A film by Jean-Paul Civeyrac

Cast: Andranic Manet, Diane Rouxel, Jenna Thiam

English title: A  Paris education

Étienne goes to Paris to study cinema at the university. There he meets Mathias and Jean-Noel who share the same passion as him. But the passing year will shake up their illusions …

Jean-Paul Civeyrac is a discreet filmmaker, author of sensitive and rather intimate films. As Civeyrac said in an interview “By imagining a story in the form of sentimental education, I wanted to talk about cinema, friendship, love and politics too, and to make a film a bit like a first film in a sense of urgency. The script is a bit autobiographical no surprise to me here.  Etienne’s (Andranic Manet) lnew Parisian life complicates his sentimental situation, and his conception of cinema is confronted with other visions. The so negative Mathias (Corentin Fila) and the friendly Jean-Noël (Gonzague Van Bervesseles) but also a flock of girls: his love interest from Lyon, from whom he slowly distances himself (Diane Rouxel), his bunch of roommates, such as fine art student Valentina (Jenna Thiam), activist Annabelle (Sophie Verbeeck), and finally the smart one Barbara (Valentine Catzeflis). He will be conflicted of which he will learn more than a few things. Here is a magnificent  black and white film, rich in a number of impressive shots that form together a plot yet simple but complicated as well. The film as an irresistible charm with a very realistic and sophisticated look. The shots are in their natural state. Not an easy thing to do coming to a fairly smaller city and going to the big city like Paris and trying to make it as a film maker. The ending could not be more perfect. A must see. 





A film by Bertrand Mandico

Cast: Pauline Lorillard, Vimala Pons, Diane Rouxel

English title: the wild boys

At the beginning of the twentieth century, five good-natured teenagers who love freedom commit a savage crime. They are taken over by the Captain, for a repressive cruise on a sailboat. The boys then takes over the ship . They are stranded on a wild supernatural  island where pleasure and lush will become  luxuriant vegetation and bewitching powers. The metamorphosis can begin …

I have heard that Bertrand Mandico has delivered his debut feature film He is known for his notoriously provocative short films. He is very experimental, shocking, provocation and experimental. Mandico creates his own abstract, unconventional and surreal universe. There is once scene at the beginning that fells and looks like the film clockwork orange where the crime takes place. Mandico who wrote the script a neo-feminist tale that gives complete freedom to the director’s wildest fantasies. Mandico manages never to be vulgar and avoid the clichés. The film’s photography oscillates between the stylised black-and-white main narrative like a silent film and when the  colours come in  it will get somehow more bizarre. Mandico has made a sumptuous film, we wonder since when we had not been so dazzled in the cinema. The film opens with a paroxysmal nocturnal sequence, full of confusion.  The first part of the film is like punk style clockwork orange.  As for the wonderful, Mandico infuses the entire second half of the film with its magical and psychedelic scenery – this island of pleasures where all fantasies come to life. Similarly, the fate of the bad boys, revealed at the very end of the film, is not without mentioning the punishment of Pinocchio and rascals he frequents. If you like a strange experimental psychedelic punk style that fluctuates between black and white and vivid colours you are in for a treat. Plus the film has won multiple awards in Europe.