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JALOUSE (2017)


A film by David Foenkinos, Stéphane Foenkinos

Cast: Karin Viard, Dara Tombroff, Anne Dorval

English:  Jealous

Nathalie Pêcheux, (Karen Ward) a teacher who is divorced and has a daughter who is a dancer has an unhealthy relation with friends and daughter that is consumed by jealousy.

Nathalie feels the happiness and success of others as an aggression. The blossoming of her daughter’s beauty and youth becomes unbearable at a time when she feels that her life is declining. In addition, while they have always been very close, Mathilde now prefers to go out with her friends, Because she feels that her mother who is a dominant strong woman  abandoned her. So you think that is going to be it and stop there but no our directors do not stop there is more , Nathalie is not well  and has this middle age  crisis at age fifty which she is a  complex character with a thousand facets for which we end up getting affection for. That is the beauty of a well written script.

jalouse 2

Here comes Demoustier  full of life, a  young teacher determined to bring new ideas within the school  where they confront each other and butt heads , are some of the brightest and funniest moments of the film. Setting the stage for a suspenseful narrative that first depicts light crises, then increasingly unpredictable behavior that reaches a growing degree of violence.

Here Karin Ward who has this role tailored for her and is on the top of her game, she is funny and delightful to watch. The cast is tailored to the actress and actor as well it is refreshing and very rarely done in that fashion. Mathilde (Dara Tombroff) who is a former dancer at the Opera of Bordeaux has her first role to my surprise has done an outstanding job here. The film is a bit half angel / half demon with a touch of humanism. 



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A film by Taika Waititi

Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Cate Blanchett

Imprisoned, the mighty Thor finds himself into a little jam. Gets capture again by a woman and gets imprisoned again and Thor must fight for survival and race against time to prevent Hela from destroying his home and the Asgardian civilization.

Ok then most of the time the third one falls apart but here Chris Hemsworth does a terrific job at delivering punch line. It a is a break out comedy performance that he throws in and thank god that they cast Chris for the part of Thor because he fits perfectly the bill and with a haft way decent script he hold the Franchise together.


Thor is trapped on the planet Sakaar, where he’s forced to fight the planet’s reigning champion. What? Ok then without further due you know what is going to happen. It is a little predictable but shit it is fun to watch. There are familiar character popping here and there. Goldblum  here plays the part so well, well like the genius that he is and nails it right on the money which it is a joy to watch. It is going to feel like a buddy movie. it seems to me that Marvel is using more and more humor in the comics film now days one started it and now the other follows and it seems to work so far. A real style, humor to spare, a thunderous soundtrack, and action will throw at least the audience to the movie theater. Do not sulk your pleasure.


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lucky logan

A film by Steven Soderbergh

Cast: Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Daniel Craig

In real life there are losers, winners, negative thinking and positive thinking. The thing is here in the new film of Soderbergh here are some unlucky bunch of people who are trying to get a little luck in doing a heist and then some and are they going to get lucky? 

It is a ridiculous entertaining film here with comedy. The gang that includes a wounded veteran, an unemployed former coal miner, a hairdresser and other motley members conspires to rob a Nascar race sponsored by Coca-Cola. The film begins by introducing the characters as you watch you beginning to think what the hell are those bunch of misfit up too. But don’t judge the book by its cover as they say. Our protagonist have one thing in mind the heist getting the money and a lots of it. In all this you will have some other characters that will pop up from time to time followed by a smoking mirror. There some inventive Ideas here too mixed with humor. Soderbergh never speeds through the twists and bumps. It lets the story in cruise control so you can enjoy the moments and the humor. Lucky Logan is a terrific film here and for the new writer Rebecca blunt, well done.



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selection officiel competition

A film by Ruben Östlund

Cast: Claes Bang, Elisabeth Moss, Dominic West

Sweden’s Ruben Östlund makes a comeback, this time in the Competition selection, with a film punctuated at the inequality of the civilisation with some of the strangest scenes.

Christian (Claes Bang) who plays a museum director who’s life is disturbed when he is the victim of a crime. The film is dry, satirical and  a dark comedy that is totally unique. A little warning due to the fact that this film is a little strange it is going to be a hard sell in the US and some of you might love it or hate it. The film puts Christian through essentially a series of skits which are alternately thought-provoking, shocking or delightfully made with awkwardness. It is about a man who is about to lose control of his life. The film is masterfully does not only become a satire of the modern art but also at life itself. When Christian gets into a series of gag some of the audience nervously was laughing or not at all. There are some disturbing scenes at times and you are going to wonder what the hell is going on in this guy life who somehow is going to be the hero of our story. If you like dark humour that is disturbing at time feel free to see this one.

the square


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A film by Nicolas Vanier

Cast: François Cluzet, Jean Scandel, Eric Elmosnino

Paris 1930. Paul has always had only one thing : the high walls of his Parisian orphanage. Entrusted to Celestine, a lady from the country, and her husband Borel, the gamekeeper, the child of the cities arrives in Sologne, sovereign and wild region. The immense forest, and the animals , all here belong to the Count de la Fresnaye, a taciturn widower who lives solitary in his manor. If he tolerates poachers on his estate, Borel stalks them relentlessly and persecutes the most cunning of them, Totoche. Along with the poacher, a great lover of nature, Paul will learn life but also the forest and its secrets. A heavier secret rests on the domain … because Paul is not there by chance.

Ecole buissoniere-jour23/43

Here is a light film for kids that is a s beautiful as it can be.The French Alps, which serve as the setting for the adaptation of the mythical series of the ’60s Belle and Sébastien, Nicolas Vanier sets his camera in his native Sologne, where his grandfather passed on to him the love and respect of nature. The film is also for adult where the adult will remember back then the respect of the nature which now days nobody cares too much about it. My government is preserving as much as forest as they can. It looks like we are going back to the basics. Paul is used to the hard life at the orphanage. Totoche will teach him how to enjoy being in the nature and respect it. They slowly became friends but deep in the forest lies a secret that Paul will discover. The thing is back then everything was simple and a lot nicer that it is now. Life was most enjoyable back then , now days everybody id busy with their life. Not too bad for a kids film here very enjoyable and well filmed.


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A film by Olivier Nakache, Eric Toledano

Cast: Jean-Pierre Bacri, Jean-Paul Rouve, Gilles Lellouche

English title: C’est la vie. 

A French wedding is going to take place in the 17 century castle as the staff is getting ready for the big event are they going to pull it off without a scratch.


Here you will follow the staff who will put together the big event this wedding at a French the 17 century castle. Here is a warm and touching but hilarious comedy from the Nakache and Toledano (The Intouchables, Samba) and did they nailed this one to a T. First you will find the staff preparing the event, taking care of the guessed until early in the morning. You see managing a team is not easy but it is like watching a magic show. Max (Jean-Pierre Bacri) goes around the chateau to see if his team is fine and every thing is on schedule. Bacri here does an excellent job playing Max who is at the end of the rope with his job and thinking about retirement. The gags, the mishaps, the people trying to get along and do their job without a scratch is not going to be an easy job. Le Sens de la fête has this inexplicable magic of cinema. You will see a few tricks of the trade revealed of which some are funny as hell. The film also pays a  tribute to the working class service staffs working tirelessly on their feet to cater to the clients who demand perfection. Of course the directors found an awesome ensemble of actors and characters who work in perfect harmony to satisfy the audience. Basically we are in good hands with Max and his team who are catering to the audience need. Well you know what they say c’est la vie.



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A film by Olivier Ayache-Vidal

Cast: Denis Podalydès, Abdoulaye Diallo, Marie-Julie Baup

François Foucault, in his forties, is a Professor of Letters at Lycée Henri IV, in Paris. A series of events forces him to accept a transfer of one year in a suburban school ranked REP + (The bottom of the barrel). He dreads the worst.

Olivier Ayache-Vidal, first time directing , offers us an enthusiastic vision of the educational environment which should give wings to teachers, students, parents and all those who rightly or wrongly feel that the school no longer fulfills its role of social status.

Yet François Foucault who is sure of himself uses sarcasm when his students who can even pass his class , you see  Lycée Henry IV is the best high school in Paris and his student can even get a decent score on their exams. You will see on facet of the character until Foucault goes get transfer to the auburn where the kids are the biggest pain in the ass and do not want to learn anything. François Foucault belongs to a family of intellectuals. His father, a man who is recognised and honoured by writing a book. So when Foucault goes to his new school when the students are agitated, he is going to figure out how to teach differently than he is used to. Well of course once he figures it out his colleagues are going to be jealous. Nothing new here but the film is missing z little imagination here but it is still entertaining and you will see first hand that it is not easy to be a teacher those days. Try to remember everyone ’s name is going to be a difficult task like Denis Podalydès shows us in this funny scene. Seydou (Abdoulaye Diallo) is the most rebellious kid here who will bring us some beautiful emotions.