A film by  James Mangold

Cast:  Matt Damon, Christian Bale, Jon Bernthal 

Based on a true story, the film follows a team of eccentric American engineers led by the visionary Carroll Shelby and his British driver Ken Miles, who are sent by Henry Ford II to build from scratch a new automobile that will dethrone the Ferrari at the 1966 Le Mans competition.

Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon), is a champion racer whose hypertension forces him to retirement. After hanging up his gloves and his helmet, Shelby goes into car sales with a sideline in modification and design, and he also manages some racers, including the eccentric Ken Miles, played by Christian Bale. Ford was not too crazy to have Miles on board which created some friction there but Shelby insisted that Miles was the best man for the job. It is the story of those two Miles and Shelby who are going to be friends and the struggle that Shelby had to endure to have Miles stay as Ford’s driver. Great camera work here where Mangold put you in the driver seat. It is you basic story which will be a bit predictable but who cares you are going to have a good time watching this. And don’t get me wrong Ferrari even back in the day and now is a hell of a car. . It is a fine machine that drives like a dream.

VICE (2019)

A film by  Adam McKay

Cast:  Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Steve Carell 

Dick Cheney managed, without making a fuss, to be elected vice-president alongside George W. Bush. Become the most powerful man in the country, he has largely contributed to impose a new world order whose consequences the American feel today …

Dick Cheney here started as a young man not too in the hurry to get where he was going, well nowhere. He failed at yale, got into fight and drank to death and got a job as an utility man. When fiancé Lynn has enough she makes him choose this way of life that you are leaving now or me. At that moment Dick (Christian Bale) looks Lynne (Amy Adams) in the eye and swears he’ll never disappoint her again.

And that is how Adam McKay start the film and you can tell he was not a fan of our protagonist. The dark satire is kind of scary because here Dick though he was doing the right thing. Dick here was thirsty for power and somewhat abused it. Christian Bale as Dick Cheney, is performance was outstanding you don’t quiet recognize him right off the bat, it takes you awhile to seek in.  Amy Adams as Cheney’s demanding wife, who gives her unfocused husband an ultimatum will have an effect on you as you are watching her performance you do not recognize as well. Steve Carell fits like a glove into Donald Rumsfeld while Sam Rockwell as a young George W. Bush looks the part. Let’s not forget the good old Jesse Plemons’ character too funny but not he does the narrator here. Of course the directors uses , mixed media, archival footage and some flashbacks. Cheney became the most powerful vice president of all time. scary .



A film by Scott Cooper

Cast: Scott Shepherd, Rosamund Pike, Ava Cooper, Christian Bale

Capt. Joseph J. Blocker (Christian Bale) one of America’s best is reluctant but agrees to escort a Cheyenne chief and his family to his land in Montana so he can peacefully died of cancer and buried there.

The beginning of the film the directors takes you in the 1800’s where a man and his family of three kids and wife are peacefully minding their own business. But when suddenly a bunch of indians wants their horses and set fire to their ranch, so the husband defends his territory as the woman and kids runs away. no one is spared but the woman escape. That is the first part. the second part is going to collide and fits in the first part beautifully well.

Now the other part of the story is that Capt. Blocker who hates Indians because he lost so may of his friends who was killed by Indians. He wants them dead. The thing is here is that the Indians where here first so the  white man here decided to get rid of the Indians and get their land which creates their monstrous massacre . To them they are savages. Here is a man who has a lot of anger and have seen violence for seven years. Christian Bale here incarnates beautifully well his character so as his the cast: Rosamund Pike, Wes Studi, Ben Foster, Scott Wilson, Q’orianka Kilcher and Timothee Chalamet. So he goes on his journey where it is going to be dangerous and a detour will come his way. Taking a bunch of his men with them, are they going to make it alive?

HOSTILES (2017) 2

It becomes evident later on the journey where Blocker recovers his humanity by learning to tolerate the Indians . It is a question of redemption. The gorgeous look is by cinematographer Masanobu Takayanagi. Also the film here is staying true to history where as the costumes and the design are authentic. It is a bit like a vintage western like they used to make in the old days. Here is a sincere  and intelligent, well written script where the mission is doomed from the start.



the big short

A film by Adam McKay

Cast: Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling

In the big short someone did the math and even said the bubble is going to burst. Other people checked the numbers and eventually found to their surprise and disgust that not only was that person right, but the system was corrupt ,very corrupt.The film is a darkly funny story of the credit and housing financial crisis of 2007-2010 and how different groups of people made money off of the dishonesty and misery of others. That housing financial crisis was far worst than the one in 1930.


Too make it not so boring McKay we are guided through the world of finance by an unreliable narrator, Jared Vennett (Ryan Gosling) who is based on a real person (Greg Lippmann) and has other characters from hollywood to explain the financial jargon in english to the viewer.The man who began crunching the numbers was a brilliant, but socially awkward man Micheal Burry (Christian Bale) and to top it all he has a glass eye. He is an American hedge fund manager. Burry studied medicine but instead started to take a turn start Scion Capital. At Scion Capital the employees does research and came to a conclusion that the bubble of the financial world and housing market is going to burst. The title is the slang expression that refers Wall Street going short. The thing is that everyone that Burry warned about the bubble nobody believed him. Although it got the attention of Mark Baum (Steve Carell) in a presentation with Jenga blocks that will visually simplify the problem for most viewers. Baum always knew that the system is broken and corrupt that just confirmed him even more. A terrific performance by Carell here. He is a man who is completely depressed about this and broken down that the system let him down. Christian Bale got under the skin of Burry who was on the set to advise Bale, he even lend him some clothe, he is very particular by the way he was dressing. Ryan Gosling who incarnates a person also has done an outstaying job here even when he was narrating. Well in this story I hate to say there is no hero here and it is difficult to even like the characters and the people who surrounded them. The thing is big financial company are consumed with greed and greed drives them to disaster. Yes we need to be regulated if the regulator are not corrupt themselves.











american hustle

A film by David O. Russell

Cast: Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper

This film is based on the Abscam sting operation of the late 70’s early 80’s In which a con artist helped the FBI Catch members of congress taking bribes. 2 of the characters narrate the story. Irving Rosenfeld who is a con artist meet sydney Prosser a scrappy young woman from Albuquerque with dreams of reinvention herself in style. It is her idea to fake an english accent

and develop a character named Lady Edith, a Londoner with banking connections and in doing so she kick Rosenfeld’s con in high gear. You see Rosenfeld is the owner of a small chain of dry cleaners who makes his real money through fake art and fraudulent loans, in a way she is a perfect woman for him, so they become patners in crime and in love. But hold on Irving is married and has a son. His wife Rosalyn is a force oaf nature She knows just enough to be dangerous which could mess up the all operation you see Sydney and Irving got caught by an FBI agent Richie DiMaso is a hat head under cover in order not to go to jail they have to help The FBI to catch people like them. You see American Hustle is keeping the audience on who’s coning whom. Others character comes into play like Jeremy the crooked Camden N.J. Mayor Polito. Also let’s not forget the small role of MY favorite actor Robert De Niro who plays what else a mob hit man Victor Telligio. It is a blast to see all those characters developing. Russell moves the story along just well and keeps us interested, he reveals the flaws of those characters. Overall a wild ride into the Late 70’s Early 80’s.


american hustle


A film by  Mary Harron.
Cast: : Christian Bale, Justin Theroux, Josh Lucas.
A wealthy New York investment banking executive hides his alternate psychopathic ego from his co-workers and friends as he escalates deeper into his illogical, gratuitous fantasies.
Form the novel, Bret Easton Ellis’ 1991 best seller. It was snatched up for Oliver Stone, who planned to star Leonardo DiCaprio, before ending up back in Harron’s arms with Christian Bale in the lead. The film regards the male executive lifestyle with the devotion of a fetishist. There is a scene where a group of businessmen compare their business cards, discussing the wording, paper thickness, finish, embossing, engraving and typefaces, and they might as well be discussing their phalli. Their sexual insecurity is manifested as card envy. They carry on to discuss about their clothes, offices, salary and to be able to get good table at restaurant. One of the film’s running jokes is that Bateman looks so much like one of his colleagues (Jared Leto) that they are mistaken for each other. The film and the book are notorious because Bateman murders a lot of people in nasty ways. Basicely Bateman works on wall street by day and by night he his a serial killer. Bateman fell an emptiness that he need to fill in order to fill it he kills . Incredible performance by the lead actor(Cristian Bale).


A film by Christopher Nolan.
Cast: Christian Bale, Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway
Despite his tarnished reputation after the events of The Dark Knight, in which he took the rap for Dent’s crimes, Batman feels compelled to intervene to assist the city and its police force which is struggling to cope with Bane’s plans to destroy the city. This is a true cinematic experience, to behold. The film never becomes dull, which is pretty impressive. However the ending is just fantastic, so emotional and bring the trilogy to a very satisfying end. Great work from Nolan who does not disappoint He wrote that one too well thank god. The villain named Bane whose Hannibal Lecterish face-muzzle robs him of personality Unfortunately. But still it works well It is a good movie Nolan did not use the 3D effects in this film that was smart. He shot it with 70mn Imax format allows it to make that giant screen its own.
Well done Nolan. the best one of all of them is definitely the dark knight. But I like them all. Of course you have new character in this one cat woman who is a cat burglar, and some rich woman who bales out bruce Wayne when he looses money when bane crashes literally the stock market.