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A film by Emmanuel Courcol

Cast: Romain Duris, Mathilde Courcol-Rozès, Arnaud Dupont, Céline Sallette

English: Cease fire (translation of the title)

1923. George (Romain Duris) , a hero of the 1914 war fleeing his past, has for four years led a nomadic and adventurous life in Africa when he decides to return to France. He finds his mother and his brother Marcel, a war invalid walled up in silence. Unable to regain a place in this post-war period when life went on without him, he meets Helene (Céline Sallette)  a sign language teacher with whom he forges a tormented relationship …


It is to pay tribute to his grandfather that Emmanuel Courcol, who is the first feature film and who is known mainly as co-screenwriter of the films of Philippe Lioret, had the desire to address this Historical period. 1914-1918 is the first “modern” war, infamous for the physical consequences it has left the soldiers. On the other hand, few specialists have studied the psychological consequences of this type of conflict, what is now known as “post-traumatic stress disorder” due to the impossibility of returning to civilian life. The opening scene Has this raw realism that is enough to account for this bloody horror. Then everything calms down. We are in 1923, five years after the end of the war. One discovers a Paris where people are moving on and forgetting the war. The money of the wealthy flows freely, the carelessness of this new society, has an insolent luxury of the hideous and above all the arrogance of the new generation that is spreading  out everywhere. For Georges, a wounded, ex-soldier  and lonely man who no longer finds his place in this world which he does not recognize, it is unbearable. So he goes to Africa, well for some reason I will not mention he see the film he goes back to France. Georges’ brother did not recover well from the war. There George meet this free-spirited independent  woman who is maybe going to be good for him or not. Emmanuel Courcol is showing us an elegant and sober look on a painful period of our history. He also paints a precise picture of a contrasting period, magnified by the illuminations of Tom Stern, who transports us from the trenches but in France and Africa as well. There are superb colourful costumes as well as a beautiful scenery of the countries. Very good for a first film, I will give you a warning some of you will not like this film. This film is about relationship and the soldier coming back home not knowing if they are going to be integrated  in society again.





A film by Nicolas Silhol

Cast: Céline Sallette, Lambert Wilson, Stéphane De Groodt

What don’t you understand? we do not want you any more. So quit already. Yes it it going on all aver the world This sort of comportment in the corporate world.

Emilie Tesson-Hansen ( Cécile Sallette) , the human resources manager of the financial department of the Esen Group loses her cool to a long time suffering employee she set a series of events that will follow. For starter the suicide of this particular employee. You see Emilie is from the humans resources and has to tell the employee that they are trying to get rid off without touching employment. She is train for that. her entire professional world and her perception of herself that’s about to turn upside down. Cécile Sallette incarnate her character beautifully well. Emilie does her job well and has no problem with it but when the incident occur then she begins to question herself. They used the strategy that is called Ambition 2016 plan that uses behavioural evaluations to target those who resist change. But when the boss (Lambert Wilson) is afraid that is going to backfire and they are going to point the finger at him he is using Emilie as his escape goat. First film by Niclas Sihol here who has written the screen play has done a great deal of research here to know how the system work plus the lingo that goes with it.  voila c’est tout.




saint amour

A film by Benoît Delépine, Gustave Kervern

Cast: Gérard Depardieu, Benoît Poelvoorde, Vincent Lacoste, Céline Sallette

Keep in mind that saint amour is a wine, and no I have not tasted it yet. It is on my list. I know what you are going to say Dude your French and you have not tasted that wine yet? Spare me the details. Here is cool film by Benoît Delépine, Gustave Kervern an impulsive road-trip movie with an inclination for surrealism. The picture is brilliant with a depressive self worth protagonist who find comfort in alcohol.

saint amour-3

The film A man wanders around aimlessly at a farming convention, drinking free wine with his friend at a farming convention (Le salon de l’agriculture) that paint the picture of a lonely guy who sets the theme of what to come. Bruno (Benoit Poelvoorde) is like  avery men, enjoying a weekend away from the farm, in order to support his father Jean (Gérard Depardieu) who entered  in to a cattle competition. we gather that the relationship went straight to hell since jean’s wife passed away. Jean sees that his son is in a bad place he decide to pay a  cab driver, Mike (Vincent Lacoste) to take them on the official wine tour in France, as they try to rekindle their relationship by drinking as many bottle of wine as possible, well my kind of movie. Depardieu uses his body with humor as big as he is he still takes off his shirt (I know scary) But only him can pull it off. Of course he has a reputation of drinking a lot as well as eating he uses that throughout the film. Benoît Poelvoorde does  what he does best. Along the way there is some women that some of them will meet in different circumstances. Great ending as usual I would expect no less. And yes after the film I drank a Château Le Grand Moulin Collection Grand reserve 2009 Blaye Côte de Bordeaux Great wine by the way.

saint amour-2

LA FRENCH (2014)

La french

A film by Cédric Jimenez

Cast: Jean Dujardin, Gilles Lellouche, Céline Sallette

English title: The Connection. 

In 1971 William Friedkin released his Oscar-winning film The French connection. The film told the story of the French Connection drug ring which has smuggles heroin in New York from France.. In the connection (La French) by director Cédric Jimenez, the story is taken across the globe to Marseilles, France, where the drug ring was based. Jean Dujardin plays a magistrate Peirre Michel who is transfer to Marseille to be in charge of the case La French . On the other side of the track is Gaetan Zampa (Gilles Lelouche) who plays the king pin of Marseille. It is 1975 and things are good in the drug trade at that time until the new Magistrate Pierre Michel came to Marseille.

Great story and awesome film. Never a dull moment. Jimenez shot the film in 35mm to get the authentic look and feel of the 70’s film, and it works. Now I remember hear the story back in 1975 it made the news Jimenez uses real news footage from the 70’s at the beginning of the story. In the early 70’s there until Early 80’s 40 tons of heroin was delivered to the US from France. The story start In the middle where Pierre Michel took over the case. When he took over the case things didn’t go too well for Zampa who was getting pissed off. The thing is that Pierre was so obsessed with the case that he neglected his family life. Pierre was persistent and would never let go. The cinematography is beautiful,and retro. The costumes and accessories were perfect even the design of the set inside disco club. Pierre is the hero of the story well incarnated as humanly possible with his everyday life and life at work. The decline Of Zampa was taking effect even the people around him started to get scared of being taken by the police and thrown in jail. They were very organized and became very disorganized to me later on as the years went by because of Pierre. You know what is going to happen at the end the director build the tension with music that is perfectly integrated for the film. Pierre drives my favorite car of all time the DS Citroen.  Yes we still know how to make a good thriller in France Thank god.


la french

Video in French only. This film is not yet in the US. 


vie sauvage

A film by: Cédric Kahn

Cast: Mathieu Kassovitz, Céline Sallette, David Gastou 

Based on a True Story. One day the mother of this nomad family decided to take her kids to her parents because she is fed up with the nomad life. But her husband decide to pursue her and get his 2 kids to go with him. One kids from a previous relationship is his step son. So the mother pursue him in justice to find her 2 sons to go live with her.

Here is a true story about a mother who is fed up to live like a nomad and takes her 3 kids with her to live back with her parents. She does not get along with her husband any more she wants stability for her kids and her on the other hand her husband does not want the same things. He does not like the other side of the world. For 10 years the police tried to capture the dad and kids when one day it finally came to an end. With style and grace Kahn shows the difficult life that they lived trying to escape from the police from town to town. They hunted, fished, got into construction in small town building houses. Khan does not judge the father in this for his love of his children that is up to the audience to judge in favor of the mother or father. He does not forget to show the horror of the mother trying to find her kids. The drama intensify as the story goes along. It is a touching human story masterfully filmed by Kahn. The actors has done a terrific job in this , the chemistry is there. Even the story end perfectly. This film could not been better.

Vie sauvage (2014)




A film by Tony Gatlif

Cast: Céline Sallette, Rachid Yous, David Murgia

In the sweltering august heat in the south of France, Geronimo a young social worker tries to ease tension between 2 Clan of the St. Pierre neighborhood. Every thing changes when a clan member runs out of her wedding to be join by an other clan member from the opposite side which sparks hostility between the two clan with Geronimo in the middle.

Here is a story across Romeo and julliette / westside story version gypsies . A teenager girl of Turkish origin fleas her own arrange wedding with an another clan member from the gypsies clan to flee the country.  Geronimo who is a social worker tries to ease the tension even knows most of them took care of some of them they come from a broken home. They try to settle this with dancing sets in this big warehouse and some cool music. You see Geronimo the social worker has her hand full with a bunch of kids who steal at supermarkets and retail store anything they can get their hands on.  she is trying to get them to do good in this world but some of them are influence by Turkish clan member as well as by the gypsies clan. Geronimo has her plate full with those kids. She is trying to find the runaway bride before her own clan kills her because she dishonored the clan. A showdown between the 2 clans happens and dancing takes place with some Gypsies music. Some cool urban cinematography in this film. The start of the film is à la Romeo and Julliette and towards the end is à la West Side Story and you have a cool little film à la Tony Gatlif.



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