JOY (2015)


A film David O. Russell

Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper,Isabella Rossellini

Joy Mangano freshly divorced with 2 kids plus a mother living with her including her ex-husband and her father who occupied the basement rose to become this fearless business woman who has build a multi Billion business empire.

Here is a woman who clearly did not think that she was to become this inventor / business woman who owned a business empire. Divorced with two kids has animated characters in her house like her ex-husband and dad living in the basement trying not to kill each other and her mother who is in her room 24/7 watching the soaps. First you are introduced to her life when she was a kid narrated by young Joy’s grandmother (Diane Ladd) about the talented child, is about her difficult home life. and you would think that she was going to crack under those circumstances but no she keeps all together. Yes she invent the so call Miracle Map I remember those on QVC she is charmed by Walker (Bradley Cooper) the head of the QVC network who gambles on Joy’s latest invention.  And yes you will see an appearance from Joan rivers in this film played flawlessly by her daughter Melissa. The performance from Lawrence is outstanding here she flourishing as the film progresses. She practically carries every scene not an easy thing to do. She must of talk to and did her research with joy and some how she trusted her with her instinct as well as her as a caring mother. Lawrence truly shines here. The one scene where she step outside after with a meeting with the girlfriend’s father played by Isabella Rossellini takes the shot gun off this man and began to shoot to receive the pressure and the anger that is building inside is pure joy to see. It is a lot and difficult for an actress to pull that off but Lawrence came out with blazing saddles in this film and it is a joy to see her at her best.