A film by  Sameh Zoabi

Cast:  Kais Nashif, Lubna Azabal, Yaniv Biton

Salam, 30, lives in Jerusalem. He is a Palestinian and an intern on the set of the hit Arabic series “Tel Aviv on Fire!” Every morning he crosses the same checkpoint to work in Ramallah. One day, Salam is arrested by an Israeli officer Assi, fan of the series, to try to get away, he claims to be the scriptwriter. Taken to its own trap, Salam will be imposed by Assi a new scenario. Obviously, nothing will happen as planned.

Salam (Kais Nashif) a Palestinian living in Israel, he’s working as a production intern on the TV series named Tel Aviv On Fire, set in 1967 on the verge of the Six-Day War, it is clear that he is here because his uncle is a producer of the series and tries to rekindle the relationship of an ex girlfriend. Salam is here on the set as a person who reviews the authenticity of the language spoken. When he goes back home, Officer Assi , fan of the series ask him if he is the screenwriter, and bang Assi read the latest script and demand that he writes the story as he sees fit. To top it all off the next day the original writer had enough and leaves the set. Salam’s uncle promote Salam to screenwriter. Ho! boy. Salam here has no inspiration and has writer’s block. but you will not believe that is going to happen.

The director here is being conscious and careful about the ongoing issues about the Israeli and the palestinian, and balances the humour and the narrative perfectly well. Here Palestinians and Israelis has to live together regardless of the past and it is not an easy thing to do. Salam here is in his neck but seems to try to get his head above water. He is trying to get his old flame back in the process. Making a series is a hard thing to do and is a lot of work. Nobody seems to be on the same page. Here Salma is trying to make everybody happy will he succeed at getting his old flame back and will he succeed in writing a successful ending. Well see the movie.

LA FINALE (2018)

la finale.jpg

A film by Robin Sykes

Cast: Thierry Lhermitte, Rayane Bensetti, Émilie Caen

English title: In the game

The whole family Verdi is caring for Roland, the grandfather, who loses his bearing, well he has Alzheimer.  JB, the teenager of the family, has only one goal: to go to Paris to play his basketball final. But his parents, won’t have it and  ask him to give it up to keep an eye on his grandfather. JB decides to take him with him … During this trip, nothing will happen as planned …

Here is the first film for Robin Sykes who tackles with humour Alzheimer to top in all off some of the film is going to be a road trip. The first scene of the film opens on the very busy Roland, at the head of a brewery near the Parc des Princes, and who begins to suffer the first symptoms of memory loss. Roland is “freely inspired by the former sports presenter Thierry Roland, loud month but always smiles. And it is true that we will discover throughout the film he is quite a racist and misogynistic.  But a year later, we find Roland in Lyon with his daughter Delphine (Emilie Caen) and her son-in-law Hicham (Lyes Salem), along with her grandchildren JB and Penelope. His condition has deteriorated, he does not recognize his family which we understand he was not very close. He gets lost on the way and sometimes goes to the wrong house.

LA FINALE (2018) 2

The director here takes a humorous approach to the disease by taking Roland and his grandson JB on a road trip where they are going laughter. Thierry Lhermitte is very credible, finding the right balance between the disoriented man who is not aware of his condition and the man sometimes enlivened by flashes of lucidity, whose memories come back abruptly. Thierry Lhermitte, “happy when we propose things he has not already done” had no difficulty in incarnating  the character, because “the scenario was very well written, funny and moving”. The actor, who is also a sponsor of the Foundation for Medical Research, has done a lot of research on this disease. He also spent some time with a friend’s father, who has the disease. Because Roland has the illness his family has to adapt and make sacrifices, and JB doesn’t not see him as a sick men but the one who took his room. It is the relationship that will grow stronger during the road trip between the grandfather and his grandson. But thanks to its sincerity, La finale is a drama that will not fail to both move and make the audience laugh.

LA FINALE (2018) 3


jenne femme

camera d'or

A film by Léonor Serraille 

Cast: Laetitia Dosch, Souleymane Seye Ndiaye, Grégoire Monsaingeon

Broke with only her cat and her bag is locked out of her boyfriend’s apartment embark in the adventure in Paris.

Here is the portrait of a young woman who is in Paris knows no one there and tries to get a place to stay and food. Paula (Laetitia Dosh)  is in a hospital where she gets pissed off of why she is in the hospital to which she has been taken after trying to break down the door (with her head) of Joachim, a famous photographer. Suddenly after being back from Mexico her boyfriend does not want to see her anymore so with a cat and her bag at 31 years old  is in Paris all along trying to get a job and a place to stay. But very quickly this exuberant, straight-talking, hyper-social, sharp-tongued and  disturbed young woman is not entirely without resources, and may the adventure begins.

Laetitia Dosch, who  carries the film on her shoulders with here a great script. She gets into a melodrama mode with bits of humour. She meets characters along the way and even is mistaken for someone else in the subway. A woman who is damaged by rejection is going to seek into poverty, you will see how she is resourceful and trying to stay above water. And to top it all off her mother never wants to see her again. Nice one for a first film for Léonor Serraille with hope she will do good if not better in the near future. By the way the tile translation is young woman.


Jeune femme



c'est beau la vie quand on y pense

A film by Gérard Jugnot

Cast: Gérard Jugnot, François Deblock, Isabelle Mergault

English: It is a beautiful life when we think of it. 

Loïc le Tallec, in his sixties, never really took care of his son. When his son dies in a car accident Loïc is devastated. He learned that his son has a donor’s card and his heart is in a body of an other young man. Loïc try to find him.

Nothing original here but it is a nice little comedy where you are going to learn a little bit about the Bretagne a region north-west of France. All of this in the magnificent scenery and capricious weather of Bretagne. Of course there is comedy here and the film is a little predictable. But it is easy to watch even fun and the beautiful scenery plus the actors are fine here. Touching and funny, this comedy about a father in search of redemption is a skillful mix between laughter and emotion. It is a beautiful fable like in France we know how to make deep in humanities and optimism. voila no more no less.


c'est beau la vie quand on y pense 2