A film by  Lucas Bernard

Cast:  Charles Berling, Swann Arlaud, Jennifer Decker

English: A handsome Thief

Commissioner Beffrois waits for retirement with mixed enthusiasm when a bunch of stolen paintings catches his attention. Is it the elegance of the process, the different painting that are stolen, the audacity of the crime or the cat and mouse game that is going to take place. Is the Commissioner going to catch this thief before he retire?

A investigation jubilant in the world of art. It is a surprise for the first film of the year the tone, the dialogue, the story, the chemistry with the actors shot in Paris what more do you want? It looks like a bit from the film to catch a thief from Alfred Hitchcock, rewriting in today’s context. Here is the commissioner who is going to retire soon but is fascinated by the thief who is stealing work of art in the apartments in Paris. He has some issues about his sons who are leaving the apartment and the fact that he is going to retire which he won’t be able to work with his colleague, it looks like he is going to miss that. Charles Berling gives his character a facetious tone, with shining eyes and a quirky humor. Swann Arlaud brings the touch of mystery, discretion and sympathy to his character. You even kind of like him. There are a nice chase on the top of the roof of the apartments in Paris. A nice film by the first time director Lucas Bernard.


L’ENQUETE (2014)














A film by Vincent Garenq 

Cast: Gilles Lellouche, Charles Berling, Laurent Capelluto

English: The investigation. 


2001 a journalist named Denis Robert (Gilles Lellouche) set on fire the financial world by accusing Clearstream the bank of money laundering. His quest for truth will be joined by Judge Renaud Van Ruymbeke (Charles Berling) Who is very combined agains corruption. Their path will lead them to the so-called “Clearstream Affair” and it is not going to be pretty.

The thing is about those film you have to follow very carefully the film because the financial world is a bit complicated. Here Garenq has done is best to explain it so the audience understand. This happen about 2001 when a Journalist Denis wrote a book who got the attention of an other man who told him this is the tip of the iceberg. So Denis wrote the following book about what was going on at Clearstream. Denis was working for the newspaper Le Monde but he had enough of the editor who told him to polish his article all the time all he wanted to report is the truth. So he went on to write his first book about the corruption of the banking system.  But when Denis continues to dig further a availing of revelation falls hard. So Clearstream protect themselves. Vincent Garenq film the story like a triller a l’american and that is the way to go with this story. The thing is with big bank who has to much power and cover up files left and right takes out the little guy like Denis to get rid of him. Great performance by Gilles Lellouche. Although a lot of journalist can not do their job right and tell the truth if they are attacked by the big powerful companies out there. A cool little thriller based on a true story made in France.









LE PRENOM (2012)

A film by Alexandre de La Patellière, Matthieu Delaporte.
Cast: Patrick Bruel, Valérie Benguigui, Charles Berling.
Vincent is about to become a father. At a meeting with childhood friends he announces the name for his future son. The scandalous name ignites a discussion which surfaces unpleasant matters from the past of the group. Ok here it is in the beginning of the movie you will see a vespa going on certain street of Paris and thing of it is if you live in Paris like me you know the street you know where he is going. I have been too long in Paris already and I have drank too much wine. You will be able to relate to this film I guarantee you Of course it is a french movie so they will be wine drinking hello duhhh!!!! that is how we french people stay young for ever. enjoy this film and have a glass of wine while you are watching It. A great comedy do not miss it you will laugh you’re ass off or if you are drinking wine while watching this film be careful not too get wine running down your nose. No I didn’t.