lost city of Z

A film by James Gray

Cast: Charlie Hunnam, Tom Holland, Sienna Miller

The true story of Percival Harrison Fawcett, one of the greatest explorers of the twentieth century. Percy Fawcett is a recognized British colonel and a loving husband. In 1906, when he was about to become a father, the Royal Geographical Society of England proposed to him to leave to Amazonia in order to map the borders between Brazil and Bolivia. Right a way , the man has a passion for exploration and discovers traces of what he thinks is a very old lost city. Back in England, Fawcett constantly thinks of this mysterious civilization, torn between his love for his family and his thirst for exploration and glory …


Here is a stroke a genius where James Gray reappropriates a genre fallen into disuse to offer us the masterful portrait of an explorer carried by his thirst for adventure.Here Gray choose to do an interpretation of the novel La cité perdue de Z écrit par David Grann. It is no secret that  Gray makes the viewer follow the adventure of the military man names Fawcett that disappeared somehow into the jungle never to return to England. James Gray’s latest feature film is a beautiful  scenario built around Percy Fawcett’s (Charlie Hunnam’s) back and forth between his home and the heart of the Amazon jungle. Here Gray shot this film à la classic mode the only thing to do to me otherwise the film will fall into the water. Fawcett is not crazy to go to the amazon forest but to reclaim his tile of his name he decided to go which trigger his thirst for adventure and exploration as well as glory. Charlie Hunnam here does a superb job to incarnate his character.It is interesting to see that Fawcett also has other obligations, well he is a  husband and father which his wife makes the sacrifices here  and is beautifully interpreted by actress Sienna Miller. You see  he returns to his home, after several years of travel so it takes a toll on his wife. He has a hard time with the children. The cinematography here is near perfect. I can’t wait until his next picture.





A film by Guillermo del Toro.

Cast: Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnam, Rinko Kikuchi.

When monstrous creatures, known as Kaiju, started rising from the sea, a war began that would take millions of lives and consume humanity’s resources for years on end. Massive Robot (Jaeger)  was constructed to fight the creatures, which are controlled simultaneously by two pilots whose mind are locked in a neural bridge. This works for a while but soon the humans have to think of something else to defeat the creatures. So on their last chance mankind turned to 2 individual a wash out pilot Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hunnam) and a trainee Mako Mori (Rinko kikuchi) who are teamed up to drive a one of a kind Jaeger. Will they succeed ?

First this remain me of the Japanese film were they are monsters ( Kaiju) destroying human race, But there the story takes us where human have constructed Jaeger massive giant robot to combat them. The story has emotion in it not this mindless emotionless action Sci-Fi picture. The pilots don’t share just responsibilities they share each others memories, and must struggle not just to control their thoughts during combat, but to avoid being thrown off when their co-pilot lets a distracting or traumatic image slip through. Raleigh who lost his brother thought that the bond that he had with his brother ca not be replicated until he meet this young woman named Mako.  Idris Elba is a father figures for Mako who saw her parent died from a Kajiu. Also Del Toro made Elba wear a suit in most movies they were a military uniform or a jump suit of sme kind that came to a surprise for me. They are many great shot in this film and the special effect are great. Over all it has a good story a great director and a nice ensemble cast.