white bird

A film by Gregg Araki

Cast: Shailene Woodley, Eva Green, Christopher Meloni 

White Bird in a Blizzard is based on the novel by Laura Kasischke. It is set in 1988 Yes you heard right no cell phone, no computer, no internet, no iPad, Just answering machine some of you might say what the hell is that, high school student Kat Connors (Shailene Woodley) comes home one day to find her totally unglued mother Eve (Eva Green) fully dressed and sleeping in her room, appearing totally unaware of where she is. There is tension between them but then again there is tension between a teenager and his parents, also a little bit of sadness and hatred runs in their blood. Eve has hated Kat’s father, Brock (Christopher Meloni), a door mat  pushover who doesn’t seem to know how to handle  strong-willed women. The mystery of eve disappearance is still fresh in mat’s mind that draws her anger as she goes into womanhood. Kat is dating this burn out kid across the street who seems disinterested about sex. So when her father goes to the cops and file a missing person report lat decided she need sex so goes after the cop Thomas Janes) who is by the way around 40 years of age. Kat has no problem going into the gory details of their sauvagel encounters, to her best friends (Gabourey Sidibe and Mark Indelicato), a pair of outsiders who are in admiration of this sleazy story. We get some flashback from time to time with her and her mother or like it was in her family when she was younger and what a dysfunctional family it is. This story is like twin peaks meet mommy dearest into one. There is also Angelina Basset as Kat psychologist. of course there a twist in the story and a good one at that a little scary for that matter.


white bird