mary Kay Place.

Lonesome Jim (Casey Affleck). He went to New York City to be a great writer. Jim returns home to Indiana. The film is directed by Steve Buscemi who has become a great director and actor. Jim is in the same hole as his brother, Tim (Kevin Corrigan), who never left home. One brother tells the other: “You’re divorced, with a shity job in a lumberyard, and live with Mom and Dad. I’m a fuck up but you’re a damn tragedy.” Apart from the divorce, this could be either brother describing the other. Jim moves in with Tim and their mom and dad (Mary Kay Place and Seymour Cassel).
The dad is a sour pus; The mom is cheerful and over loving. She runs the lumber and ladder works, which her brother, called Evil (Mark Boone Junior), uses as a depot for drug deals. Tim and Jim discuss suicide. Tim runs his car into a tree, and although he survives, Jim has to take over his duties as the coach of a girls basketball team that has not scored a single point in 14 games. Jim’s brother’s nurse is the sympathetic single mother Anika (Liv Tyler). It happens, Anika and Jim already know each other from a night of sudden sex a five second deal, well he came quickly. Meanwhile things goes worst at home. Evil’s schemes manage to get his sister arrested as a drug dealer and she looks optimistic. The movie is based on a screenplay by the Indiana writer James C. Strouse. The movie was filmed in 18 days. Several members of the writer’s family appears in the film. His brother plays one of the Drug Enforcement Agents. His father is the neighbor in the trampoline scene. His mother appears briefly in the scene when Jim nearly almost hits a tree. Finally, Jim’s nieces Sarah and Rachel are the writer’s actual nieces. The movie was filmed in the writer’s hometown and the factory is his parents’ actual factory. Is jim going to allow to be love by the nurse and is he going to be happy in Indiana. Nice little film by Steve Buscemi, nicely film with creative shot.