Midnight Run (1988)









A film by Martin Brest

Cast: Robert De Niro, Charles Grodin, Yaphet Kotto 

Jack Walsh (Robert De Niro) is a skip-tracer, a former cop who works for bondsmen, bringing back clients who have tried to jump bail. Jonathan Mardukas (Charles Grodin is an accountant who embezzled millions of dollars from the mob in Vegas, and then jumped bail. And you have your odd ball couple comedy. The thing is that the FBI are after them and the mob are trying to kill them as they are running across country. The chase is going to be more predictable and you will get to know those two guys more as the film goes on. Robert De Niro is my favorite actor and his the greatest actor of his generation, bu there Charles Grodin is the same generation as Robert but does not get the credit he deserves. He is also a great actor. Jack finds Jonathan in New York but has to turn him in In L.A. not an easy thing to do when you have the FBI and the mob at your tale. The chase involved train trips, a shootout at the Chicago bus terminal, hitchhiking, riding the rails in box cars, and being attacked by helicopters. Here is Dennis Farina who of course plays a mob guy who is trying to kill them both and gets pissed off because the hit squad keeps on missing their target. This film plays out as a thriller with comedy which works well here.  De Niro and Grodin deserves each other here and there is perfect chemistry.  The thing is that De Niro and Grodin are at each other throat though out the movie.  Of course let’s not forget Yaphet Kotto an other terrific actor whose character is pissed off because De Niro has stolen his badge and is posing as him. Smart move there. A terrific film by Martin Brest who has directed Beverly Hills Cop.

 Midnight Run






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