A film by Nicolas Vanier

Cast: François Cluzet, Jean Scandel, Eric Elmosnino

Paris 1930. Paul has always had only one thing : the high walls of his Parisian orphanage. Entrusted to Celestine, a lady from the country, and her husband Borel, the gamekeeper, the child of the cities arrives in Sologne, sovereign and wild region. The immense forest, and the animals , all here belong to the Count de la Fresnaye, a taciturn widower who lives solitary in his manor. If he tolerates poachers on his estate, Borel stalks them relentlessly and persecutes the most cunning of them, Totoche. Along with the poacher, a great lover of nature, Paul will learn life but also the forest and its secrets. A heavier secret rests on the domain … because Paul is not there by chance.

Ecole buissoniere-jour23/43

Here is a light film for kids that is a s beautiful as it can be.The French Alps, which serve as the setting for the adaptation of the mythical series of the ’60s Belle and Sébastien, Nicolas Vanier sets his camera in his native Sologne, where his grandfather passed on to him the love and respect of nature. The film is also for adult where the adult will remember back then the respect of the nature which now days nobody cares too much about it. My government is preserving as much as forest as they can. It looks like we are going back to the basics. Paul is used to the hard life at the orphanage. Totoche will teach him how to enjoy being in the nature and respect it. They slowly became friends but deep in the forest lies a secret that Paul will discover. The thing is back then everything was simple and a lot nicer that it is now. Life was most enjoyable back then , now days everybody id busy with their life. Not too bad for a kids film here very enjoyable and well filmed.




A film by Thomas Kruithof

Cast: François Cluzet, Denis Podalydès, Sami Bouajila

English title: The Eavesdropper

Contacted by a mysterious employer to transcribe phone surveillance , Duval ( François Cluzet)  accepts without questioning the purpose of this organization. But this simple work, if it allows him to regain a foothold in his life, will nonetheless place him very quickly in the heart of a political plot, and plunge him in spite of himself into the brutality and strangeness of the underworld of secret services.

For those who had the pleasure to see 3 days of the Condor, the conversation, and the life of others well now you have The Eavesdropper who is kicking ass the first film of 2017 and what a good way of starting the year.


The film is very effective even if it is not without one or the other weakness. The first scene shows us our hero having a technical difficulty to find a file that is going cost  his job.  The scene is almost a gag . Is it because of that he lost his job?  Here in the story you assume that it is but you are not sure. It is left blank. The muffled and agonizing aspect of managing telephone tapping, the non-use of the Internet and computers gives a color and atmosphere essential to the film and contributes to the dramatization of the plot where an ordinary man is overtaken by the events. This man is a loner and needed a job so without asking to many questions he takes it so he can feel needed again. By the way it is not so far fetch here with the use of the typewriter because of the incident of the NSA our government as well as the Russian KGB are using typewriter as we speak when Kruithof wrote the script he had the ideas of doing an espionage film low tech. Due to the fact that our government are using typewriters again. This typewriter as well as the microcassette recorder are important in the film (there are even many images in macrophotography from inside them) adding a mechanical aspect that reflects on human beings and especially the hero Of the film brilliantly interpreted by Cluzet. But this interpretation owes much to that of the other roles, Simon Abkarian, Alba Rohrwacher, Denis Podalydès and Sami Bouajila in particular. Finally, the French audience will probably make connections specific to their country and to certain cases of espionage and international traffic! I know I did.




medecin de campagne

A film by Thomas Lilti

Cast: François Cluzet, Marianne Denicourt, Christophe Odent

English tile: Irreplaceable .

The translation from the tile is really country doctor. Doctor-turned-director Thomas Lilti seems to be leading a one-man cinematic campaign highlighting the threats facing the French health system, basically there are many problems. Yes we do have doctors but no doctor wants to go to the country to practice there because it is a 24/7 job. Most doctor are either in Paris or on the French riviera.

Lilti here does this story of a doctor in the country who is dealt a can and bad worm and instead of seeing the life of the doctor and what he does day in and day out, he introduces a character a newcomer who is going to learn the rope and replace the doctor. Lilti avoids sugar-coating the reality of the job, long hours on the road and in the office. The doctor is so busy at time that he has no attachment romantically to anyone. Lilti cast the talented actor François Cluzet with the other talented actor Marianne Denicourt,the two has chemistry and work well together. Marianne plays Natalie who has trouble with the patients were they are reluctant to see her because they are so used to see Jean-Pierre Werner. The film has a human touch here with some patient who needs extra care and attention plus there is a little recreation where the town is country dancing a nice touch here. Well worth a look here with some down light comedy entertainment. As Lilti said in an interview if one dude after seeing the film decide to be a doctor in the country well he said I did my job.

medecin de campagne -3

medecin de campagne -2




A film by Christophe Offenstein.

Cast: François Cluzet, Samy Seghir, Virginie Efira . 

Yann Kermadec (François Cluzet) whose dreams  comes true when he has to replace the DCNS star skipper (Guillaume Canet)  at the last minute before the start of the Vendée Globe (a round-the-world non-stop solitaire yacht race). After several days of racing, Yann, who is in the lead, has to stop to repair a damaged rudder. But something unexpected happens.

Here is a decent film about sailing around the world Non stop. The contestant can’t stop only for repair but has to do it themselves , if they are sick no doctor can come on board but you can call a doctor and get a diagnostic and they can tell you what medicine to take. You can not take anyone on board unless their boat has sunk. If you are French you are aloud to take several bottle of wine on board. LOL.  Well that sound like a party to me.  First film for Christophe Offenstein and not too bad so far. This was done on a boat at sea 18 crew members on board Plus the actor. The cinematography is breathtaking specially when Cluzet takes pictures of sunsets. Now if it was a Hollywood film it would be done in the tank in the studio. No not in France we are making the film on the boat at sea in dangerous conditions like bad weather as you can see in the movie. François Cluzet delivers a terrific performance in this movie as usual. I think he stated his career when he was 18 and still kicking ass now. It was not easy to film under this condition but the crew figured it out . It was ‘à days at sea to make this film. Some of it was shot on land the wife of yann who was following yann progress everyday and his daughter as well as the star skipper who got injured. Like I said I like this one due to the fact it won’t put you to sleep.



A L’ORIGINE (2009)

A film by Xavier Giannoli.
Cast: François Cluzet, Emmanuelle Devos, Gérard Depardieu.
France, present day. A professional con man passes himself off as the boss of a construction site building a highway extension. He cons the whole region, hires dozens of workers and cynically enjoys the profits of his scam until he meets the lady mayor of a small village that the road will go through. She intrigues and unsettles him, before revealing to him a world he never knew: feelings. How far will he go now to save his victims and save himself from his own lies?
Base on a true story.
Here is a terrific film from Giannoli. Some dude decided to pass for a boss of a bogus construction company to finish a highway that was in construction but suddenly has been stopped. Keep in mind that he his a con man. He gets the people all hopes up that they are taking over to finish the highway A6. The cool thing about he wees his way through it and wants to get it done in 28 days because in France they get paid once a month so pay day is the 28 of February. What he did count on is to fell in love the a woman who is the mayor of this little town. He never fell in love before and he does not know what to do about it not only that stuff happens on the construction site and he his over whelm by all of it. emotion are running through him like wild fire. He thought that he could help the people of this town. Then suddenly someone from his past pays him a visit. Great performances by Cluzet and Depadieu who had a small role in this one Of course Devos is great. Great film.


A film by Jacques Maillot.
Cast: Guillaume Canet, François Cluzet, Clotilde Hesme.
The movie follows two brothers, one on each side of the law. Gabriel is about to be released from prison and plans to stay clean, despite his rebellious nature. His brother François is a cop, struggling to belong because he was born in a hard neighborhood and in love with the wife of a criminal he put behind bars. This takes pace in the 70’s in Lyon France. Gabriel is tying to stay clean and gets a jobs in a super markets in the produce department (I used to work at a super market in the states) the Russian and Masahiro are still working there. Gabriel gets fed ups of not making money and go back to the old ways being the hit man than gets involve in prostitution and becomes a pimp.
Great cast, suburb film A great french polar. A taste de la vie in the 70’s smoking cigarette, retro porn, moutaches and hair styles not too mention the cars. great ensemble cast and performances.
The result is an enjoyably rich, gamey stew of crime and family betrayal – and there’s an interesting mention of 70s French super-crim
Jacques Mesrine, the subject of a new biopic starring Vincent Cassel.


A film by Bertrand tavarnier.
Cast: Dexter Gordon, François Cluzet, Gabrielle Haker.
In ‘Round Midnight, real-life jazz legend Dexter Gordon brilliantly portrays the fictional tenor sax player Dale Turner, a musician slowly losing the battle with alcoholism, estranged from his family, and hanging on by a thread in the 1950’s New York jazz world. Dale gets an offer to play in Paris, where, like many other black American musicians at the time, he enjoys a respect for his humanity that is not based upon the color of his skin. A Parisian man who is obsessed with Turner’s music befriends him and attempts to save Turner from himself. Although for Dale the damage is already done, his poignant relationship with the man and his young daughter re-kindles his spirit and his music as the end draws near.
The character of Francis Borler is based on real-life person Francis Paudras who died in 1997. The character of Dale Turner played by actual jazz musician Dexter Gordon is based on a combination of real-life jazzmen Bud Powell and Lester Young. The real-life friendship between Paudras and Bud Powell has been the subject of several books.
Here is a man who has gone too far and knows his days are number do to drinking too much. He is on the wagon in Paris, watched over by a ferocious landlady and a vigilant club owner, who want him sober so he can get his job done. Outside in the rain one night, a young Frenchman stands by a window, listening to the music, not caring if he gets wet. He believes Turner is the greatest sax player in the world, but he doesn’t have enough money to go inside to hear him. Turner is has the will power to stay sober for a little while only. After he is done playing since he can’t get a drink at the club he gets out and sees a young man there and says to him if he has enough money for a beer and so begin this relationship about 2 men who need each other. Gordon plays the central role with an eerie magnetism. He is a musician, not an actor, and yet no actor could have given this performance, with its dignity, wisdom and pain. The director, Bertrand Tavernier, has said that in earlier jazz films, the audience could sense that the actors were not really playing; that you could see in their eyes that they were not listening to the other musicians onstage with them. In “Round Midnight,” the music happens as we hear it, played by Gordon, Herbie Hancock on piano and others such as Freddie Hubbard, Bobby Hutcherson, Ron Carter and Billy Higgins, with Lonette McKee on vocals.
Great french film.


A film by Olivier Nakache, Eric Toledano.

Cast: François Cluzet, Omar Sy, Anne Le Ny

A rich quadriplegic, living in a mansion in Paris, requires a live-in carer. A young offender turns up for an interview, but he is not really looking to get the job. However, to his surprise, he is hired. The two men then develop a close friendship. 9 weeks after its release, it became the second most successful French film. Welcome to the Sticks is the most successful. The official entry of France to the Best Foreign Language Film at the 85th Academy Awards 2013.
Think of it as the french movie driving miss daisy but it is a true story. A rich quadriplegic who hires a live in carer that will change his life. This black guy from the gettos of Paris teach the rich guy about smoking marijuana and funky music that comes wit funky dancing. Basically both men need each other.
The Intouchables” has an element of truth that it never quite recognizes. The role of a good caregiver is hardly limited to lifting, bathing, grooming, dressing, pushing and supplying medicines. The patient is faced with a reality he finds difficult to accept: he has been deprived of all he once took for granted, such as the simple ability to walk across a room. A caregiver can’t provide that, but he can provide something more valuable, companionship. Thank god form great casting Francois Cluzet, who acts only with his face and voice, communicates great feeling. Omar Sy is enormously friendly and upbeat. This was a huge box office hit In france. Great film. In honor of Roger Ebert I give It 2 thumbs up.


A film by Guillaume Canet.
Cast: François Cluzet, Marion Cotillard, Benoît Magimel.
Every year, Max, a successful restaurant owner, and Véro, his eco-friendly wife invite a group of friends to their beautiful beach house In the south of France . But Ludo, a party animal who circulates through clubs In Paris, inhales cocaine, leaves on his motor scooter, enters an intersection and — BANG! — is hit by a truck. which sets off a dramatic chain of reactions and emotional responses should they go on vacation or should they stay with their friend Ludo. So they decide to go for 2 weeks only instead of the all month. And you see how a bunch of friend lies to each other and cover up their lies. Until the news end their vacation And Until the moment when the truth finally catches up with them all. It similar from a movie that comes in mind the Big chill, the tone of the holiday in set up nobody thinks of Ludo who is said to be recovering. Max is a control freak and takes care of the entire vacation none of less his friend confesses his deep love for him, which though Max and irritate him also also he his at war with the war with the weasels who leaves in this house. The movie is 154 minutes long. It probably doesn’t need to be that long, but there’s an advantage to sinking into this milieu. Also keep in mind this is a french movie and there is a lot of wine drinking and eating after all that is what us french people do on are vacation beside going to the beach. I was drinking wine when I was watching the movie. There is one character we need to mention Jean-Louis. He acts as their godfather and wise overseer, takes them out on his boat and has a considerable presence; all the more impressive because Joel Dupuch is a non-actor and in fact a real oyster fisherman. enjoy this movie and have fun drinking wine while you are watching it. Do not forget the cheese and the baguette, I didn’t.