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MOTHER ! (2017)


A film by Darren Aronofsky

Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Ed Harris, Michelle Pfeiffer 

A couple questioned  his relationship with his girlfriend by the arrival of unexpected guests, disrupting their tranquility.

Here is the bold and audacious film of Aronofsky. Did he takes some drugs in order to write this weird and unusual film. Don’t know, don’t care, You see this couple one a writer a poet and his girlfriend who is trying to finish remodelling their house in the middle of nowhere. So you think you are going to guess what kind of film it is well no you will not. Here is a couple who’s career is falling down the drain but can’t get back in gear and it is not the only thing their relationship is going down the tube. The  a knock on their door, yes scary in the middle of nowhere, the couple jump a little and answer the door where a doctor is there and trying to find a room to rent for a while, plus later the wife shows up  and the madness is just about to start.


Here Jennifer Lawrence does an outstanding job and the film feels almost like it could be a movie like “Rosemary’s Baby” but is completely something else. There is an metaphorical intense as the film goes on to this enormous climax after an other. Aronofsky here does not play by the rules. Bardem who is a writer  proclaims that he is inspired by other people, but he’s more of a taker than anything else. However Jenifer has a connection to the house and his a giver. Do not be confused it is a horror film but not like you ever seen before. It is not even predictable at all. It is this wild ride or it is something else. Everyone will have a different interpretation of this film. This is the film that you will talk about when you get out of the movie theatre. And yes there is some people who will not understand the film. Like the on called Black swan directed by the same director. C’est la vie.



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A film by Michel Hazanavicius

Cast: Louis Garrel, Stacy Martin, Bérénice Bejo

It is the life Of Jean-luc Goddard at the time when he married actress Anne Wiazemsky. Anne Wiazemsky and Michel Hazanavicius wrote the screenplay from her autobiography “Un an après” ( one years after).

Le Redoubtable portrays Jean-Luc Godard circa 1968, in the period of his life in which he embraced radical politics and revolution, turned his back on his earlier work, and married 19-year-old student Anne Wiazemsky, the star of his film “La Chinoise,” who had also been the child actress in Bresson’s Au Hasard Balthazar. Here is where louis Garrel shines he embodies Goddard perfectly well even looks like him. His performance is outstanding and I don’t think the critics thought he could pull it off. Here goddard is portrayed as this jerk who has an enormous chips on his shoulder. Goddard began to be involved in politics and even went in one manifestation after an other. His earlier work he did not like and thought that the rest of those director did not know how to make a film. Hazanavicius told someone that Goddard was god like when he did his early work. But something sparks in his brain where his film began to be more political. 


Anne (Stacy Martin) does as well a perfect job to portray Anne plus Michel has nail the period with the fashion and the decor here. The film here has an outrageous scenes after an other where you see Goddard who is going to destroy the marriage. There is some stuff that i didn’t know about Goddard but i m not revealing the rest of it I do not want to spoil it for those who has not see it yet. If you are a fan of Goddard I recommend this film big time.


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A film by Sebastián Lelio

Cast: Daniela Vega, Francisco Reyes, Luis Gnecco

English: A fantastic woman 

Marina (Daniela Vega) and Orlando, (Francisco Reyes) twenty years older than her, love each other far from the eyes and look forward to the future. When he dies suddenly, Marina suffers the hostility of the relatives of Orlando: a “holy family” which rejects all that it represents. Marina is going to fight, with the same energy that has always been spent to become the woman she is: a strong, courageous, dignified woman … a fantastic woman!

The opening of the film is spectacular Iguazu Falls, which is situated between Argentina and Brazil. One of the greatest natural wonders Orlando use to say. Marina is twenty years younger than Orlando but they are in love and that is what matters. But suddenly Orlando dies during the night at the clinic where he died. When the doctor says to Marina “what is your name? “ and marina tells him the doctor then says no your birth name. Marina goes “what?” At that time even really on I knew then what this  is going to be about.

Une femme fantastique

Jere the director has a passion has he said about everything that is feminine. Here is the story of a woman who is going to have obstacles in the front of her. The performance of Daniela Vega has an astonishing truth  that transforms Marina into a modern heroine that forces admiration. Here the director did an astonished directing to avoid avoid the frontal confrontation to retain only the dignity neither that he lost the sight of the tenderness of the character. Sebastian Lelio delivers a true cinematographic jewel, full of intelligence and humanity.

Une femme fantastique 2

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BARBARA (2017)


A film by Mathieu Amalric

Cast: Jeanne Balibar, Mathieu Amalric, Barbara

A director wants to make a film biopic of the French songer named Barbara (1930 – 1997).

Here is the iconic French singer who has a deep singing voice and as the alias of la Dame en Noire ( the lady in black) She always wore black almost. Jeanne Balibar who incarnated the songer beautifully well nor the less that she looks like her, amazing!!! Balibar, who is Amalric’s ex-wife, has also experience as a professional singer which shows in the way she relates to her fans. Here Amalric structures it as a film within a film – with himself as the director of it, eavesdropping on rehearsals and following Barbara around which you will be at some point seeing the real Barbara at times. It is an usual film because you do not know where you are at if yo sing the real Barbara or not. Plus the singer had a particular style and rather chaotic personal life. The film moves well and is bit melancholic at times but it is a beautiful film.



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A film by Philippe Van Leeuw

Cast: Hiam Abbass, Diamand Bou Abboud, Juliette NavisLiiL

Syria at war, countless families remained trapped by the bombing. Among them, a mother and her children stand along , hidden in their apartment. Courageously, they organize themselves from day-to-day to continue living despite shortages and danger, and in solidarity, gather a couple of neighbors and his newborn. Torn between fleeing and staying, they face each day with hope.


This film illustrates a contemporary drama: the Syrian civil war, begun in 2011. But here, there it shows that war has also murders and other betrayals. All the victims here are facing a present danger with an invisible enemies never the less very present. Ok the tile: the notion of “family” is misleading since all the characters that are sheltered in this apartment are not next of kin, There are neighbors with an enfant, and a maid plus others stuck in an apartment fearing death every day. In the mix there is the woman who holds the family sort of speak together, but she is also stubborn she won’t leave. You see war is a bitch, it opens the doors for criminals to do whatever since there is no police. There are loaders also very present. The director shows an extraordinary sense of space, whose power of immersion goes beyond the mere effect of claustrophobia, since it also makes it possible to better represent the link that can exist between these characters, the support that they have for each other and the grief that goes along with it. You only see the courtyard a bunch of time here but the sound effect is excellent here you hear the explosion, airplanes , helicopters, etc…. it has realism into it. You feel what the characters fell. The facial expression here are priceless and all the actors have done a beautiful job here. Like I said war is a bitch and the innocent victims here will pay a huge price. In fact I see Syrians next to where I live coming in my country they were about a thousand living in the street on the outskirt of Paris . My government does not know what to do with them some has sought asylum had got it. the others got back to Syria or others country. It is an estimated 6 million Syrians spread out though Europe. A terrific film here not to be missed.


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A  film by Carine Tardieu

Cast: François Damiens, Cécile De France, Guy Marchand

English title: Just to be sure

Erwan, a solid  Breton deminer, suddenly is caught off-balance  when he learns that his father is not his father. Despite all the tenderness he feels for the man who raised him, Erwan discreetly investigates and finds his father: Joseph , an old man of the most endearing, for whom he takes affection.

Here it is you have a man who is a father who has a daughter who is pregnant does not know the father and this man found out at the doctor’s office by a DNA test that his father is not his father. And to top it all off on a rainy night a driver hits a boar with her car but guess who is her father. I know scary. Here is a heart-warming comedy that throws a some great  lines at us in every scenes. Cécile de France and Damiens are perfect for each other. Guy Marchand plays the stupid idiot to a T.  In the end, Ôtez moi d’un doute  is a happy and warm comedy  surprise of this year, and  welcome to the French cinematographic landscape.



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A film by Hubert Charuel

Cast: Swann Arlaud, Sara Giraudeau, Isabelle Candelier

English title: Bloody milk 

Pierre, in his thirties, is a breeder of dairy cows. His life is organized around his farm, his veterinary sister and his parents, whose exploitation he has taken over. While the first cases of an epidemic are reported in France, Pierre discovers that one of his animals is infected. He can not bring himself to lose his cows. He has nothing else and will go all the way to save them.

petit paysan

It is certainly an autobiographical film : Hubert Charuel, graduate of the Fémis, and this is the first feature film, was inspired by the experiences of his parents, farmers, now retired, and the farm is located in Droyes, between Reims and Nancy. The filming took place at his parent”s farm , the casting mixing professional actors and close friends of the filmmaker. If the parent company has never experienced the drama that unfolds on the screen, the anguish of such an eventuality has long marked the childhood and adolescence of the director, whose scenario and mise en scène here a place of true catharsis. You will see the rituel around 5 am what Pierre does it is more than a full-time job. The actors had to do some serious training in order to look like a farmer but be a farmer. How to treat the cow there is certain things technique. The scenario approaches with a real concern for authenticity with different problems, economic, .environmental and sociological problems related to the primary sector: mechanization is not only productivist, the robotic farm of the neighbor being supposed to optimize the welfare of the animals. also there is a little love story that seems to be developing with the baker. She delivers herself his bread every morning.

Pierre on the other hand is on his job all the time worrying if one of his cows is going to get the haemorrhagic fever from Belgium. The sister who is a veterinarian played by the wonderful Sara Giraudeau thinks he is paranoid. But one day all hell break loose and Pierre will do the unthinkable to correct the problem. Here is a farmer who loves his cows and takes care of them very well. He even treats them with respect. The thing is when you do the unthinkable more stuff is going to be developing. Here the director has gone where no one dared to go. Filming a farmer milking his cows taking care of them with the fear of a disease that might come or not which you do not see too much in the cinema those days. It is a master piece here and it is doing fine at the box office here so far. A must see. 

petit paysan